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    Wow! Unbelievable!
    jujubeee714 responded:
    Wow Lisa...just read that..the court found enough evidence to accept that there was a direct correlation between lupus and the hepB vaccine..
    I've heard so many causes lately. One lady swears up and down there is now proof it is caused by the herpes virus..
    Idk..I still go with the old thoughts that it is somehow influenced by environment and grandmother had undx'd lupus, inflammatory arthritis, anemia, nerve problems, and I"ve followed very closely in her footsteps. When I was dx'd in 2010 it was a very stressful time, so I see how the two things go together hand in hand personally..
    Makes ya wonder and food for thought and thanks for posting it! Love Julie
    ps LISA, what were the results of your MRI? My home email is or write me here...not nice leaving us in such suspense, lol!
    lupylisa44 replied to jujubeee714's response:
    Sorry about that-I have not been feeling well. My lupus is flaring.

    My MRI said: I had degenerative disk C3, C4, Multilevel spondylosis with mild to moderative canal stenosis and moderate to severe neural foraminal stenosis at the right side at c5, c6 and left neural foramem of C4, C5.

    Now I am supposed to get an epidural steroid injection, which I have had before with no success. I have also made an appt. with a neurosurgeon.
    With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
    jujubeee714 replied to lupylisa44's response:
    Well we are TWINNERS now for sure. I have almost the exact same thing Lisa! Degenerative disk, multileevel spndylosis in cspine, severe neural foramina on the RIGHT (just like you). After 4 professional med opinions (two neurosurgeons and two orthopedic) I found one I like and trust and am having an anterior fusion on feb 22nd. My middle finger right hand went numb, tingling got worse, carpal is really bad, incontinence and balance issues not to mention neck pain! My rheumie agrees that my TN and ON could benefit from it and I may have a domino effect with inflammtion in the area going on that causes the neuropathies in the brainstem.

    My hubbie and i agree I may benefit from the surgery and are going in with THAT attitude. I did all the pre surgery stuff and got all the clearances. Lots of hoops to jump through. Noone wanted to help me when they found out I have lupus.

    So I'm doing it. I'll keep you updated on how mine goes.

    I did just get a huge discoid subacute cutaneous rash on the back of my neck and i'm desperately trying to get rid of it before the orth surgeon sees it, lol.

    Sorry about your flare and I hope you feel better!!! Love Julie

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