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    Lupus questions
    bennett1229 posted:
    Hello , Im new here and new on this journey .right now I have just had a blood test that confirmed I am positive for lupus . I am seeing an eye dr today and a specialist this sat .i about a yr ago I started having anxiety attacks ( or so they said ) out of the blue for no reason and several times thought I was having a heartattack ..also I was having numbness in my left eye left hand and sometimes left knee .. Went to the dr and they said stress depression ..and gave me a pill for anxiety .. As I refused depression meds . I don't like them .went back about 4 months later blood work seemed fine not sure what all he checked though . My liver enzymes always stay elevated and high potassium for some reason ... He didn't seemed concerned .. 4 weeks ago I went in and told him to check my hormones , thyroid and everything else ..cuz I can barely get out of bed most days .. And I have said this all along , but had gotten worse .also had gained about 30 pounds and my eating habits hadn't changed alot ..2 weeks ago when I went in he said I tested positive for lupus .i had been complaint I thought it was hands get so bad at times and my knees they feel as if they are gonna crack ..if my hands get cold the pain is very intense .my upper back feels like I carry bricks on my shoulder s up into m y neck ..even folding laundry hurts my chest at times and arms and shoulders...for yrs I have been told its all stress and ibs ,and panic attacks ..I don't think so...I don't really get rashes on my body I was out in the sun alot yesterday cutting grass my face did get some sun and I did get a few red like boils kinda on 1 side of my cheek never did that before ..but it's not the rash that I have seen people get ..I am like I said seeing eye dr today to check eyes I only have problem w nerve twitches and numbness in my left eye memory is crazy .i feel like I live in fog ..I am only 39 ..does this sound like what you all experience ?? I also seem to have alot of pain in my left side under rib cage in my belly makes a awful noise alot of times and just hurts well as my lower back. Kidney area.. I also seen on dr charts my chest ex ray revel eased osteo seems to appear in chest and lower back and they said it should be further looked into dr never even mentioned it to me ,but I see it online at the website in my files ... As well as my red and white blood cells low and red elevated I think blood pressure was really low as well w a low grade fever ...I just know I push myself everyday to go for my family and hubby , but I'm getting really tired ..but to them I look fine and they make me feel like I st in my head if I get moving I will feel better ,, at times I do but others I can't wait till 8 pm to get in the bed ,,I don't sleep that great most nights ,I sweat alot and toss and turn , the heat pad does help .... Just wanted to share my story and hear your thoughts. Thank you Sherri
    1stLadyDi responded:
    So sorry that you are having such a tough time. I am sure that several of us have experienced some, if not most or all, of what you have been going through. And, yes, the one thing that really is frustrating to all of us is when others assume and/or insist that nothing is wrong with us because we don't look sick or they give us their own diagnosis as to what they feel is wrong with us and what we can/should do to feel better. Of course, it doesn't help much when we don't get the proper support from our physicians. I definitely know the feeling of going through mental fogs and being so fatigued that you can't wait to go to bed & then once you get there, you don't rest well due to sweating and tossing & turning. I wish I had the answer(s) to help you as I would, then, be able to help myself better. :0) But rest assured, there are many involved in this community who have a lot of knowledge and experience and will be able to provide some insight as well as advice & a friendly ear to listen. So, I encourage you to continue on & check out some of the other discussions that go on. Take care and rest as much as you can.

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