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    Swollen eye area
    ssh49tn posted:
    Has anybody else experienced the under eye area swelling, & the whole eye area, including the lid, turn red? It feels kind of bumpy too. So far I've managed to avoid having the lupus rash on my face, (diagnosed 1 yr ago), so didn't know if this is from the lupus or from something else. Any help would be appreciated!
    Stirnatty responded:
    I have experience this symptom, in fact, my entire face swells up. The eye redness may be Iritis. I believe this may be Lupus- SLE. You should check with your doctor.
    ssh49tn replied to Stirnatty's response:
    I went to the clinic yesterday, & the lady I saw, (my usual dr isn't in until Wed), thinks it's allergies, so prescribed me some claritin. She didn't think it was from the lupus. But, she did tell me to come back & see the lady that I usually see, if it doesn't get better, or if it gets worse. I don't think it's allergies, but am going to take the claritin, & see if it helps. If not, then I'll make an appointment, & go back in. Since you have experienced this too, I think it's probably from the lupus.
    Cherrish3 responded:
    I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2000 and Sjogren's in Sept of 2013. Both of my eyes are so inflamed and swollen.....I look like a got punched My Rheumy sent me to an eye specialist and they determined it was from the Sjogren' eyes were VERY dry.The doc also determined that my eyes were no longer making enough tears to keep my eyes moisturized so I now use drops during the day, gel at night, and the doc put plugs in my lower eye lids. The plugs seem to be helping a bit.
    nancyj95 responded:
    I was diagnosed in 1997 after probably having Lupus since childhood (I was 54 at dx). Have lots of other problems also, but my opthomologist recently told me that I have rosacea on my eyelids. I do also have it on my face. My eyes look red also from dry eye problems for which I use Restasis. Don't know if that's any help-I also use Patanol, a prescription allergy eye drop when allergy season is high (like now for all the ragweed and dust in the air in the northeast).
    Wishing you good luck!
    ssh49tn replied to nancyj95's response:
    I went to my eye dr, & he said he thought it was allergies, so he gave me some eye drops with steroids in it. The swelling has finally gone down, & the rash has subsided some. My eyes are always dry too, so I use eye drops a lot. But, I still think the lupus has a lot to do with it. If nothing else, it's made me more sensitive to things.
    marshagal replied to ssh49tn's response:
    This worries me. My daughter woke up with a swollen eye lid and the bottom lid appeared to have a rash. She has allergies, but I have lupus. I told her it was allergies, but I am wondering if I should have her tested. The last time I brought up my concerns t her doctor (about a different rash) he said it as just allergies and didn't want to test her.
    ssh49tn replied to marshagal's response:
    Doctors do that a lot! Lupus isn't contagious, but it DOES run in families! I'd insist that he check her. My eyes are better right now, but don't know for how long. At least the swelling is down. And, the lady at the eye dr told me that as long as it has the word 'tears' in it, I can use it as often as I need to. And, if she doesn't have lupus, at least you'll know it!
    ana1luisa replied to ssh49tn's response:
    I agree, Lupus is very strong genetically. My mother, her sister, and I have it. We think my grandmother had it but was never diagnosed. My daughter has symptoms like mine and i insisted that she tested because of our history but all her tests her negative except the blood clotting one. This one will prove significant when she becomes pregnant. and she will be considered high risk like me. Now the doctors insisted that she will not need to have all the big lupus test done again but that a CBCw/diff and a chemistry panel will be enough of a screen because that checks normal organ function and blood content. Most insurances would normally pay for this as a yearly physical but who knows what they will pay for now.
    candi619 responded:
    I have experienced angioedema - swelling in my eye area and in my lips. it wasn't bumpy though. My doctor said Lupus and other autoimmune diseases can trigger it. Every so ofter i will get swelling in my lip or wake up with a swollen or inflamed eye
    marshagal replied to candi619's response:
    Thanks for giving me a condition to search. Is angioedema different than the swelling you get from blocked tear ducts? Based on the pictures it looks like a general swelling over the entire eye, whereas the tear duct one seemed to focus at the lids. Some of the pictures looked like the puffy eyes that you see with newborns. I wonder how that's related?

    I suspected that my grandmother died from complications with lupus (kidney) but what is interesting is that my dad described her as having a puffy face and eyes in the years before her kidney finally gave up. Our family says she died of kidney disease... but many of us now have autoimmune diseases. Since it was the 60's I'm thinking she was just never tested for lupus. This angioedema is only making me further believe it.

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