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    Lupus and depression meds
    bennett1229 posted:
    Hello my name is Sherri I was diagnosed w lupus about a yr ago . I recently started taking cymbalta for depression and I also have been on prednisone for a yr now along w plaquinl?sp my question is the cymbalta I live , but it is just to expensive what do some of you take .. I don't like Zoloft ..and also is important I get one that don't cause weight gain thank you
    candi619 responded:
    I chose other methods to get through depression and counseling. I was on cymbalta for about a year loved that it made my muscles feel better and I wasn't crying all the time.. but like you said its expensive and after what I went through with the withdrawal from it I didn't want to even try another depression pill just had to break through the depression stage or be on a bunch of meds that cause a bunch of side effects.. it's a personal choice but I can say counseling helped
    bennett1229 replied to candi619's response:
    Oh my I had no idea that getting off of it would be bad . For me I have only been in it 60 days and am fine going to see dr fri to talk about a different choice thanks for sharing
    ihatelupus5369 responded:
    The Cymbalta has been a life saver for me. I deal with pain induced depression from the lupus. The Cymbalta is the only medication that helps control the pain and keeping my mood positive. Nothing else can do that. Try a different pharmacy or call the manufacturer. They have coupons for free product and can help find a suitable pharmacy that is what i did when my insurance dropped the Cymbalta. Walgreens charges $720 a month and CVS charges me $35. Good Luck
    ihatelupus5369 replied to bennett1229's response:
    Bennett1229, I have been on Cymbalta for 2 1/2 years. Last January my insurance decided they would no longer cover it and I had to go 3 months without it, I did not go through withdrawal at all, I was on it for pain induced depression. The only problem was the return of the symptoms that put me on it in the first place, the muscle and joint pain returned and the associated sadness that came with not being able to function well and of course the pain. There are many meds that have to be taken with this dreadful disease, Cymbalta isn't one of them, at least not from my perspective. There is nothing on the market that can duplicate what it does for patients with connective tissue disease. CVS seems to have the least expensive scripts for this med.
    ssh49tn responded:
    I take citalopram, which is the generic for Celexa. It does help, but not greatly, & I haven't had any side effects. I also take generic Atarax, for anxiety. All you can do is get your dr to prescribe something similar, & try it to see if it helps. I understand the can't afford it too. I have no insurance, so I pay as I go. I use a clinic that only takes uninsured people, & they are real good about trying to prescribe as cheap as possible. Also, you might check to see if there's a patient assistance in your area, or call the people that manufacture the Cymbalta, & see if they have any help programs.

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