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    Lupus Discoides and Breast Cancer Chemotherapy
    An_254445 posted:
    My only daughter, has suffered from Lupus Discoides for the last 17 years. Never used medications as her doctor at the time recomended her to smoke pot to control symptoms. So she did it until August this year when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. At this point she's had a double mastectomy and she has had breast enlargers implanted. This has been a roller coaster. As so many narcotics have affected her; now she's supposed to start the chemotherapy which should be twice a week for 6 months. These doctors who are treating her don't disclose too much information as to risks vs. chemo vs. lupus. My daughter is very distraught and desperate to find an opinion and as for a 71 years old woman who feels am dying of so much pain. MAYBE THERE'S SOMEONE OUT THERE GOING THROUGH THE SAME PROBLEM OR maybe THERE'S A COMPASIONATE DOCTOR OUT THERE WHO WILL BE WILLING TO GIVE US SOME INFORMATION....PLEASE!!! WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!! GOD BLESS!!!
    luvrescuepets responded:
    Hi, I saw your post and felt I had to reply. First, I am sorry for your daughters condition. Breast Cancer is very scary, but beatable. I was diagnosed with SLE in 1998. In 2002 I discover a lump and was on the fast track to cancer treatment. I don't recall the SLE being a major factor at the time, because it was more critical to treat the breast cancer. Lupus, being autoimmune is typically treated with medications that will suppress the immune system, so those autoimmune antibodies will stay at bay, so to speak, or stop attacking your own immune system. When you go on chemotherapy, you are knocking out your immune system, so the cancer cells will also be killed. Some chemosynthesis kill specific cancer cells, some every dividing cell. When I went on chemo, my SLE went into remission. It was the best I had felt in a long time. The pain and other symptoms related to the lupus were gone! However, after going off the chemo, my lupus symptoms returned 7 mo. later. I have NEVER heard of smoking pot for lupus! The breast cancer is first and foremost, in my opinion, the condition to be treated. Your daughter should be seeing a reputable breast oncologist AND rheumatologist who will work together to manage your daughters health issues effectively.
    rotm2013 replied to luvrescuepets's response:
    Oh my Lord, I just saw your answer! Thanks so much for your answering my post, may the Lord shower you with blessings, amen. Your answer made me feel more at ease....My daughter is going for chemo this coming week..I am a nervous wreck, so much that I'm having heart stabbing pains which are very painful to the point to make me scream....I pray to God to help me go through the "valley of shadows" like in Psalm 23. I'm sure HE WILL. I would like to be in touch with you, would like you be my friend? I am so deeply thankful to God that you were so compassionate to answer me. The Lord has HIS own ways to talk to us, and I believe HE used YOU this time. Thank you, thank you!!!
    geo07 responded:
    Hello, like 'luvrescuepets', I too had lupus (and sarcoidosis) before my breast cancer diagnosis--stage 3, uneven margins, spread to lymph nodes. I had three surgeries (eventually two mastectomies), 4 rounds of Adriamycin, 4 rounds of Cytoxan, and 4 rounds of Taxol, plus 28 rads. I too Femara (an aromatase inhibitor pill) for give years after. At the time they found the 5 cm lump and microcalcifications, I was having a huge lupus flare with my skin literally falling off in sheets it seemed and was in the hospital for IV steroids. Later, after all the surgeries and treatment was done for the cancer, I too felt wonderful where the lupus was concerned. The joint pains were almost minimal, except for the skin from the radiation my skin was pretty good, and I almost felt the lupus was gone. For me it stayed that way for almost 1.5 years at which time I questioned the doctors. They told me it was the Cytoxan that improved the lupus.

    I wish you well. I learned two things at that time: a strong support system (which was my family), and staying positive and thinking positive as the patient is very important. Prayer does a lot as well--probably the most. I'm now 12.5 years a survivor. God bless you. Your journey will be a challenge, but you can do it. Don't give up. Geo.
    rotm2013 replied to geo07's response:
    geo07, thanks for your response. It really came as a Xmas gift. My daughter starts chemo in a couple of days - January 7th - . She has been very concerned about how it will go with her Lupus. Thanks to The Lord Jesus for the two of you, ladies who took your time to answer to me. I thank you and "luvrescuepets" for your answers. May Our Saviour Jesuschrist keep blessing both of you for the rest of your lives, amen. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!
    A49ersfn1 replied to luvrescuepets's response:
    so sorry for your daughter my sister in law was diagnosed just recenty with Breast Cancer she has had Lupus for well over 30 yr. i was just told that she's going thrugh chemo and radiation we know she's not that strong the Lupus has taking a big turn around on her. she has Breast Cancer stage 3 not good for her this will affect her heart and you have any strong advice!
    thank you

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