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    Medical Marijuana for Lupus?
    valuesako posted:
    I'm 21 yrs old, diagnosed w/ SLE at age 17. I already had 2 strokes, lots of pleural effusions, horrible headaches which cat scans show nothing, constant RA pains, I cant afford methotrexate with my budget, diagnosed w/ depression ,insomnia, and anxiety last yr. I'm on so may pills that i just cant even eat anymore since each time I eat I have stomach aches just to digest. I dont want to make my kidneys any worst. I hate pills. I just want to stop the pills. The more they prescribe them to me the more weaker i feel. I've done research on medial marijuana and it all sounds good but nothing found about lupus and marijuana. but if it can help ppl with all sorts of cancers, diabetes, insomnia, depression, and so on why not lupus? I think I'd prefer a plant over chemicals entering my body. I'm too shy to ask my doc since hes old fashion and probably judge me for a "pot head". which im not. Ppl die from prescription drugs, I've never heard of a death caused by Marijuana. So I'm just wondering if it's common or even a good idea to get medicinal marijuana?
    Patientofmanydiagnosis responded:
    Here's my experience & input. I've had chronic pain for 2 &1/2 years now. At first the Drs. where just passing it as FM & Lupus so I'm on 125mcg Fentanyl Patch and 15 hydrochodene or Morphine as needed. They finally diagnosed a lot of the pain is from AVM (a madusa of veins growing in my leg for no reason like strawberry patches on babies.) There's few procedures for this especially the area because there more common in the brain. Therefore the Chronic pain continues. At this point a few of my Drs. seem willing to prescribe MJ to me but I live in Florida and it's not legal here yet so they are not license to prescribe it. I think there's only a few states that can and the only one I know for sure is California. That's my experience. I don't know if that helps any. One thing I notice is you mention depression which is normal for a lot of us but I don't know if they will count that against you if where you live you are accessible to MJ. You might also just need to change the drugs you are on already. Talk to your doctors about what is and isn't helping to get on the correct drugs instead of too many drugs. (Even though I think 1 of us Lupies record is in the 20's pills per day. Hey maybe that's the next blog HOW MANY R U ON? ) Hope things get better for you and welcome to the group.

    Staying Strong,

    HG1948 responded:

    I don't know anything about any studies on marajuana usage for lupus. However, I was wondering if this idea I had is "hairbrained" or not, but I don't really care, if it might help you. Why don't you research what all of the benefits are for each seperate drug that you are prescribed for your lupus treatment? For example, the benefit Plaquenil offers lupus patients is as an immune modulator. Prednisone's benefit is pain control, and it is an anti-inflammatory.

    Next, research the scientifically proven medical properties of marajuana. For instant, I've read that it helps glaucoma but I am not aware of exactly why it does that makes it benefical. It simulates appetite for people who are anorexic. There's been a lot of research studies on marajuana. Look for treatment outcome studies. Pay no attention to individual 'testimonial" articles.

    Also, there is a prescription drug that contains the active ingredient of marajuana, I want to say Marinol, but I might be wrong, look it up. I havn't heard anything about this drug since 2001. I don't know if it is still available.

    As a former marajuana user in my younger days, I will tell you that it isn't very good as a pain reliever for severe pain. I know this because, I had a serious orthopedic injury almost 40 years ago. My right foot was partially detached from my leg as a result of a car crash. Although the surgery to reattach it was successful, the pain was awful for many years. I thought I'd lose my mind! I started smoking marajuana daily. No, it wasn't legal, and still isn't in the state in which I live. It just wasn't potent enough to do more than take the edge off of my pain. Actually, two BC powders that you can buy at the grocery store helped more.

    Finally, the more recent research on marajuana shows that in some people, it makes mood disorders worsen, and it can even cause severe mood disorders in some people who didn't have them before they began using marajuana regularly. With your history of depression and anxiety, marajuana is not a good drug for you to use regularlay. Also, with your history of lung problems, you certainly don't want to "smoke" anything. Marajuana, also isn't good for the respiratory system.

    Good luck to you.

    K2isKsquared responded:
    Quite a few of our Board Members have used weed for pain control. It has no benefits that I am aware of for Lupus's relentless attacks on our body tissues -- as in MJ won't help your kidney issues, but you might feel better while they they are being smashed by Lupus.

    I would urge you to reconsider taking the Methotrexate -- it can interrupt the immune system to slow down or stop the Lupus. . . and that could help with a lot of your Lupus issues.

    DarkRose321 responded:
    I say it's way overrated. Like what was said before... it helps take the edge off, helps with appetite, but that's about it. Lupus is a bit more serious than what marijuana can help relieve, at least my illness is. Plus, you don't want to test dirty in a state where it's illegal, you will have troubel getting the pain meds you need if you ever need them.

    Best not to start.


    PS- if it was legal, I'd be doing it for the appetite thing, but I wouldn't smoke it. Too much damage to the lungs there... we dont' need that.
    erinlee81 responded:
    I know this was posted 5 years ago, but I just saw it and wanted to share my experience with weed and lupus with you. I was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 14 and I am 33 now. I have SLE and was on a large amount of medication for treatment. I've had flares off and on since the age of 14. In my case, my central nervous system was effected. I would get terrible headaches due to meningitis and encephalitis, become dehydrated, sleep 24 hours a day, dizziness, and double vision up until 2001, I had flares off and on. Then in 2001 I had my last and worst flare ever. I was in ICU at the beginning of September for 2 weeks and don't remember any of it. I don't even remember 9/11. When I finally left there, I went to rehab to learn how to walk, talk, and eat again. My face paralyzed due to my flare and still is. I can't smile or show any emotion in my face. After rehab, a couple doctors accepted for an experiment they were doing on lupus patients. It was for a stem cell transplant. There were about 30 of us in the experiment altogether. I was number 13 to have it done. Now before I got sick in 2001, I had smoked weed. Then I moved away to go to college and quit smoking then had a flare. A couple years after the stem cell transplant, I started smoking again and still do to this day. The people that had the stem cell transplant when I did have gotten sick again, but I haven't. I personally think it's due to smoking weed. Plus I was reading that marijuana suppresses the immune system, which is what prednisone (one of the main pills used to treat lupus) is. I also read that it can also open the door to opportunities to treat disorders where a suppressed immune system is beneficial, such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus and hepatitis. People look at marijuana as this terrible thing, but it's not true. I believe it has helped me and kept me from having flares again. I'm going to continue to smoke too. It works and don't have those terrible prednisone side effects.
    sasa98 responded:
    I was diagnosed with SLE when i was twelve and now im 15 and in the first year after being diagnosed i didnt really take it that serious cuz i really didnt know what SLE was and like the effects it had and when i got really sick again , i took it more seriously. So i started taking my medication on time , just doing eveything what i could but nothing seemed to work.

    You see i used to live in Amsterdam where cannabis is aloud to be smoked wherever and whenever and my older sister she smokes hash daily so one day i asked her if i can smoke with her to see the effects it had on me and ill be really honest with you , I NEVER REGRETTED IT It was the first time i had felt relaxed in so long and i didnt feel anything and the same goes to cannabis cuz i smoke it now when i have joint pain , inflammation

    Hope my experience helps someone
    livinglifethebestican replied to HG1948's response:
    I don't smoke anything your right so bad for your lungs
    What strains did you try. They have oils and butters And they liquids and medical cannabis is made by chemist to help different medical issues.
    livinglifethebestican replied to K2isKsquared's response:
    What type of cannabis did the try . And how many of the board members have lupus?
    livinglifethebestican replied to erinlee81's response:
    Have you tried the oils or liquids? Smoking is bad for your lungs.
    lisatru62 responded:
    Medical marijuana has been legally approved in the state I live in and I do use it on occasion for stomach pain due to poor digestion. I've had problems ever since an internal bleeding issue associated with my kidneys.

    I only use edibles and in very small amounts. Probably a tenth of what the recommended dosage is on the label. I also do not use them everyday. I have found some relief from stomach pain but do not recommend them for joint pain as it really doesn't work.

    If medical marijuana is available legally in your state it is probably worth a try. Start slow, use a small amount and stay away from smoking.

    Good luck.
    jmta1234 responded:
    I see that your original post was from 6 years ago, but I found this article that you may be interested in. I am on the verge of receiving a lupus diagnosis, myself. I am also interested in more natural treatments going forward. My next goal is to research WHERE ppl obtain Cannabis oil/capsules.
    erinlee81 responded:
    Check this link out:

    With Lupus

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    and friends.
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