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    Lisinopril & Lupus
    Zramark posted:
    I was taking blood pressure medicine when my Dr switched my medicine to Lisinopril 20 mg, when after taking for 6-8 months my arms and back developed a rash. During this time my Dr. increased the Lisinopril to 40 mg to control my blood pressure.. My dr. sent me to a Dermie who took a biopsy of one of the rashes and after getting the results said I had developed Lupus. WOW! going back to the Dermie they said I had to get off the Lisinopril because it was the cause of my Lupus???? The Dermie said 1-2% o people taking Lisinopril develope Lupus, (great, I win the lottery). Has anybody heard of the Lisinopril/Lupus connection??
    lupyk8t responded:
    Yes, there are many drugs that can cause Drug-Induced-Lupus. Many of those meds are for the treatment of chronic issues like thyroid disease, heart disease, hypertension and a few others.

    The good news with drug induced lupus, is if you stop taking the drug, then the lupus goes in reality, you dont have the disease are having a reaction to the drug you are taking. According to what you have posted. The course of action is to stop taking the lisinopril and replace it with a different med for your blood pressure (and there are many options out there).
    HG1948 responded:

    This article devotes only one sentence to the subject of Lisinopril's undesirability with regard to actually triggering lupus in some people and worsening lupus symptoms for others. I included it below for you to look at.

    My rheumatologist mentioned to me that Lisinopril HCL contains a form of sulfur, which is bad for lupus patients. Nevertheless, when I asked her what drug would be acceptable for me take, I also have high blood pressure, she told me, "I don't manage blood pressure, you need to talk to your internal medicine doctor." If she hadn't done such a good job in treating me over the past 7 that I've had lupus, I'd have not gone back to her again. I really wanted to yell, "Well, he obviously didn't know anything about the negative outcomes related to Lisinopril and lupus did he, therefore, why should he now know which drugs to prescribe and to avoid prescribing for people with lupus."

    Well, I have a new internal medicine doctor. I am going to set up appt. to talk with him about this issue with Lisinopril.

    Thanks for bringing this issue back to my mind.

    sleteacher1 responded:
    Thanks for this info HG. I take Lisinopril also and am now wondering if I should be changing meds.

    Lupylisa44 responded:
    For people who already have lupus. Lisinopril is the drug of choice for HBP. The reason being that it is not as hard on the kidneys as other ACE inhibitors or beta blockers. My doctor gave it to me a while back when I was having some BP issues, but I stopped taking it when it went back to normal. I don't understand why they would use a drug that would cause drug induced lupus in a lupus patient-it makes no sense at all to me!

    I know that Minocycline and doxycycline are also culprits that cause drg induced lupus. But, the only reason I know this is because my dermotologist (who knows I have lupus) prescribed them for me for a skin issue. I looked it up before getting it filled and found that out. I called her and read her the riot act!

    It just goes to show, as lupus patients, we have to advocate for ourselves!!!

    Sunny332 responded:
    I just had a biopsy on a rash on my back which came back as Lupus type but the Lupus screen was negative. Due to this, I immediately though of possible Drug Induced Lupus. I entered each one of my medications and when it came to the Lisinopril, this conversation came up. I also feel like I won the lottery. I will be making an appointment with my Primary Care Physician this week to get off of the Lisinopril.

    candi619 replied to HG1948's response:
    oh great! I just got put on Lisinopril last month b/c i started having high blood pressure.. no I'm worried =/
    candi619 responded:

    With Lupus

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