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    Breast pain?!
    2pnuts4us posted:
    Is breast pain normal? I fall some where in between RA and lupus. I have several things wrong with me but the breast pain is new. I had a minor flare a few weeks ago and I noticed my breasts were very painful. I had a TAH a year ago so this is not related to my cycle. If I still had all my girlie parts I wouldn't even think twice about this. Also, I'm having some minor chest discomfort. It's not really pain just hurts to breathe sometimes. I also have APS so I know if I have severe chest pain or anything like that I am to go to the ER ASAP but my rheumy never said anything about discomfort. I feel OK... just a little off here and there.
    sghouse responded:
    Good Morning, I think if it hurts you to breath maybe it could be pluresy? I have had pluresy a lot and I have a hard time breathing and my chest hurts badly especially when you bend over. I would ask your Rheumy if he could check you for that. As far as having pain in your breast if it is pluresy it could be the inflammation in your chest. No matter what if it gets worse you should call your Rheumy. I hope this helps! Sghouse
    Lupylisa44 responded:
    Just a thought: Do you take HRT? If so did any of the drugs switch to generic? I started having breast pain after my estratest went generic. Your hormone levels may be off. IF not, do you still have your ovaries? Maybe you are coming into perimenopause. Lisa
    2pnuts4us responded:
    Lisa, I do have 1 ovary and I was thinking it may be perimenopause. The girls have been REALLY sore and tender for the past few days. I can't even wear a bra but if I go without any support it hurts too. I can't win :crying: Today is a real bad day for me. My hand is swollen, knees & hips hurt and my bladder is killing me. And on top of all that I'm nauseated beyond belief.
    MustangGirlAB responded:
    Hi there, I am totally new to this, stil waiting for confirmation of diagnosis, but my breast pain/chest discomfort is what got me to the doctor in the first place that has led to the positive ANA testing. It started months ago with back pain and then moved into my muscles between my ribs and down into my breasts. I am currently on Voltaren waiting for the affirmative diagnosis and the rheumatologist referral. It is helping with the pain in the muscles, but not so much the pain in the breasts. Just my experience..

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