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    Is it just me?
    ryu2008 posted:
    I was going to post this subject in the old message board but since I have noticed that it's happening again I decided to post it anyway. is it just me who notice that some of the posts or responses lacks validity? some sounds like more of a fantasy rather than reality. no pun intended and I am not picking on anyone. I think we can discuss the topics more if they really do occur in reality not just made up stories. what do you guys think?
    GQ1985 responded:
    I totally agree...some things seem way beyond belief. Some people's posts I will take as Gospel...others with a grain of salt. Some I things KNOW to be total BS, RYU.
    ChevyDudeNYC responded:
    ryu2008, I think I know what you mean, but can you be more specific? Is your concern that guys are misrepresenting their experiences? It seems like we have quite a few "nude models" and exceptionally worked-out guys according to the profile pics. Is that what you are referring to? Or are the stories way too unrealistic? Is it becoming a forum for fantasy rather than health and sexuality info?
    RuBare2 replied to ChevyDudeNYC's response:

    What you stated seems to be very true. I read some of the enteries and wonder how honest some of us are being. I learned from my own experiences you need to be honest with yourself first, then you need to be honest with others.

    Let us not forget though, until you have walked in another mans shoes, you will not know his story. I just hope this helps others to be true to themselves and to us.

    GQ1985 replied to RuBare2's response:
    So true RB2.

    Some may choose exaggerate, embellish or even create a facade of the man you wish you were or to become. We may "meeting" someone's split or even mulitiple personalities for all we know.

    As for me, honesty and integrity are integral makings of a REAL man, regardless of the size of his brain, muscles, penis or bank account.

    I pledge to abide to the highest standards of those principles in all aspects of my life, including something as simple blogging on a webpage.

    Is it too much to ask of others to do the same? If we are not giving open and HONEST answers/dialouge, what is the point of this excerise? We aren't helping one another, we are just trying to impress someone we don't even really know and seeing who can create the most outrageous tales. If that is your objective, I urge you to create another page to this site.
    goingcommando replied to GQ1985's response:
    I agree with the sentiments expressed in this thread, thusfar. We also have to remember that this exchange is NOT a real community. It can't be. Web sites talk about "internet communities." That's a farce. A real community is face to face living, day in and day out, and dealing with all personality types and disappointments. Information can be gathered from this site and there can be friendly exchanges, but only in face to face living can real life be experienced.

    I have some very good friends in real life and like to spend time with them just as much as I like to spend time with my own family. But, as we all know, family life has as one of its "perks" the fact that "iron sharpens iron" and the rough edges of our personalities don't polish very easily.

    If the openness and honesty that is desired on this site was translated into openness and honesty in our real life situations, there would be a lot of growth in all of us.

    I know, for sure, that my personality can be abrasive, blunt and irritating and at the same time mild-mannered, kind and helpful. I have to work on the abrasiveness a lot out of respect for those around me. It not always easy for me or those around me, but I my friends and family give me slack and love me in spite of those shortcomings. Their response to me reminds me to extend the same kind of mercy to those around me.

    By the way: my picture is really me. I posted the same picture on after I completed a long, disciplined, Body for Life program. I'm in my late 60's and am proud of this accomplishment. I've had some medical issues that required me to get into strength training and it paid off not only medically but physically. Hopefully, my picture will be an encouragement to others who struggle with being overweight or medical issues.
    John-SKPT replied to goingcommando's response:
    Some common sense is probably the best guide. If something sounds totally wacky, then it might be 'exaggerated'. (Of course, there is always that slim chance that it's real.)

    We make judgments about 'too good to be true' product advertising every day; some things are just hard to believe. So maybe each member just needs to put a filter on, and make common sense judgments for himself.
    Alexco35 replied to John-SKPT's response:
    John, you said it best, use common sense, I've always been taught to give a person the benefit of the doubt, but I agree some of the stories seem out there, but I also dont take too many things to heart... I enjoy reading everyone's advice and opinion, regardless, but sometimes I wonder... It's ok because we all represent only what we want to represent... Greg said it best also, its not a real community but a virtual community... I dont think I would be so open without the annonimity, but then It is up to the comfort level of each member.. one of life's lessons I've learned... give the person the benefit of the doubt, until they abuse that benefit.. or doubt
    calvinrankin7 replied to goingcommando's response:
    hey goingcommando, what was your profile name on there are thousands of pages with members and pics and stuff, it would be interesting to read your story
    goingcommando replied to calvinrankin7's response:
    JackOJoe replied to Alexco35's response:
    Good point. MOST of us wouldn't be so open and forthcoming if we had to sit face-to-face I think... It's much easier to look at a monitor and pic than someone's face when you are admitting deep personal thoughts or feelings.
    GAP1954 responded:
    Hey! Ryu - maybe if the more obvious "stories" (and re-telling of the same basic plots) are just ignored by most of us maybe they will get the idea that straight up is best.
    Steve2257 responded:
    Ryu, you bring up some good points and I can only echo a lot of what has already been posted. One of the drawbacks to a board like this or anything else on the Internet where these types of discussions take place is the virtual anonymity it affords. I learned a long time ago not everyone tells the truth or they will embellish their is even more prevalent on the Internet. Have you seen the commercial for one of those online dating services and the young lady is looking at this picture of the guy sitting across from her and he even tells her it is about 15 years old? Same situation on here.

    I try to be honest and open and at times, my personal views may rub people the wrong way (I have a thin about labels). So be it...if it bothers you, then don't read it what I post. I am way too old to let stuff like that bother me. If there are posters I don't believe are being totally honest or up-front, then I don't really don't pay much attention to them. Just my 2 cents worth.
    calvinrankin7 replied to goingcommando's response:
    wow goingcommando what a huge change!!! i saw your "before" picture, and man, you really worked hard! that really is an amazing change, well done. i admire your determination. right now i am trying to build a much better body. i am very slim right now and working for a bulky look instead of toned. any tips? so far i have been eating bigger meals more times a day and working out a couple times a week. i've gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks. im aiming for a 25 pound muscle wait gain. but yeah i really want a bigger chest, that is my shallow goal, haha
    Gymaddict replied to calvinrankin7's response:
    Calvin, GoingCommando: I am a member of

    At 63, my younger friends are telling me they certainly hope to look like me when they get my age. My handle there is Hectogram.

    Commando, my search for you there doesnt bring up anything. Will continue to try. Are you on the over thirty five section of the board and what threads have you posted? Thanks. Enjoy chatting with you both here and hope to see you there.

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