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    Trouble_Jones posted:
    Just curiuous guys...what, if anything, are we wearing to sleep??? Personally I love sleeping in the buff, but with two little girls the wifey think that I should have something on "just in case". Before I left home, it was my boxers as a teen and "PJ'S" before that. When I was single and before the girls came along I was all buff and it was great. As side questions what did you wear to bed growing up and what are your sons wearing to bed?

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    Ramases responded:
    I sleep commando. I take off my boxers and hang them near the bed just in case I need to slip them on going to the bathroom if someone is visiting and they come down the hall and will not be totally shocked. When I was growing up I wore PJ's. Then when I got married just my briefs unless I needed to take care of some business. I changed to boxers a while back and found I had more freedom sleeping without the boxers. The wife does not mind me sleeping nude. We have no children, but if they were sons and older I would not care if they were sleeping nude. I think I would remind them to throw on some underwear or a robe walking around the house just in case someone could be visiting.
    rich1958nj responded:
    In the winter sleep pants and long sleeve t-shirt. In the summer nothing.
    RuBare2 responded:
    I have been sleeping nude since I was 16. I hate wearinng anything to bed. Even if there are guests visiting, I still sleep nude. I do have the lounge pants by the side of the bed (just in case).
    Francisva responded:
    I am 70 and have slept in the nude most of my adult life. I have a bathrobe nearby in case there are overnight vistors. When on vacation, I still sleep nude with a bathrobe handy.
    gymguygreg replied to RuBare2's response:
    I also started sleeping nude at about 16. My Mom didn't like it but said my dad had done the same thing when he was alive so she understood it must be a "man thing". I haven't owned pajamas since I was a kid.

    If we are visiting someone, I still sleep nude and keep some gym shorts or underwear on the floor by the bed to slip into when I get up.

    My sons all started out sleeping in pajamas. If they were scared and came into bed with my wife and I, my nudity was never an issue since their pajamas still separated us. It never bothered me for them to see me with an erection but I never wanted them to feel it so I made sure I was turned the other way or had a pile of blankets over it when they were around. My oldest son started sleeping nude at about 14 and he shared a room with the next one who was 12 at the time so it wasn't long before he was nude, too. The third son who would have been 9 at that time started sleeping nude at about 10 and he shared a room with the youngest who was then 6 so that one started sleeping nude very young.

    Sometimes just us guys go camping or trips to the beach and we all sleep nude. Sometimes someone's friend is along or a brother-in-law or cousin and inevitably they end up sleeping nude since all of us do.
    goingcommando replied to gymguygreg's response:
    I've slept naked since about age 12 for comfort. Night time erections create too much pressure with clothing on. My oldest brother and I out of 8 siblings are the only ones who slept naked. He is 7 years older.

    My kids grew up wearing pj's. My sons never liked sleeping in the nude. They have seen me sleeping naked when they came into our bedroom without knocking. They learned the rule of knock before you enter very early.

    I sleep naked at home, on vacation, on business trips, camping, sailing, where ever. When sharing a room on business trips camping, sailing, etc. I still sleep naked but have my pants nearby. However, most of the guys I've camped with or gone sailing with also sleep naked. Never a problem. I think everyone was surprise originally that so many of us enjoyed the freedom to go commando while sleeping. There is always a sense of modesty and no nonsense...never flaunting your wares...
    ryu2008 responded:
    Just like you I used to sleep naked when I was single but now I have 2 little girls ages 3 and 5 and my wife asked me to put on something just in case so I now wear boxer shorts. I can't wear tight underwear such as briefs that constricts my penis because I get wet dreams all the time everytime I wear one.
    GQ1985 responded:
    I sleep nude, but always keep a pair of underwear on the nightstand for a quick cover up if needed.
    Commando14 responded:
    I started sleeping nude back in junior high and have pretty much been a nude sleeper ever since. My dad slept nude when I was growing up so it just seemed natural to me to go the same route. I had worn pajamas as a young boy then a very brief period of sleeping in my underwear (and they were very brief 1970s era bikinis--what was I thinking??) I have continued to sleep nude when traveling and sharing a room or camping etc. I also discovered that most of the guys that I was traveling with were also nude sleepers. I usually have some shorts or something nearby to throw on if needed but also frequently don't bother if I get up to go to the bathroom or out to the kitchen. I don't have sons but would certainly have had no objection to them carrying on the family tradition....
    mpcsb replied to Commando14's response:
    I sleep nude and have since I was a teenager. My oldest sone, now 17 sleeps nude but his little brother 10 wears underwear. My wife doesn't seem to mind me naked in bed or if I walk down the hall to the bathroom naked, but she has told the boys to cover up.
    shortman_eric responded:
    I feel so odd compared to everyone else, lol. I normally wear underwear, sweatpants, a t-shirt, and sometimes even a hoodie! I dunno, I really just like to snuggle up and be warm and toasty at night. Only on occasion will I sleep only in underwear, unless it's summer when it's super hot, then I'll be in underwear or naked.
    zoom1969 responded:
    I kind of rotate. Some nights I sleep in boxers and then other nights in the buff. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes if I'm just really tired and don't feel all that great I'll sleep in boxers. If I feel pretty good then definately in the nude. I do seem to sleep better in the buff. Definately can not sleep with a shirt on! Seems like a shirt strangles me for some reason. I remember posting this on an old board but when I was staying in a hotel once with a buddy of mine and he slept in a speedo. He was athletic and swam a lot. He came out of the bathroom and has a speedo on. I was like why are you wearing a speedo? He said he sleeps in them because they are really comfortable to sleep in. He had an extra so I put one on and slept in one too. They are really comfortable to sleep in! Not as great as being nude but better way better than pjs or underwear. I know weird huh?
    SS1995 replied to ryu2008's response:
    I usually sleep just in boxers or shorts. I sleep nude when alone though. I know my wife would also say I need to sleep in something if I was a nude sleeper.
    SS1995 replied to SS1995's response:
    Correction to my comment:

    I know my wife would also say I need to sleep in something if I was a nude sleeper now that we have a daughter.

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