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    Jockstrap Usage
    shortman_eric posted:
    Hey guys, so it's obvious that a lot of you guys on this board go to the gym a lot. Do you guys wear a jockstrap for support at all? Back in the day (pardon the expression for those that are from the time I'm referring) they were required for school gym classes and they were very frequently used from then on. It's widely known that there usage has declined severely and those in jockstraps are normally the odd men out. Just wanted to see how this held up on this board.

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    Commando14 responded:
    As a member of the "back in the day" crowd, I can tell you that not only were jockstraps required in my school gym classes, we had to prove at the beginning of each class that we were wearing a jock. At the beginning of gym class, we would be lined up in rows in the gym and the coach would have one row at a time stand up and pull the leg strap down out the bottom of our shorts to show we had a jock on. Of course, that would be difficult to do with the long basketball shorts of today but our gym shorts were very short and it was pretty easy to show your strap.
    gq12 responded:
    I used to wear one when playing sports in school (either that or a cup), but Ihaven't worn one since. I prefer to go commando at the gym. I don't do cardio there, just weights plus I wear tight shorts that hold everything together for me.
    GQ1985 replied to gq12's response:
    Once again, I'm like GQ12 on this one. I like the tight spandex workout shorts. But out of habit, there is always a jockstrap in my gymbag. I might wear it maybe once every two months or so, usually when I'm traveling and the laundry hasn't gotten done!
    An_206055 responded:
    Old survey - I know. I was given my first with a middle school issued gym uniform (public school), and have worn them since. We had to prove we wore them by hitching up the shorts to reveal the leg strap.

    For some time in college, I would exercise without using them. I suffered a testicular torsion while running and having things bounce around too much. Now, I would not dream of not using one. They do protect from injury.
    playerguy responded:
    not just the gym, like to wear them some of the day... like the feel and the look of them...
    gymrat44 replied to playerguy's response:
    They're a lot less common than they used to be but for me it just isn't a workout without a jock. And, hey, how can jocks be jocks without their jockstraps?
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    gymrat44 replied to gymrat44's response:
    I have a studly black leather jockstrap I wear for those days when I'm feeling especially butch and want to urge myself to greater achievement! After wearing it a number of times the leather stretches to cup you just right - nothing like it.
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    Anon_1131 replied to gymrat44's response:
    I question whether a jock strap protects my balls or not. As I see it, the jock holds my balls tightly in place ready to be hit by a knee, hand, ball, hockey puck etc. That will hurt big time. If I wear boxers or loose fitting briefs, my balls are free to move away from a direct hit, reducing or eliminating the effect of the impact. As I see it, if you wear a jock or tight fitting underwear you should also insert a jock cup under the jock to protect your "junk."
    Michiganjockbuddy replied to gymrat44's response:
    I fully agree. Women wear sports bra's and guys wear jocks. Its just that simple. I have been wearing jockstraps since 7th grade basketball. Jockstraps have been around for a 100 years and although some guys like compression shorts, there is nothing like the support of a well broken in jock. I tried compression shorts but they just smash your package. Jockstraps have always been popular in professional sports as well. I still get out the old swimmer jock when I go swimming with my trunks minus the liner. Jocks rock!
    colejohn1960 responded:
    I play racketball and a jock gives me great support--plus I have low hangers and it keeps them lifted up and out of the way. I wear them under sweat pants,gym shorts and swim trunks too
    marrmilguy replied to Michiganjockbuddy's response:
    I have always worn a jock for sports and working out since Jr. High. Its just something that I have always been use to and although things have changed over the years, I kept my routine and teaching my kids the same way. We also wear them when out training or on duty for protection. When on patrol over seas, a good cup/jock combination can come in handy.
    tylakeland replied to marrmilguy's response:
    Which is better and why Jock strap or briefs for working out?
    marrmilguy replied to tylakeland's response:
    Its just something I have always done and continue to do regardless of what others think or are doing. It supports me in everything. Briefs absorb sweat to much and bunches up to often. Jocks are easy enough to rinse out in the shower or sink and hang to dry in my locker to use for a few days at a time. Compression shorts are to tight in my thighs. Some of my command wears them in the field for protection, along with a carbon fiber cup when necessary. Its a game changer and more are wearing them.
    phlebguy replied to marrmilguy's response:
    I was given my first jock in 1966 when my father took me horseback riding. I have been using them since. Tried a compression shorts they are nice for upper legs, and butt, however it left me hanging for scrotal support so I often use a jock under the shorts, but as old as they are (a GOOD FITTING JOCKSTRAP ) is my first line for all sports swimming and even if I am messing in the house or mowing the lawn and even to work I enjoy knowing that everything is tucked in and out of harms way. As a father of 3 sons ages 20 to 12 all 3 also made there minds up to use a jock rather than compression shorts as well.
    Guys a jockstrap is made for 1 reason only , to hold mans junk out of harms way ,and they work just use the size that fits your needs. I am a nurse in a urologist office and all 3 of the Dr's tell there patients to use jockstraps, from the young 12 year old to an 80 year old . They are not hot gay toys, they are for a real reason so USE THEM ITS WHAT A JOCKSTRAP DOES BEST.
    TY Yours in jock, D.A.B.

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