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    Caught Masturbating...
    jasonm068 posted:
    I think this was a discussion on the old board, but thought I would bring it back. Has anyone ever been "caught" masturbating by a friend or family member and if so how did they/you react? I have been caught a few times by family and friends, some times a good thing and some times not so good and I have caught some friends and family as well a couple of times, which was always okay with me, so I never understood why others had a problem with it.... thoughts? experiences?
    gymguygreg responded:
    The first time I was caught was when I was sleeping over at my then girlfriend's (now my wife) house. I was 18. I was sleeping on a pull out sofa in their basement family room. I woke up and didn't hear any activity so I decided to masturbate. When I was really going at it, her dad came around the corner. I was shocked. He looked surprised but happy. I think he was probably thinking if I was horny enought to be masturbating, I must not be doing his daughter!!!

    As a father, my sons have walked in on me and I have walked in on them. I have told them masturbation is healthy and normal so they aren't ashamed of it.
    gymguygreg replied to gymguygreg's response:
    Why was it a good thing some times and not good other times? Can you explain?

    jasonm068 replied to gymguygreg's response:
    Thanks for the fast response and good for you for being so positive. Well the not so good times were that when I was caught I was immediatley shamed and made fun of for doing it, mostly by my brother and some friends. The good times were positive experiences that even led to something better than just masturbation. For instance when I was living at the dorms I was looking at some internet porn alone and did not hear my roomate come in. Next thing I know I hear him coughing and I of course freaked out but he told me it was cool and it led to a better friendship since we just started talking about it like it was nothing really. Like taking a shower...
    mpcsb replied to jasonm068's response:
    My son walked in on me once when I thought I was home alone. I was on our bed and I just aked him to close the door. Later we talked and I told him all guys do it and it's no big deal and that he should keep his door closed if he's jo. I did walk in on him too which is why I told him to keep his door closed.
    mark_daniel responded:
    think the first and only time i really got caught was in my first year away at school.

    i was sharing a room, and my roommate left for an early morning class. i locked the door shortly after he left to make sure no one walked in. well unfortunately he only left to use the bathroom, and a few minutes later started knocking on the door wondering why the hell it was locked. i should have just pulled on a pair of shorts, pushed my morning wood to the side to be unnoticeable and made up a lame excuse for locking the door. instead, i panicked, grabbed my sheets around my waist and lept up to the door to unlock it and lept back into bed, mumbling an apology. he gave me a strange look, but didn't say anything, grabbed some books and left for class. he never mentioned it, but he had to know what happened.

    it was embarrassing, but i learned my lesson well, since i've never been caught once since.
    Dan8781 replied to mark_daniel's response:
    I have been walked in on a few times, but my most embarrassing story was when I was in a dorm room. I was the new guy, so I knew hardly anyone. I missed my girlfriend a lot. I was on the phone with her, and we were having phone sex. I was sprawled out on the bed, wood in hand, when my roomate barged in WITH FRIENDS. Needless to say he was very timid in opening the door from that moment on.
    texas7t responded:
    I was staying at a friends house in San Jose, Thought he had gone down to make coffee like every morn. As I walked by his bedroom he was laid out on his bed, eyes closed and going at it. I was in my boxers. couldn't help but just look. he opened his eyes.. and just said.. "lets see who can shoot farther" .. He won. Thanks Vince
    Howard1959 replied to mpcsb's response:
    I've been caught too, and also walked in on my sons. You took the right approach.
    BasaltBill responded:
    I've never been caught but did JO with my brother a few times and now with some buddies . . .
    In Jr High, once I went to the boys room to pee during class and surprised the male history teacher who was openly stroking his erect penis. First adult male erection I'd ever seen. He nor I said anything. No scars!
    daburghjackss responded:
    My mom caught me when i was in my teens.Now I run a JO group and she applauds me . lol ;
    daburghjackss replied to texas7t's response:
    Cool, gonna add that contest to my group action! >
    rob15lov replied to BasaltBill's response:
    Thank you for sharing your experience at the urinals many of us have had the same or very similar type experiences. (Would love to hear more.)
    cbmmxv replied to mpcsb's response:
    I think you handled to matter very well. You turned what could have been an embarrassing situation into a chance to explain your son about masturbation. Well done!
    hairya replied to cbmmxv's response:
    Jason, I had many times that I had been seen JO. But two times I can not forget. I was 15 and had gone to the doctor for a football physical / exam. My friends had told me about the cock exam. Therefore not wanting a embarrassing erection during the exam. I had started masturbating when the doctor walked in. The doctor did not said anything. He just started his exam on my genitals. Therefore he ask the questions at the end of the exam. The other time I was invited to a family pool party. When my date removed her towel to a tiny suit. I had a full erection. Thinking I would go behind the pool house. I was standing there with both hands working it. Her father walked around the building pulling out his hugh Johnson to pee. Saying "looks like you like my daughter." He became my father in law and we laughed about this many times.

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