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    RuBare2 posted:
    Somebody has got ask this question sooner or later.. I guess I am just to curious to wait... so why not just put it out there?

    Remeber, we are trying to be open and honest with our answers and attitudes...

    Take the Poll

    When reading postings on here, Have you ever become aroused?
    • Yes - Semi/Full Erection
    • Yes - Ejaculate
    • No - What a dumb question
    • No - Here for Medical advice only
    • Other
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    gymguygreg responded:
    I have wondered about this, too. I get erections very easily so it is no surprise that the sex talk on these discusssions has an effect on me. I have not masturbated while here and guess nothing has gotten to me yet that is so hot that I have a spontaneous ejacualtion. How about you try to come up with something that makes that happen!!!

    RuBare2 replied to gymguygreg's response:
    As a good scout says... "I will do my best.."
    GQ1985 responded:
    You guys....
    RuBare2 replied to GQ1985's response:
    What? Hasn't it ever crossed your mind?
    Ramases responded:
    I knew this question would be asked sooner or later. I may not get a semi/full erection or ejaculate when reading the posts here, but I have had some pre-cum production cause a wet spot on my boxers. I have never been that aroused to have to leave the computer to take care of some personal business. Leave it to you Ru to come up (no pun intended) with a poll and question specific to all mens loins and thoughts. Great poll and question!
    stev1022 responded:
    Yes I have... I too, like Greg, get aroused easily.
    Commando14 responded:
    I have to echo the guys who have already posted. There have been times when I have developed either a semi or full erection reading some of the discussions here. I haven't gotten to the point where I need to take matters into my own hands yet....sounds to me like the gauntlet has been thrown down!
    asm223 responded:
    I have gotten aroused as well, but like the rest have never done anything about it, yet. I do find some of the discussions erotic adn wonder what ever body looks like and how it would be if we could all get together in person. OOPPPSSS I feel it stiring
    ryu2008 responded:
    I have also posted this subject matter in the old board. I get hard all the times and reading some of the discussions makes me really hard and wet. I often fantasize that I was actually there when some erotic discussions are being discussed.
    jasonm068 responded:
    Good poll... yes I often get a full blown erection reading some of these posts and remembering past sexual encounters and actions, though like everyone else I have never had to "take care of it".
    GQ1985 replied to RuBare2's response:
    Clearly stated, THAT IS NOT WHAT I AM HERE FOR. I am here for mainly for the advice. Although I am easily aroused and not easily offended, some of this repeated homo-erotica is getting very old. That is not what this site was created for, and I am not sure why WebMd has not edited more of the threads or even closed the site completly.
    GQ1985 replied to JackOJoe's response:
    Thanks, Joe, for your invitation to leave. The original Man to Man site heading was for converstations about Men's health issues needing a other men's input - NOT about MAN TO MAN sexual fantasies and encounters.
    gq12 replied to JackOJoe's response:
    Yes I have gotten erections, but it has not gone further than that.

    I completely agree with you. Out of 11 unique posters, why should WebMD pull threads or remove this entire site because of the complaints of 1??? As long as things are not out of bounds, and I don't think they are, everyone here should be able to post their opionions, feelings, thoughts, preferences, etc. If a minority feel that this is inappropriate content, they have the option to close their browser. I have seen posts get edited, so it can happen, but lets not start censoring everything that may have the slightest amount of color or everyone will leave this board!

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