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    oral sex
    An_206069 posted:
    at what age were you when you received your very first oral sex from a girlfriend? i was 16 and we had been dating for about 3 months and she was 15 -we had been to the movies and had to get her home by 11pm and i parked about a mile from her house and we were doing some heavy french kissing and we were both getting really turn-on and next thing i knew she took my belt andundid it and unsnapped my blue jeans and reached in my underwear and pulled my penis out and leaned down and started to suck on it---i thought i was in heaven- it was fantastic--i will never forget that night
    An_206070 responded:
    I was 16 but it was not from a girlfriend. Me and some guys from the neighborhood went down the trail to the spot where we used to hide out from parents, smoke pot, jump in the pond to swim, etc. I got super high, plus my buddy gave me jack daniels I think it was. I remember being really buzzed up, and one of the guys Jeff play pushed me around a bit just being funny. Then when we were alone all the other guys had left, he said he bet me I wouldn't let him S*** my D*** . I laughed but then he said it wasn't gay, i know youre not into guys, but it just feels really good, don't be a p****. So we went behind a tree and said take your pants down. I did and he gave me a blow job. I got rock hard and came. I was too drunk to be embarrassed. I went home wondering of I was gay or messed up. I only fantasized about girls. But damn that was good. I still love oral sex...but have been with another dude since that time.
    SS1995 replied to An_206070's response:
    It wasn't until college. I even freaked out after that because I shot. Man I wish I could tell younger me that its normal.
    Ramases responded:
    I was late in the game when I had my first oral sex. I was 19-20 and married. The wife and myself were over one night visiting her brother and sister-in-law. After we were there a while talking and the kids were in bed my brother-in-law said I have something to show both of you. My sister-in-law just laughed as my brother-in-law put a sheet up and pulled out an old movie projector. Talk about pre-DVD. Popped on a reel of film and turned out the lights. There in black and white splendor was a woman giving a guy a B.J. Both my wife and myself just looked at each and then back at the movie. My brother-in-law just laughed at us and said "give you any ideas". It sure did that night at home. WOW!!!!
    ryu2008 responded:
    I am crazy about Oral Sex and I was 14 when I first experience it with my GF. my parents were at work and I invited her to come over to my place. I just finished playing basketball then so I went to take a shower. I was drying up when she suddenly came in and got down to her knees and sucked me. it was an amazing experience.
    An_206071 responded:
    My first oral experience was with another guy at 14. He liked giving much more than I did, and he did this a few more times all through HS, even after we were both sexually active with girls.
    asm223 replied to An_206071's response:
    My first oral sex experience was in JR HIgh. DId that a couple of times, nothing in high school then went off to collage and discovered other gay guys and thats all it took and I love oral sex. I love to watch someone suck me and having my balls licked is very intense.
    Alexco35 responded:
    my first "willing" oral sex session was when I was 18 and I met a navy guy who was 3 years older than me... it was nice and innocent... I didnt know what I was doing... he did thou..
    John-SKPT responded:
    15 from a female. 12 from a guy. My older cousin cousin (guy) wanted to try it when I was very young, maybe 8 or 9, but I said no.
    mc83 responded:
    I was 17 she had never done it and I had never got it so we needed lots of practice but it still felt good

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