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    Going to the doctor.
    An_206109 posted:
    When you guys go to the doctor have you ever got an erection during the testicular/penis exam? Were you embarrassed? Or how about the prostate exam? And have these exams ever caused you to ejaculate? Talk about awkward! Also, what position does your doctor have you in when he checks both your front and your back? I was just curious on everybody's experience. Thanks.
    jem2153 responded:
    I have not had an erection with the penis, testicle, hernia check but I've had a semi with the prostate exam. Sometimes some pre-ejaculate will drip from the prostate being pressed. My Doc is an older and old school Dr and has me on my hands and knees on the exam table for the prostate exam. Kind of embarrassing but it is over with quickly. My last Dr used the side position with one knee towards the chest. Any Urologist I've been to has always used the position with me on my back with my knees apart. I am curious what position other have been put in and which they prefer for this exam.
    SS1995 responded:
    I've never had a full blown erection during my doctor exam, but definitely had 1/2 staff.. I was embarrassed at the time, but I hear its quite normal now. I'm sure you'll get some responses. The old board had a quite a few with similar situations.
    liveitup7 responded:
    I think I would definitely NOT want to lay on my back with my knees up! When you get the testicular exam does your doc. have you laying on a table? Or do you do the old turn your head and cough routine? When I go I'm always laying on the table and he just lifts up my boxers and checks the testicles and not the penis which is good, even easier because I don't have to completely undress. I've never had the prostate exam yet but I'm nervously anticipating one. What age do us men need to start getting them anyway?
    Manjock replied to liveitup7's response:
    I have not had my prostate checked as I am only 21. But have been to the doctor for check ups due to a problem I had with an in grown hair on the shaft of my penis. 3 times I had to go and the first 2 got a semi and was embarrassed. The doctor told me not to worry it was normal. The last time got a full blown erection as he was feeling it. I tried to think of nothing but it made it worse. He said it was normal for young men to get erections but I was bright red in the face. Thank God it is all fixed and back to normal.
    john-skpt responded:
    Over my forty years. I've been seen naked and have been poked and prodded by so many doctors and nurses and technicians that I couldn't care less.

    (Sometimes it does get funny though, like a cute guy doing an ultrasound of my scrotum, and he kept having to push my penis out of the way. He finally said "Could you do me a favor, and hold that thing up so I can get where I need to?" I just laughed and said "I thought you'd never ask.")
    An_206110 responded:
    Thanks guys for the posts you've left so far. I look forward to hearing more responses and stories from other members.
    gq12 replied to An_206110's response:
    I've gotten lots of erections from my current doctor, mostly from him checking my penis. I've gotten a semi from the prostrate check, but this does not affect me much. He has commented how quickly I get anerection and told me that everything seems to be working well. What kinda caught me off guard was how he told me that I should not leave with an erwection and that I'll have "blule balls" and I should take care of myself there. I declined, but the next time I was in and it happened again, I decided to go ahead and finish myself off.
    shortman_eric replied to gq12's response:
    very interesting. I'm assuming he left the room for this?
    liveitup7 responded:
    gq are you serious? That's crazy! I would feel so awkward if that happened!
    Manjock replied to gq12's response:
    Man I think that is hot. I have had erections at the doctors but never finished myself off. Was he in the room and how did you clean yourself up. This is hilarious to imagine people in the waiting room while you are going for it in the office. LOL
    Eugenio311 responded:
    I have never gotten an erection during a genital or prostate exam. Yes, have "leaked" prostate fluid during a prostate exam.

    As a military medic for 24 years, I've performed countless genital and prostate exams. An erection is certainly a normal. but not a very FREQUENT occurrance, in my experience. The best professional response is to ignore it. If something must be said, it would be "not to happens sometimes."

    I've discovered from the men's health board that there are people with doctor's office fetishes and fantasies. Some guys also might be misunderstanding why they're being handed a tissue after the exam. Basically it's to wipe the excess lube off of your rear-end before you pull your shorts back up.

    As far as position, patient standing is best for testicle/ hernia exam, with the examiner seated in front of him. Patient standing and bending forward from the waist, with his chest resting on the exam table and bearing his weight on one leg is easiest for prostate exam. If a patient is elderly or weak, I might have him lay on the table on his side with his upper leg (hip and knee flexed) for prostate check. (Some docs might have been trained differently.)
    pogo99 responded:
    This must be another fantasy of many men...finishing up erections at the doctors office and maybe with the doctor or nurse peeking...LOL!

    I must say I have never gotten an erection in a doctor's office. I am normally too concern with the procedure to be aroused sexually either consciously or unconsciously.

    I can understand that most doctors and/or nurses has seen many erections from patients. I'm pretty sure 99% of medical professionals will completely ignore the erection.
    gq12 replied to pogo99's response:
    I can assure you guys that this is NOT a fansaty story I'm telling. I was very surprised when my doctor told me to finish myself off and I was embarrassed and did not do it. The next visit, several months later, I was back for a follow-up and again I had a full blown erection. When he said this to me again, I decided to go for it. He walked out of the room, but while I was in there masturbating, he came back in and put a box of tissues down. I was too far along at that point to even care so I did not even stop. He left again and I finished up and used the tissues to clean up. I had already gotten the feeling my doctor was into checking me out from previous visits, and this confirmed it.
    playerman responded:
    yes i have had an erection during the penis/testicle part of my physical exam. this has happened more recently with my new pcp who is much younger than my previous one who has since retired. the guy i see now (last two years) seems okay with the whole arousal thing. i am very sensitive/responsive to touch and since being naked in fornt of others has never been an issue for me getting aroused is no big deal.

    however, i recently had an ultrasound of my my boys following a soccer was an old injury so the ultrasound was a follow-up. anyways there were two was a male student from the local community college who was in training. he kept having to reposition my penis and boys which caused me to get hard everytime he touched and i do believe it caused him some emabarassment. the older tech kept telling him it was a normal and he should get used to it if this was something he planned to do for work. what can i say...i'm just a sensitive guy.

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