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    Father & Son Medical Exams.
    rob15lov posted:
    Hi, I remember a discussion on the old boards here about whether Father's should accompany their sons to medical exams. Thoughts and experiences about this are appreciated.
    playerman responded:
    have four brothers and we were known for being little "hooligans" (my grandmothers word) so my dad usually accompanied us when we went for our annual physicals. he would go into the exam room with us...we were seen in pairs so it was never a big deal. i think he stopped going in with us around age 12 or 13. i don't ever remember it being a big deal for us to have dad with us.
    rob15lov replied to playerman's response:
    Cool. Were you naked in exam room most of the exam? Did you or any of your brothers act curious in any way about being naked together in such a situation together with each other, and Dad, and the Doc too?
    teen_dude responded:
    Me and my dad would always go together. I was soooo nervous my first exam naked. The nurse came in, and handed me a robe, and told me to undress. I did, and took everything off. That first time, my dad got an exam to, to make me feel better. He had to undress and everything. He told me what the doctor would do, and touch, and told me my reactions would probably be. One thing though, my dad got a prostate exam that time also, and i was scared to death, thinking that i was 11, and i would get that also. Haha. Fun times. But he stopped going since i was 16. He was always in there.
    rob15lov replied to teen_dude's response:
    Very cool. How did your Dad react to the prostate exam?
    mpcsb replied to rob15lov's response:
    My son and I had our physical two days ago. The nurse led us to the exam room and took my blood pressure and weighed me then she did the same for my 16 year old boy. She told us to undress down to our shorts and left. The doctor came in and did all the usual stuff, looked at eyes ears nose and throat, listened to our hearts etc. He did everything to me first then to my son. The doctor had me stand up and drop my boxers as he examined my penis foreskin and balls then had me lay on the table to do the prostate exam. He then had my son stand up as he checked his equipment but did not do the prostate. My son who is normally very talkative was quite thru the whole thing as the doctor and I chatted away. My son did ask questions about his foreskin and about wearing a condom which the doctor professionally answered. As we sat there naked the doctor talked about good health, eating, not smoking etc. Then he said we could get dressed and it was all over. My son thanked me as we were leaving for doing this with him, Hey, he's my boy what wouldn't I do.
    rob15lov replied to mpcsb's response:
    That's awesome MPCSB. Has this opened up your son to be even more comfortable both with talking to you about his body and yours and with natural nudity between him and you.
    mpcsb replied to rob15lov's response:
    Rob we have no problem with nudity. My two boys and I go to the gym once a week for racquet ball and swimming - it gives my wife some 'girl' time. It's an old fashioned club with gang showers and a big open locker room. At home my wife uses the master bath and the boys and I use the bath down the hall. We have pretty much an open door policy and in the morning we can all be in there, one showering, me shaving, one using the john. It's no big deal really and it's how I was raised too.
    rob15lov replied to mpcsb's response:
    Very cool.
    voyager1 responded:
    I grew up will 7 brothers. I was the oldest and had a twin brother and ever since I can remember my father took all of my brothers and I to the doctor. As you can imagine a family of 15 is quite busy (I had 6 sisters) so we all had one doctors day. In our most recent visit at the ages of 17,17,16,14,11,9,8, and 6. We all (including out father) went into the exam room and all striped to our underwear and then put on gowns and then removed our underwear, we see quite used to this, we saw each other naked all the time seeing as myself and my twin and my 16 year old brother shared a room. Then the two doctors came in and examined all of us.
    voyager1 responded:
    Now I have kids of my own, 7 boys and 5 girls. Again to save time I take my sons to the doctor. The doctor has the first 3 boys strip naked and then examine them and then the younger 4. But my 2nd youngest boy is very nervous about the doctor so when he has to strip naked then I have to strip as does the other boys and this year he made the doctor strip also, it was very tense situation having 7 boys and 2 grown men naked. Then the tension broke into full awkwardness when my 2 oldest sones got erections and then I started getting hard and so did the 3rd and the doctor. Finally to put the icing on the cake, the fire alarm went off and because all of our clothes were mixed in a pile we were forced to leave the room naked and with 5 of us having fully hard penises. We found some gowns and covered our selves. Ever since I have take my 2nd youngest to the doctors by himself.
    ricjames responded:
    I only see 1 problem; if one of your sons had a question that he wanted to ask the doc but not in front of you or the brothers, like if he was having mental or neurological issues, he may not.

    This is in my opinion healthy, normal upbringing. In Japan, China, Pacific island, & primitive societies, the naked body is a fact of life, & it is uncommon not to see family members naked. The Japanese geishas are considered "sexy" because they cover all their skin, that is why they paint their faces.

    voyager1, you may get some grief about your post and that the doc would never do that, but in my research i found docs who have done that. In med schools, the best teachers will allow students to examine them and encourage (not demand) students to examine each other.

    I was doing research before the economy went south and the sequester cut all my funding (I was funded by a big think tank that got direct govt research funds then handed out to researchers like me).

    I was studying the apprehension that people have to medical exams & my initial findings were interesting when I found nudists, swingers & prostitutes who did not undress for doctors.

    I could not understand why hey would be naked with other people or in public. I found that it is a "power" issue. I was preparing to explore this further with a couple doctors in Florida who were nudists also.

    Then bye-bye funding.
    rob15lov replied to voyager1's response:
    There are some good photos and videos of similar experiences like you describe:
    92135_man replied to rob15lov's response:
    I have seen that video! It is one of my favorite videos of all time. Fantasy
    sonnyp1989 replied to 92135_man's response:
    I don't really understand it. I've seen the video but is it an actual medical exam or a jerk off porn? Or is it that the doctor was actually just the director who also happened to practice medicine too? Lol

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