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    Very Wet!
    Manjock posted:
    Hi Guys, I have just turned 21 and I am always Horny ( I know this is normal) but I have developed a great deal of pre cum. If I get an erection when I am out or at University and it goes down I leak a lot. So much so i have started putting tissues in my underwear. This was becoming very embarrassing having wet patches on my shorts or pants. Also when I have sex or Masturbate I don't need lube. One girl I was with thought I had already cum because I was so wet. Does anyone else have this probllem and should I see a doctor?
    tftobin responded:
    Not everybody has this problem, but it is totally normal.
    Some guys have to wear pads.
    The rest of us are jealous of them.
    An_206118 responded:
    Go see a doctor this is not normally. Is this a real post or a joke?
    Manjock replied to tftobin's response:
    Man it is embarrassing when you go to the urinal and you have toilet paper stuck to the end of your penis. There is no reason to be jealous.?
    Manjock replied to An_206118's response:
    ?I am sorry you think this post is not real, This has only being happening for about 2 months. The negatives in this situation out way the positive. I am very happy in life and not insecure about my body at all but was wondering if anyone else has this problem. I thought I would ask on here before going to the doctor.
    Thanks tftobin for your response.
    Ramases replied to Manjock's response:
    I do not believe you need to see a physician. You are a normal healthy young man. Some guys produce more precum then others. I am over 50 and still will produce some precum when I am sexually excited and cause a wet spot on my boxers. Some guys drip and some guys flow. Do not worry about it. Try using a baby sock to cover your manhood to absorb the precum that way you will not have to worry about paper sticking to your tool. Enjoy the natural lube. Congrats on turning 21!
    Contemplating19 replied to Ramases's response:
    There is no limit.

    Your prostrate produces this fluid to lubricate your urethra, the purpose of this is to protect the sperm when/if you do ejaculate.

    Some men are over endowed with pre-ejaculate and it is released (without an ejaculation) during foreplay. This is completely normal.

    I tend to wear a jock strap often, which helps with any pre-ejaculate that may happen. I also find that it happens if I do something strenous (i.e. exercise, running, etc)

    You're fine.
    gq12 replied to Contemplating19's response:
    I agree that its something many guys would love to be able to do (produce a lot of pre-cum). I am not a big leaker, but I've gotten a wet spot in my shorts when I've been very excited. I've seen one guy at the gym who leaks so much, I thought he peed on himself!
    teen_dude replied to gq12's response:
    I would love to get that amount of pre cum. But i dont unless on a 'blue moon.' And it would save me tons of money on lotion too!
    jnr107 replied to teen_dude's response:
    I am a 68 year old man. I still produce precum during long foreply, when I see something "that trips my trigger" and when I am edging.Back in the day we called "glad water" --no explanation needed (lol) Not in the amounts that you are producing, however, I know what you saying is true bacause I have had two frat brothers who also "suffered" with the kind of dilemmas you are experincing. For them another was avoiding wearing light colored pants to parties where they would be doing slow, close dances with girls. You can visualize their predicament when the dance ended and it was obvious to everyone what was on their mind. There are products called "male guards" for people who are incontient (pee on themselves for various reasons) that could be very useful for you. During encounters 'of the intimate kind' whisper to your Lady that you have a special gift to give her that gauranties se wont feel "notin but pleessuurree" Enjoy your gift Young Man
    Chance28 responded:
    Yea your very lucky cause i only get erections or cum when ever i go to sleep which wen i do i dont always cum but if we could trade that would be so awesome

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