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    Acne on Buttocks
    GaMale770 posted:
    Does anyone what causes one to have acne on their buttocks? if so, have you ever had them before and what did you do to get rid of them as they are painful?

    Contemplating19 responded:
    Butt acne is much like facial acne or other forms of acne, both in terms of how it forms, the embarrassment it can cause and the variety of ways it can be treated. In general, it is usually caused by glands in the skin producing excess oil. This overproduction of oil can eventually block the follicles causing blemishes. This is similar to what happens with facial and other forms of acne also. In addition, aggressive growth of bacteria on that part of the body can lead to clogged follicles, causing the same result.

    In order for you to rid yourself of them, you have to find out why the formed. It may be a result of your laundry detergent...

    Since the causes of butt acne are similar to other forms of acne, it only makes sense that the treatments would be similar as well. If you already have acne treatments for other forms of acne, it's worth giving those a shot first since they will hopefully produce the same results on other parts of the body.

    If the legions are too painful or irritated, it's time to bring in the help of a professional.
    gq12 replied to Contemplating19's response:
    It could also be a rash from heat or moisture. It sometimes happens after shaving and you sweat and the wetness is there for a long period of time. Powder works well for me.
    GaMale770 responded:
    Thanks guys
    An_206171 responded:
    It happens
    An_206172 replied to An_206171's response:
    yea, it happens
    An_206173 replied to An_206172's response:
    I have not had it happen.
    GaMale770 responded:

    Consider yourself lucky because they sure do hurt : (
    Sometimes you can't even sit down. From what I read,
    you're really not supposed to mess with them (Try to pop them) like a reagular zit. This would create more problems and make them even more painful.

    An_206174 replied to GaMale770's response:

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