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    outdoor shower
    texas7t posted:
    any one have a outdoor shower?
    I use to have on in Pacifica, Cal. loved it.. to shower during a foggy day.. hear the ocean water.. and the cool ocean air. with the warm water coming down on you.. its great.
    Now I need to get another one.
    zoom1969 responded:
    I don't have an outdoor shower but stayed at a beach house with some friends on the North Carolina coast several years ago and it had one... I showered outside everyday and even jerked a few times! It was on the beach and yeah there was something about being outside and hearing the ocean!
    zoom1969 replied to zoom1969's response:
    I guess I should say it was an enclosed shower Not one of those showers that is open to everyone to rinse off after coming from the beach... It was under the beachhouse! The only thing you could see is my head and feet....
    GAP1954 responded:
    the shower came along when my Dad decided my brother and I had grown too big to hose off in the front yard. We lived near the beach and were not allowed in the house without dumping the clothes and hosing off ifrst - but by almost teen I guess the walls had to come up. Since then I have had many outdoor showers -from a simple hose arrangement tied up in a tree to a gardenscaped eden with a fountain and bench - Don't have one right now. More's the pity...
    gq12 replied to GAP1954's response:
    yup I have one and I use it all the time. It's great to shower outdoors.
    beaubrummel replied to gq12's response:
    They are not too practical in MIchigan, but I have used them on vacation and prefer them to the enclosed bathroom.
    mark_daniel replied to beaubrummel's response:
    I don't have one, and probably can't see myself getting one until the day I have a house with a pool. But I have used them before, and it feels great to be outside in the shower. It feels like this is the way nature intended it.

    If you can find a waterfall or something like that to use as a natural shower when you're out on a hike or out camping, that's the best.
    jrocker85 replied to mark_daniel's response:
    I think outdoor showers are great just the feeling you get being naked outside I use it at the beachhouse there is a shower massage hook up, highly recommended if you get the opportunity to try it.
    aegale responded:
    My old house in Florida had one. We had a house near the beach so it was great to have the outdoor shower. Although we didnt have it closed off, I like thinking people could see me. haha.
    bbbguy responded:
    I don't have an outside shower. But I live by the ocean. So at times I swim in the ocean naked. It is a great feeling to be naked in the ocean in the day light. Several years ago I lived in the tropics. There was an unusual outside shower for men only. It was a large open shower area that had a 7 foot wall around it. Inside the shower area were wide concrete slabs. After a shower some men would lay naked on them in the sun. This outside shower had this 7 foot wall but no top, so it was open to the sky. So some men after they showered would just stand up on the slab. So from the outside you could only see their head and neck. So as you walked up to the shower you knew they were naked. One time I went to this shower to see a man standing on the slab with a complete erection. Unreal.
    voyager1 responded:
    We have a pool in our backyard and before we come int the house we have to take off our bathing suits and gather near the hose and rinse off. It is me and my 7 younger brothers and 6 younger sisters. Also when we go to the beach we have to take off all of our clothes before we go into the hotel room. My younger brothers (16 and 14) and I (17) got caught and we all rushed into the room.

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