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    What happens when you get a physical?
    An_206225 posted:
    When you go to the doctor for a physical how does the doctor check you? Does he/she make you put on a robe, go down to your underwear or nude? What would you prefer?
    fishburner101 responded:
    Are you asking because you have yet to get a physical or because you wonder how other people get physicals? My physicals are normal heart breathing stuff, check eyes and ears, are there any problems. . . . Shots if i need any. and he just makes me pull down my pants and then my boxers when hes ready to check me out? and says cough, breathe, done? I havent had one in a while but thats what i remember.
    txmn1212 replied to fishburner101's response:
    I didn't even get a hernia exam at my last physical in September. Blood work, heart, lungs. Pretty much it. Gown and underwear.
    gq12 replied to txmn1212's response:
    My dr is usually pretty thorough, but he does not have me undress at all until he needs me to remove something. I've asked the assistance if I should get undressed and was told no. I would love to get naked and sit and wait!! He has in the past looked me over well. I've had hernia surgery and he's checked that out, so he has to handle my penis. He also performs a rectal, so he does get into most areas well.
    asm37 responded:
    When I schedule a physical my Dr. has me strip to my underwear and does the exam. Eyes, ears, mouth, breathing, reflexes, etc. When it is time to do the hernia check and DRE he has me pull down my underwear.
    gq12 replied to asm37's response:
    I have worn tight jeans with no underwear, so when I need to lower them I have said that they are difficult to lower so I just remove them and then I am naked!!
    SS1995 responded:
    At one of my previous doctors I did stay shirtless for the exam and then when it was time for the testicle and hernia check I dropped my pants.

    Now with my current doctor, I get an EKG and the nurse has me take off my shirt for that, but says I can put it back on for the rest of the physical. My doctor comes in for the rest of the physical and just has me drop my pants for the testicle and hernia check. I haven't gotten to the rectal exams yet.

    As far as physicals go, its pretty uneventful and if I was uncomfortable being naked (which I'm not) I definitely wouldn't have anything to worry about.
    mark_daniel responded:

    I don't think I've ever heard of a doctor that makes you strip down naked for the entire physical. It just seems unnecessary, and more guys would be uncomfortable with that compared to the relatively smaller number that would enjoy it. (not mentioning any names...)

    Personally, my doctor checks everything else first, and then asks me to take off my shirt for the parts he needs to. And I just drop my pants and underwear for the testicular check which is usually near the end.

    Nothing exciting, sorry.
    asm37 replied to mark_daniel's response:
    One of the things your doctor should be doing is to look at your skin. If you never get undressed, he could be missing something.
    gq12 replied to mark_daniel's response:
    hey I resemble that remark Mark!! Where have you been, this place has been very quiet.
    mark_daniel replied to asm37's response:
    think it's ok. i have my shirt off for a good part of the exam, so if there were any issues with my skin, he would be able to tell.

    gq, i can see what you mean! i've been busy with work and other stuff, but yeah, this place is very quiet now. i think for a while there, we were the only people regularly posting on here.
    Bubbabear123 replied to mark_daniel's response:
    I understand if ur nervous to get a physical because I have to get one today, i am kind of nervous. But one thing I'm not is scared. I just do it for the sport I love, well cheerleading doesn't count as a sport but still, do it for the thing you love, but whatever you do, do not get an erection. A little nasty and weird, but if that doesn't happen, you're all good
    An_206226 replied to Bubbabear123's response:
    My Doctor comes in and talks to me first to go over any concerns or changes in my or family history. He then has me strip down to my shorts and does the physical. I now ask for the lab work Rx when I schedule the exam so that he has the results when I see him. He checks eyes ears, throat, listens to my chest and stomach, checks pulse at various locations, probes my abdomen, checks reflexes,etc.. After he has examined everything else he has me stand and slip down my shorts and examines my genitals and checks for hernia. I then lean over the exam table and he does the DRE. Like some of the earlier posts, I want the doctor to see me naked so that he can look for any issues. I also go to a dermatologist for a skin check and he does a complete head to toe check looking at everything. The dermatologist has me get undressed as he inspects different parts of my body. Each Doctor has his own routine. The important thing is that they do a complete exam which includes looking at all parts of your body.
    GaMale770 replied to An_206226's response:

    My Dr. visits are very similar to yours. I always go and have my labs done two weeks prior to my appointment so my Dr. can have the results available during my visit. Otherwise it will require another vist/co-pay.

    I however am asked to strip down to my unederwear and put on a paper gown. Then when my Dr. comes in he compares labs from last vist and current visit and asks if I have any concerns and the family history thing as well.

    If theirs any difference in my labs good or bad he'll ask if I'm doing anything differnet (eating/working out).

    He then begins his examination top to bottom. However, I don't recall having a DRE during every visit.

    An_206227 replied to GaMale770's response:
    Having a DRE on every visit may be age related and family history related. I am 58 and have a family history, so need it checked every time.

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