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    Propper doctor visit etiquette?
    An_206228 posted:
    I've noticed a slight characteristic about my penis a few weeks ago and it's only noticeable when I have an erection. It's probably nothing and I'm not TOO worried about it but knowing what it is for sure would be good. Would it be weird if I went to the doctor and asked him to check an erection?
    gq12 responded:
    If you are going for a physical, then he should check your penis out, and when he does just bring up your concern. If he thinks it needs to be seen by him, he'll ask you to get an erection. Asking is not the tough part, getting an erection while sitting in your doctor's exam room may be!

    Don't sweat it, I've gotten hard in fron of my doctor a few times and he makes no big deal if it.
    joe8843 responded:
    Perhaps your discharge is nothing more that pre-ejaculation fluid (pre-cum) that you are releasing when you have an erection. If it is clear and somewhat sticky, it may be pre-ejac fluid. This is perfectly normal when you have an erection and are sexually excited.
    gq12 replied to joe8843's response:
    Ok, I have to mention my most recent doctor visit. As I've posted before my doctor seems to like handling my penis, and I don't mind one bit either! Well, today he had me lie back and he pulled my pants down to check things out. He started out looking at my shaft and my urethra (I had some redness there a while back and he always asks about this and wants to re-check it). Well, I started getting a little hard, then he went to my testicles, and said one was retracted possibly due to the cold room, and he could not get a good feel of it. After all the time down there, I am erect. He then went back to my shaft, and he actually strokes it looking for fluid, and of course by this point I am leaking pre-cum. He them does my rectal while still on my back and checked if I generated more fluid.
    Wow, was I horny by this point. I also had my arm at my side and I could feel his bulge against me somewhat hard and I could feel the heat. The guy is my doctor, so I did nothing, but I could have easily grabbed his pants and said lets keep this going! This is NOT a "story". I am just very surprised about what happened and what to do? I am not going to say anything negative because he is a very good doctor. He is married and knows I am too, but I think he is somehow into me or into getting me off.
    mark_daniel replied to gq12's response:
    did he schedule a follow up visit?
    HEADER_72 replied to gq12's response:
    Just because your Dr. is married... doesn't mean he couldn't be a little curious, bi-curious... He's only human!
    If he is a good Dr., as you say, I would do nothing. Good Docs are hard to come by.
    It sounds like you and your Dr. have a very good rapport.

    If you and he had spent a little more time together... things might have warmed up enough so he could have checked that retracted testicle a little better
    gq12 replied to mark_daniel's response:
    yes I do have another, but it was made 6 months out.
    gq12 replied to HEADER_72's response:
    I feel as though he is very good as a doctor so I am not planning to go to someone else. I actually like the extra attention. This was the first time he pressed himself up close to the side of the exam table so that he bumped my hand with his bulge.
    otter051069 replied to gq12's response:

    All I know is I wish he was my Doc!! Is this guy your primary Doc or an Urologist? either case, give me his number!!
    joe8843 responded:
    Did the doctor ever address your concern about your penis? With all your discussion about your exam, you never mentioned the outcome.
    txmn1212 replied to gq12's response:
    He did the rectal exam with you on your back? Different!
    gq12 replied to txmn1212's response:
    He has done the rectal in the past on my side but the last 2 he did, i just bent my knees and staying laying on my back. I prefer it this way.

    I don't really have any issues with my penis. I did have some redness and once had some bacterial infection in the urethra, but he always goes back to that to check it. He has cultured it a few other times and needs to get some fluid out of my penis. To do this he has to milk it, which ends up getting me erect and then I start leaking pre-cum. He has done this several times, and I don't fight it! This last visit he did this miling some but then said he was not going to check it (I don't think there was a reason for it). He also seemed to play with my testicles saying one was retracted, but it was probably nothing more than pulled up a bit tight. I think again he did this to get some extra time diwn there.

    This is my primary care Dr, not a urologist. I should see him on ce a year unless I am sick but he has me come in every 6 months.
    mark_daniel replied to gq12's response:
    one thought that came to mind was, is this your family doctor that the rest of your family goes to? would you trust him alone with your wife? i think your kids are a bit younger, so you or your wife are probably with them when they see the doctor, but could you say with 100% certainty that he would never try anything even remotely close to this with your kids?

    i'm sure this comes across a bit hard, but i think it's a question you need to ask yourself. is it worth the risk?
    gq12 replied to mark_daniel's response:
    I am the only one who sees this doctor from my family. My wife sees a woman and my kids go to a pediatrician,
    mark_daniel replied to gq12's response:
    ok, that sounds good. a bit of a downer of a question i know, but i thought it needed to be asked.

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