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    Unintended Masturbation
    gymrat44 posted:
    OK guys, I know. When we go to beat our meat we know our stuff: we reach down, grab our equipment and start pumping. We've been doing it for years and know what we're doing. But sometimes we can be masturbating and not realize we're doing it until we're in the middle of it. I'm kicking off this thread in the spirit of increasing our openness and trust, useful in discussing more important topics. And besides, I'm sure for this topic there are some wonderful stories too good not to be told -- but where else are we going to tell 'em?
    Once I was living in a place with a large finished basement. On one side of the stairs I had my home office and my weights. On the other side was the furnace so it was always warm down there and since there were no windows I could work out dressed as I like. Often I'd work out nude; the day I'm remembering for some reason I was wearing just a loose pair of the old Munsingwear briefs, the ones with the horizontal fly for E-Z-P, just reach in with one hand an pull out your dick. I had just finished some deep knee squats with just about every weight plate I could find. Had one of those foam sleeves around the barbell so that the weights wouldn't cause too much stress on my upper back and shoulder bones. After the squats I shifted to doing an exercise to stretch the back of my quads: I had the barbell on the floor just in front of my feet. I bent over, grabbed the bar, lifted it as I stood erect and then laid it down on the floor again for one rep, 20 reps to a set. I was fully focused as I usually tried to be: focus on the muscles being used, think of posture, be sure not to give unintended assists from other muscles. Ignore everything else.
    Still having the foam barbell sleeve on, I found as I gained a full upright position the sleeve hit the bottom of the underwear pouch and pushed a little against my balls. But my mind was focused on the muscles being used in the movement. I still hardly noticed at about rep 4 when I thought I felt the sleeve hitting my penis which had started to grow inside the pouch. By rep 8 or 9 I felt some coolness on the end of my penis. Glancing down I saw that somehow the little guy had managed to escape through the brief's fly and was now poking out in the air and getting hit on its underside by the barbell sleeve each time I gained the standing position. By the time I finished the set at 20 reps my penis head had forced the foreskin halfway down and the rest of the organ was rock hard.
    Hmm, I thought, let's try another set of 20 reps and see what happens. I kept on, still fully focusing on the muscles invovled and the movement chosen but it was becoming increasingly hard not to become distracted. By the time I finished the second set my pulse was pounding, my penis was bobbing up and down with each heartbeat, the foreskin had fully retracted itself and there was about a foot of golden pre-cum hanging down towards the basement floor.
    I took a couple of deep breaths and decided to do a third and final set. I did a couple more reps but never did get to finish the set. When I moved out about a year later there was still a cum stain on the cement floor. I chuckled when I saw it for I was sure that no one could ever guess what it was. And no one has ever heard this story until I decided to post it today. Now, let me hear one of yours!
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    broman323 responded:
    hi Gymrat. I don't have a very in-depth story like yours but I have realized at times that it is very hard to control sexual urges. Sometimes it seems like they come out of nowhere. I feel at times that I really enjoy pleasing myself, looking at myself in the mirror while I masturbate. I'm not sure if that is normal. I am not sexually attracted to myself, it just seems to really help increase the heat of the moment. I have had times where I just get hard and look down, reach in my pants and pull it out.I think this is normal.
    gymrat44 replied to broman323's response:
    Hey, Broman323, good to hear from you and hope you enjoyed my story. And yes, deep sexual urges do seem to come out of nowhere sometimes and that is to be enjoyed. It's great to have a hard-on given to you rather than work at developing one (although there's nothing wrong with that, either)

    And yeah, looking at yourself in a full-length mirror while masturbating definitely can increase your pleasure. As you become more stimulated, do you see your nipples start to stand out, and do you see little bumps form all around the edge of the colored circle of the nipple? And do you see little goosebumps form across your pecs as you get more excited? And your muscles tense up as you get closer to cumming? Those are all wonderful things to watch while you get yourself more and more aroused. Our bodies have lots of things to show us if we will but look at them more closely.

    Sometimes I'll do a barbell workout at home in front of a mirror to watch my form -- and to watch the muscles flex and show a little more shape than they did a few work-outs ago. And sometimes I can see my penis stiffen up a little during such a work-out, especially when I've thought of winding up by exercising that body part last!

    Enjoying yourself and your sexuality is definitely normal! Do continue to enjoy it while seeing if there are new ways and varieties that you can try. Good luck!
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44

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