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    gym seen
    chrisnv posted:
    i'am in my mid 40's have not in open gyms i wasn"t a jock .i afraid to get a hard on .is this normal ? i think my size is small i think my son is about 14-17 yrs is bigger .i never saw him and he never saw me.i"am ashamed.....
    gq12 responded:
    There a probably many guys at your gym larger than you and also many smaller than you. Just like all other parts, everyone is different. No one will judge you, just relax and open up and you will see there is nothing to be ashamed about.

    I wish I were bigger, but many guys I see are no larger than me.
    gymrat44 replied to gq12's response:
    We all wish we were bigger -- no matter what size we are. It's just something that guys do. We all need to treasure what's special about ourselves and just let go of worrying about things which really don't make all that much difference. And chrisnv, if you do get a hard-on at the gym you won't be the first one -- and you won't be the last. Don't be hard on yourself!
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    zoom1969 responded:
    You should not be ashamed... You are probably a lot bigger than you think you are!! I always thought I was really small but then girls/ guys that I have been w/ tell me how huge I am! I never tell them that I felt that way they just end up telling me that... In my mind I'm like wow! Really? All guys get erections at the gym. It's normal. Or guys plump/ swell up a little! Years ago I was at a gym that has communal showers. I felt so good after my workout that I was in the showers almost completely hard. I was plumped up and swollen and also dripped pre-cum down my leg!
    nash75 responded:
    I've got the same problem at about the same age. Unfortunately I was a very late bloomer and am still on the small side down below. Somehow I managed to make it thru school by hiding my junk in gym class. I have been so embarrassed for so many years about my size and miss not having the male bonding other guys have and not having to be ashamed of being naked in the shower or locker room. I am happily married with kids and recently made up my mind to overcome my fear by taking a shower at a public shower inside a waterpark. I got up the nerve and just did it, telling myself that it was far from home and nobody would know me. I feel this was a big accomplishment in overcoming my fears. Unfortunately, no other guys were around despite my purposely stalling. I am still proud of myself for getting this far and will try again to get over my fear in front of other guys. Love my wife, but just want to be comfortable around other guys.
    jmgg5000 responded:
    penis comes in all sizes be happy with what you have. when i was young my grandpa had a farm and me and my dad would help alot as well as my cousins. he had gang showers in the barn so that we would not track in dirt and would be clean for dinner. and we would all be naked together my penis was bigger then my cousins my dads and mine where same size and my grandpa had biggest of us all and we all had fun being nude around eachother and when i got to 6th grade was 1st time we took showers in gym class i was already comfy from being nude at the farm.

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