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    Training son to pee standing up
    Jamal76 posted:
    I am the father of a 4 year old son who has been potty trained for while now. I want to try to teach him to pee standing up. What is the best way to do this?
    GaMale770 responded:

    When my oldest son was your son's age, his Dr. told us that the best way to teach a child to learn how to use the bathroom was to actually take him/her to the bathroom with you when you went # 1 & # 2, This way they would see and learn from you.

    It worked for us. Good luck

    Kawboy replied to GaMale770's response:
    My wife keeps telling me that I'm going to have to show our son at some point. He just turned 1 so it's not really time to teach now but I get weirded out when the dog comes in the bathroom to watch me take a leak and just stares at me.
    GaMale770 replied to Kawboy's response:
    Don't be surpirsed if you walk in the bathroom one day and find your dog standing there taking a leak.....LoL
    hairyd replied to Kawboy's response:
    Has soon has your son is able to walk. He should go with you to the bathroom on some trips. He should be told and learn has in must things in life be viewing.

    Guys for the safety of your sonand you will be visting together the men restroom for years.

    k boy if you have a sly bladder you needs to discuss this with your wife. If you are able to pee with her in the room. There should not be a issue with your son; he was produced from your seeds.

    The dog stares are strange I'm wondering what they are thinking? Some of my former partner had no issue with their dog watching our sex. Once I had a great dane removed from the room. I was not wanting to be sandwich.
    Kawboy replied to hairyd's response:
    I have no prob taking a leak with my wife in the bathroom with me, that's been the case since she moved in when we were dating. It's not a shy bladder thing either since I'll go out in the back yard when I take the dog out and piss in the grass with him. More so, it's just that I wasn't trained that way by my Dad so it's a little different in my mindset.

    I've never seen my Dad nor my brother naked, dunno if that's just the way things were or what. I have no prob being naked or being seen/watched by others. I usually end up skinny dipping with friends when we go over for a cookout. My son regularly see's me naked when I'm changing or taking a shower, so I'm not shy about it. The doc said he won't be "bothered" by it until about 4 or 5 when if he see's me he'll go running out of the room saying "ewww Dad's naked!"
    hairyd replied to Kawboy's response:
    kawboy; glad to hear you will be a great father. I misunderstood thought you may not be able to pee with friends.

    . You decise what is normal for nude between your and your son. I would let him enjoy peeing in the grass with you. I hope your friends will continue to skinny dipping with their sons

    . As he grows he will in years notice the differant in size and you being nude. This should be a time for father and son time to talk. Their is nothing better than bonding between fathers and sons.
    gymrat44 replied to hairyd's response:
    And there will be other good things to look forward to down the road: if you live in a cold climate you'll be able to teach him how to sign his name in the snow while peeing . . . bonding never ends!
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    longodon replied to gymrat44's response:
    That would be a great bonding experience. Forgot all about drawing things in the snow. Like you said, bonding never ends.
    jd1000 responded:
    have him go when you go. me and my sons when they were learning we would stand by it together and pee at same time and it took a few times and then he caught on and it is best way to teach i feel.

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