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    full body skin exam for skin cancer
    jay1234a posted:
    I just had my first ever skin exam, during the exam they removed several moles and one multicolored mark. I keep reading these posts because my skin exam was not that complete I was still dressed from the waist down, This may be because of my age I am in my 60s, and what doctor wants to look at an old man totally nude. So my question is , does age have anything to do with the thoroughness of this exam, do people of my age not get skin cancer under clothes? they removed like some 14 skin tag moles and 2 dark and one multi colored ones for biospy, I guess they are waiting to see if one of them come back positive or something before they check anywhere else. I really want to know if I need to have someone else look for more.
    An_206246 responded:
    This doesn't sound correct to me. Maybe you didn't ask for or schedule a full body check.
    jay1234a replied to An_206246's response:
    My doctor set it up with them. but the bill says full body skin exam and biospy of . and that is why I was asking for others that have had this done. I am glad they got what they did, but was wondering if they may have missed more. This may of been a way to get me to come back so they can get more money for what they do . Insurance only pays so much for each treatment or removal then they pay less for each additional check. Like I said this was my first one ever, so I dont know what to expect , or even how it is done. It is tough getting older.
    An_206247 replied to jay1234a's response:
    My dermatologist does a full body exam head to toe. He starts with the scalp and works his way down to the feet. He looks at every thing including having me spread my buttocks and genitals. He keeps track on a chart what he sees so that he can compare it between yearly visits to see if anything has changed. I don't think it has to do with age.
    txmn1212 responded:
    I have a female dermatologist and she usually examines me head to toe once a year. I have psoriasis, so I usually go in every 3 months for "interim" checkups. But, once a year, she checks everything. She's usually pretty thorough, too. I have to undress to my underwear, but I am given a towel to cover up with. She checks, legs, scalp, feet, arms and my back while I'm sitting up, then she has me lie down on my stomach. She'll check the backs of my legs then usually asks me to remove my undershorts so she can examine my buttocks----she even spreads them apart to check between them as well. After that, she has me turn over on my back and she does a genital exam as well. I had a mole removed from my penis a few years back, but it did return. She says it's nothing to be concerned about, but she keeps an eye on it. She tells me to open my legs then she checks my scrotum, penis and usually looks at the insides of my legs (I have boil issues there).

    If you're not getting an exam similar to this, it's time to change dermatologists.
    hairyd responded:
    jay, I would consider a differant dermatologist .

    But for guys reading this and yourself. Doctor are being told because of the modest of some men. DO Not to remove boxers unless the patients make the request.

    Most men like me therefore doctors do not care to see another man junk. Therefore tell the doctor before you dress you want your full body exam.
    jay1234a replied to hairyd's response:
    Yes I know what you mean, I like this dermatologist, good patient concern and attention to details. So I will give them one more chance, and ask more questions. This being the first visit they may of wanted to get to know me and me to know them a bit first.
    If i dont get a good exam the second visit in 3 months I will look for a new doctor.
    Thanks for all your advice.
    An_206248 replied to jay1234a's response:
    If you are going for a follow-up visit, they will only schedule time for a quick check. You should call them and tell them you didn't get a full body check and would like to be sure that you have one on your next visit. They may have to change the appointment so that they can block out enough time. I get a full body check once a year, so you shouldn't expect that on each visit if you have to go back for follow-ups more often.
    jay1234a replied to An_206248's response:
    Well everyone you were right. I am looking for a new dermatologist now. when I requested a full body skin exam I was told that what I had was the most I would get from this Derm so I decided to leave and not use them anymore. I am concerned as they did remove several moles and did not do a complete check. I dont know if it is the area I live in or if it is becoming standard procedure to just check certain areas. Thanks for you information.
    jmgg5000 responded:
    have a female skin doctor who checks me out once a year i am 100% comfy with it she is a doctor she has seen a naked man before she said she is married and has 2 sons so she said she has seen what i have lol. skin cancer is serious and its good they check thoughs things. when i go they have me lay on the bed nude and they do my head, neck, chest, belly, legs, penis back butt etc.
    csatex responded:
    I am a older male with a female dermatologist. When I first began seeing her, her staff had me select my skin check preferences - mostly clothed, nude, perhaps nude in the future. This is a non-threatening method of asking the patient. After a few years of seeing this dermatologist, I asked her to please start giving me a 100% skin exam. She was very happy to do so.
    johnd65 responded:
    I am in my 60s and my young male internist did the kind of check you described and I didn't feel it was enough, so I schedule a separate annual cancer screening with a female doctor. You are completely naked, she checks every inch from head to toe, testicles, penis, anal, rectal exam and a PSA blood test. It's not for the modest, but great if you want to live as long as possible.
    oldbiguy replied to johnd65's response:
    I agree, if you want to find Skin Cancer you have to look for it, and a full body screening is the only way to look. The female dermatologist I see now preforms an annual full body screening, my old dermatologist would only do a quick glance over with me fully clothed. On my first full body screening she found a spot that my old doctor would have never seen.

    Yes, Modesty goes out the window if you want to stay healthy — At the ripe young age of 59 I would to run through the Doctor's office completely naked if it helped me stay healthy.

    Tronmartin2016 replied to jmgg5000's response:
    Female RN,s and Doctors seem to think that just because "I've seen it all" means that the male patient shouldn't be embarrassed. They do not understand that their having seen it all has nothing to do with how the male patient feels. If a doctor is male and has seen many vagina's and breasts over the years. Does that make it easier for female patients to be nude in front of a male doctor?
    Anon_3669 replied to Tronmartin2016's response:
    It still comes down to a skin check needs to be 100%. My dermatologist has me remove clothing as he progress top to bottom and only has be take off my shorts for a short period of time. If the patient doesn't want to be fully uncovered the doctor can give that option, but should explain that he/she may miss something that is covered up.

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