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    Male masturbation
    bbbguy posted:
    This for sure is a man's only question. What way do you find is the most satisfying way to masturbate? Jacking, palming or what ever. Please don't be too crude or kinky. You don't have to be too serious in sharing either. Just be, perhaps, a little amusing as you share. Just share what way is the most satisfying for you.
    gymrat44 responded:
    Usually when I start having a good time with myself I move from one technique to another. About the only rule I use is to only have one hand on my penis -- I keep the other hand caressing a different area such as my pec, my face, my thigh. Then after going through a number of moves on myself I enter into the first of a number of trips toward the inevitable moment. Should I choose at any particular time to let go and allow myself to move ahead to orgasm, well, that's my favorite way to masturbate at that moment. But another time I know it could well be another technique. That's part of the fun -- I never know exactly what will get me off. After many years the element of surprise is still important.
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    SS1995 replied to gymrat44's response:
    I like to rub my nipple while I do it.
    zoom1969 responded:
    I really like masterbating in the shower! Love to jerk off while the hot water is pouring down over me! When I went to the gym more frequently sometimes I would be so horny after a good workout that I would j/o in the gym shower and it would feel awesome! They were private shower stalls but sometimes I would fantasize that someone would open the curtain and catch me! I also like to j/o and watch myself in the bathroom mirror then shoot my load into the sink. A few weeks ago I was brushing my teeth in the nude before I was going to get into the shower... I was in a rush and kept dripping toothpaste on my crotch area. I was kind of horny so I started stoking myself with the toothpaste as lubrication. When I came it was so AMAZING that when I blew my load I almost fell down!
    gymrat44 replied to zoom1969's response:
    Hey, zoom, your story about getting yourself going while brushing your teeth reminded me of something I'd forgotten. Years ago I was both busy and horny one morning, wash in a rush to get myself together and get out but at the same time had a strong need to masturbate as well. But there just wasn't time for even a quickie jerk-off!

    But I got an idea about my electric toothbrush. I turned it on and put the vibrating end under my erect penis which was sticking out over the sink counter. So I happily shaved and combed my hair while the toothbrush masturbated me. Just as I was about done with the hair and shaving the needed ejaculation popped out into the wash basin. Not the best self-gratification in the world but I got the itch scratched and was able to leave the house on time!

    Thanks for reminding me of an odd episode which has slipped my mind.
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    An_242829 responded:
    Most of the time first thing in the morning I go to online free porn and work my foreskin back and forth. No noise, no rush, great orgasm!
    Anon_155686 replied to An_242829's response:
    Another joy of having a foreskin.

    Dads, don't circumcise your sons!! Life is better when you're intact!
    hairyd responded:
    You will want plenty of lubrication and some plastic. You can use a plastic bag or even a sturdy condom if your penis is small. I do need something bigger than a condom, though. Now, you can use the crevice between the cushions on your sofa, or you can use the space between your mattress and your box springs, depending on the amount of pressure you want. You'll want to place the plastic in the open space - either the crevice or between the mattress and box spring. Put plenty of lubricant inside the plastic, but be careful not to get it on your sofa. Then, insert your penis and have at it. The sofa cushions provide less pressure on my penis. But may be a better starting point while you get the hang of the hips and penis technique. The mattresses makes for a tighter fit on my penis .So it's more like my wife's vagina.
    hairyd responded:
    While the wife is getting undress, and the female chores before getting in bed. She enjoy watching me, knowing I will save the best for her.
    . On a comfortable surface (bed), sit on your heels with each heel gently spreading your butt cheeks. Lubricate your penis. Using both hands, one at the bottom and one at the top of the penis, gently wring in opposite directions. Use the motion from bottom to top as if you were wringing out a cloth Stoke it with this motion for about 10 - 15 minutes. Then have your wife add more lubricate to your penis and scrotum. With your right hand grasping your penis, point your index finger toward your scrotum. Your thumb and forefinger should be closest to your body. Allow your thumb and forefinger to slide down as far as they can go in a stroke toward the scrotum. Your left hand is now free to do a deep massage. Keep stoking as she add more lub. Return to the wringing your penis - squeeze the semen out, not in. When you are about to ejaculate, spread your cheeks and feel the deep orgasm stem from your perineum. This masturbation technique can be quite intense and its a turn on for both of us.
    Both of our bodies is then Hot for SEX!!!!!!!

    JZay510 replied to hairyd's response:
    I've done this so many times and it feels just like a vagina! Def. the best way to masturbate! feels the best too!
    playerguy responded:
    The hands and mouth of someone else does it for me.
    hairyd replied to playerguy's response:
    player, I agree just relax and let her do the work.
    playerguy replied to hairyd's response:
    lol not her!...
    Anon_130552 replied to playerguy's response:
    Have you tried "HER"; You may Love "HER"
    She has Hands and Three Pleaure Openings that was make to enter. One Way!!!
    beckleyguy replied to playerguy's response:
    I understand, and wish I had the balls to do what you did

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