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    Peeing with a friend
    David_Johns posted:
    When I go into a men's room with a friend and we have been talking, I continue to talk to him while we are at the urinals peeing. It helps me relax.

    What about you guys? When talking with a friend and then going to the urinals in a men's room, do you usually continue talking or stop talking till after you have peed or it depends (give details below if you wish)?

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    When talking with a friend and then going to the urinals in a men's room I usually
    • continue talking as we pee.
    • stop talking till after we finish peeing.
    • it depends.
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    hairyd responded:
    My friends and I continue talking. If will are able to stand next to each other at the urinals. If there are other males standing between us. It depends on the discussion it we stop talking . But I have seen guys with a shy bladder have to stoke their penis and think to start the flow.
    gymrat44 replied to hairyd's response:
    I think this is another issue where there is an age difference. At work another older guy will take the next urinal and start talking with me -- while a younger one who I know much better won't talk at all. And often the younger guys take a stall, hide and pee standing into the toilet. Now that I don't really understand, but I accept that there's more than one way to do things. There are some people who have a nervous inhibition which keeps them from using a urinal at all.
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    jrocker85 replied to gymrat44's response:
    I would continue to talk and have done so, but it does depend on who it is. As for the stall pissers I really get ticked off when you happen to be in there for #2 and a guy comes in the next stall and starts splashing all over while you are stuck with your pants down and the walls urinals are free. Most of them don't bother to lift the seat.
    zoom1969 responded:
    Most of the time we usually keep the conversation going... Sometimes we may stop if others are in there and continue afterwards. Most of my male friends all use urinals. If there are several open we may have one urinal seperate us and we keep talking. But normally when we are at a ballgame/ concert/ or bar after a few beers we normally use urinals side by side even if there is a whole row of them open!
    David_Johns replied to gymrat44's response:
    I think that there is an age difference. I started taking daily communal showers in school at the age of 12 (I was the only one with pubic hair, I remember) and continued until age 18/19 when I graduated from high school. I don't mind being nude around men at all. For a while I did have a problem with a "shy bladder" until a few years ago, but I was able to find an online group that has local support groups that helped me get over that hurdle. (It's a medical condition called paruresis, and you can find help at .)
    hairyd replied to David_Johns's response:
    DJ, Until this weekend I also thought Fathers was not teaching their son to be men.
    had similar experiences as a youngin. Watched each other grow into mature adults , enjoyed the trust we had . Now the young guys are limited in letting their penis hang low.
    I joined some old college boys for tennis this weekend. After the match we were
    lletting it all hang out in a big open 1950's style shower-room open at the end of the locker room. I notice a young male continue to hold a phone but never talk. The pervert was using his phones with cameras to video. Us guys playing pranks as we did in the showers in college.
    True hundreds if not millions has seen my dick. But I am not going to let some man make dollars posting my junk on his web site. This is a big part of the reason/s guys are hesitant to let it all hang out in a society that allows perverts & phones with cameras.
    . The big open room becomes a room of stalls with opaque dividers. Inexpensive. Effective & much harder to sneak the camera-phone around for candid shots. Now I understand it's not man embarrassment of other men. Guys hate pervs and the thought of pervs with a cam-phones. Pervs will pay to watch another man urine flow?????
    David_Johns replied to hairyd's response:
    HairyD, I totally agree with you. I remember once in a gym a guy seemed to keep his cell phone pointed my direction as I was nude and drying off (and he was not talking on it). It finally dawned on me that he was taking pictures! Damn, I was mad! (In my case I knew that there were sites where persons interested in fat guys like me -- to be blunt -- went to see pictures, so it really didn't matter that I wasn't/am not a slim hunk who is well hung).

    I went to the front desk as soon as I could to tell someone. The staff person came into the locker room and saw who it was and then told me that this person was a "regular" and the staff person didn't feel he could accuse him of anything. And besides, he told me, the guy had probably already uploaded the pictures if there were any that had been taken.

    He told me that there was a sign that cell phones were not to be used in the locker rooms. I told him that that sign needed to be larger and posted on the door where we entered the locker room. I was not happy.

    (It is my business if and how and where I post pictures of myself, dammit, and that certainly is true concerning nude pictures!!) Grrr!
    hairyd replied to David_Johns's response:
    The kid claims he was only going to show them to friends. Therefore he could have shared and someone else could have sold them. There was sixteen men in the shower acting as we did in college. Damn, I may have like a copy. But the clip was erased. With the punishment I don't think he will do it again. The locker room that I vist. Cell phone are used because of business. I use my cell in the locker room alot.
    Johns, your a Hunk, only in a differant wrapping. Also your well hung if your brains knows how to enjoy GREAT sex.
    jmgg5000 responded:
    am comfy with going while talking with male friends or even stangers who happen to be using the bathroom i am not too shy or anything.

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