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    who is naked now
    jmgg5000 posted:
    who is naked now and what are you doing naked if your not naked when will you be naked??
    jd1000 responded:
    well i just got naked now it feels good to relax and hang around house naked. just me and my wife and kids so not a big deal if they see me of course.
    Tidoman replied to jd1000's response:
    Uh! Wish I was you. I can't go around the house naked! I want to.
    Tidoman replied to jd1000's response:
    I am naked to
    hairyd replied to Tidoman's response:
    Tidoman, glad your naked. If you want to be nude. DO IT!
    What was stopping You before this post?
    tido1987 replied to hairyd's response:
    Heyi changed my name so yup. But what's your email I would love to email you.
    hairyd replied to tido1987's response:
    You may want to put your email address. In your profile info.
    When I have time. I do share some info / pic with some of the guys thru their in box.
    Pyewacat replied to hairyd's response:
    I loved being naked. I would come home from work, drop my clothes and not dress 'till work the next day. On the weekends, I wouldn't bother to get dressed at all. It was awesome to get up, go out on the deck, take a piss and just sit in the chaise. In the winter, the most I would wear would be a bathrobe.
    tido1987 responded:
    Mines And that sounds awesome to just lie around naked I mean that's how we were born. That's how we would live
    maestrobueno responded:
    I usually start getting undressed when I leave my office. Tie, shirt, belt, shoes, etc. on the drive home. I don't live very far from work when I open the door to my living room I usually finish getting naked right there. I love being bareassed. And yes I am naked right now while I am writing this.
    oldman52 replied to Tidoman's response:
    same here
    oldman52 responded:
    grandkids around!
    oldman52 replied to Pyewacat's response:
    must be nice,need that freedom!!!

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