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    Urinals: are they becoming a thing of the past?
    gymrat44 posted:
    Over the years it's been customary for guys to hang out together in the men's room shoulder to shoulder at the urinals to have a 'squirt 'n shake'. However increasingly frequently I'm finding myself alone at the urinals as younger guys head straight for the stalls where they pee standing up.
    Some close the stall door behind them, some don't. And many appear to pee onto the seat, onto the floor and fail to flush, all of which is rather disgutsting.
    I understand that some guys have a nervous condition which inhibits their urine flow if they are trying to go in the presence of other. To those guys I'll give a break. But what about the rest of you? Being able to take a leak conveniently at a urinal is one of those benefits we guys get as males and it's too bad seeing it not being taken advantage of. It's also too bad that you're missing the easy camaraderie which came from hanging out together at the urinals. Maybe it's part of the increasing headset/computer society where we don't communicate directly with other people as much as we used to.
    What are your thoughts about all this? Maybe you'll come have a leak next to me and let me know!
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    An_247002 responded:
    Just have the exact same thought yesterday!

    I was using a urinal at work and noticed a guy from the same department walked in. He headed into the stall to pee (you can hear the noise). I know a few people who'd do that and wondered that to myself.

    I'm especially disgusted when they don't lift up the toilet seat. It's troublesome for the next person to have to wipe someone else's pee off the toilet seat before using it. That's just so inconsiderate. And when it's still wet, those thin paper toilet seat covers don't help.

    Then there's this unspoken urinal rules some of which I just find rather absurd.
    jrocker85 replied to An_247002's response:
    I could have written this myself.. I would like to know where these same guys go to take a dump after they have pissed all over the seats in the office john... I always grab a 1/2 wet paper towel and wipe and dry the seat before I cover it with that piece of tissue paper that is suppose to protect you from whatever. The worst part is if you happen to be in a stall for #2 and one of these tools goes into the stall next to you and starts to spray while you have your pants down... I usually say ass%*?& just loud enough for them to hear me. I don't get it but I grew up with 4 brothers so it was no big deal to piss in the same john as kids, at least there is a devider and your own john
    hairyd replied to jrocker85's response:
    There is not dividers. I have seen them. But most rest room, locker room, etc. there is not divider. One urinal in the open or a row of urinals in the open. Also at sport parks your in a row shoulder to shoulder. Everyone let their dicks hang out.
    StPeteBob replied to hairyd's response:
    Many sports arenas do not have partitions between the urinals to fit more guys in shoulder to shoulder. At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway there used to be long troghs where you would just crowd in tight next to the other men. Now that's some male bonding. I never though it was weird at all. And yeah we checked each other out.
    hairyd replied to StPeteBob's response:
    I been to arena (low budget) were we lined up. Pissed in a trogh in the floor against the four walls. Also a club with one long trogh with a mirror on the wall. It was not a gay bar. The mirror was for the face and head hair.. But you also saw everyone penis hanging out.
    voyager1 responded:
    When skiing in the lodge there was a large room with urinals along each wall and all of them were filled. At school I go into the stall because my shorts do not have a fly and going over the top may come across as strange. But other wise I use the urinals.

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