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    First nude adult man sighting
    92135_man posted:
    When was the first time that everyone saw their first mature man penis? I remember the first time i saw my dads penis i was very intrigued and wondered why his was so much bigger than mine. When did all of you see you first adult penis and who's was it?
    tnguy1 responded:
    It was my father's and I have no memory of being intrigued by his body other than I remember taking showers with him when I was a toddler. As I got a little older I didn't take showers with him since I preferred taking a bath.

    As for memory of the first adult penis, that would have to be in high school in the gym shower with classmates as we grew up from 5th grade to 12th grade. It was an open shower, we all went through puberty together and we were pretty comfortable with our bodies. This was in the 70s. I am sure a few of the guys with smaller members were shy about themselves. I think most of us were intrigued by how everyone was different, particularly the one chap who was not circumsized.
    gymrat44 responded:
    My first nude penis sighting was my Dad's. And it was such a common occurrence I didn't think much about it and certainly don't remember the first time. Funny thing in looking back is that I am remembering being about three years old and seeing Dad getting out of the bathtub. He didn't have much body hair (must get mine from my mother's side) but there was a big bush around his penis. I asked if I would get hair there too, and my Mom told me I would. For some reason I wasn't too keen on the idea and I declared quite definitely that if I ever grew hair around my penis I would shave it off! What's funny is that thinking back on my childhood declaration is that for the last couple of years I've been shaving my penis and balls twice a week and trimming my pubes at least quarterly. Not quite what I meant back as a little kid, but it's a lot more than I did for a whole bunch of years in between. Funny how we do change.

    The first adult nude penis I encountered that wasn't my Dad's or grandfather's belonged to a guy we were houseguests of when I was seven. Their house was close to the beach and we walkded down for a swim, stopping at a beach cabana to change. There was a main room with some small cubicles at the side with curtains. After the three of us entered the main room Dad and our host started to strip to change into swimsuits. Being new to all of this I asked if we shouldn't go over to the cubicles. Dad just smiled and said that men didn't bother with that. So I just took my clothes off and I'll admit I didn't hide looking up and down at both my Dad and our host, marveling at their joint nudity and flopping penises. We were all facing each other and they both smiled at me -- sort of an initiation, I guess, looking back at it. It felt funny or strange at first but I thought OK, if it's all right, why not! More or less the same feeling years later when I went to my first coed nude beach. After a minute or two of feeling strange I realized I was very much like everyone else, and that was fine.
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    92135_man replied to gymrat44's response:
    Ya i think most of boys first adult penis sighting is their fathers. I cant really remember the first time i saw another mans penis that wasnt my dad. I guess it would be at the gym when i was in 6th grade. I saw this man who had a small penis but it was thick and i remember thinking that i wanted to have a big penis so badly!
    bs1125 replied to 92135_man's response:
    think it was my father.'s penis i saw first, but i remember the 2nd non family memberi i was around 8. i was sleeping over at my friend's house and my friend's father was in the tub with his younger son. and he called my friend in to tell him to get undressed and ready for a bath. he told me if i wanted to get one i could take one with my friend.. i remember his dad's penis was different than my dads and mine. he was uncircumsized. My friends family s kids walked around in their underwear in their house in the mornings and evenings before bed. they were comfortable with this so i did too when i was over his house. As far as the bath, i didn't feel awkward because my friend thought it would be fun. we played armymen in yhe tub. looking back it was fun. today people would make it to be something unatural and disturbing. we have the media to thank for that..
    92135_man replied to bs1125's response:
    Ya i hate that people are disgusted by nudity these days. Who cares if you see someone naked. Its natural!! I used to take baths with my dad as well. Never a friends father though
    gymrat44 replied to 92135_man's response:
    And you know, this whole experience can also happen from the other direction: I remember one time a couple years ago when I may have turned out to be someone's first nude adult man sighting outside of the family.

    The city gym at a nearby city was having a nude swim night on a Saturday evening. Since I hadn't been nude swimming in an indoor pool with other people since college I thought it would be fun to go and feel the freedom in the water again. One difference, though: this time it was both genders and all ages as the facility had been rented by a local nudist organization for the evening as a private party. While I'm not into organized nudism, their event was an opportunity I wanted to try out.

    Getting there just as the event was starting I went into the gym's men's locker room to take off and stow my clothes -- a habit, since a lot of people just shucked theirs at the pool's edge. Anyway, while I was there starting to undress a guy with two small sons, about ages 4 and 6 came in. When they saw me one of the little boys came out with one of those highly audible stage whispers which children do so well. With a combination of amazement and uncertainty, he said, "Dad! We're going to see his penis!" And the father calmly responded, "And he's going to see yours. Just get undressed."

    Within moments the boys were fully occupied with getting ready for an evening of fun -- and it was wonderful seeing them later out at the pool area, running around, jumping off of the diving board and having a great time -- human 'cubs' at play, probably not giving their nudity a moment's thought. And they probably got to see up to 100 new nude penises that evening and probably didn't think that much about them. And it wasn't until this thread came along that I stopped to think, "hey, maybe I was their first!" And maybe years from now, do you suppose they'll be writing about it?
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    92135_man replied to gymrat44's response:
    That is such and amazing point gymrat44. We never really think of who sees us nude but we always think of who we have seen nude. Its cool to look at it the other way around. Let me ask theis then. When was the first time any of you were seen nude with a mature penis? As well as when was the first adult penis you saw. Fathers or other mans
    gymrat44 replied to 92135_man's response:
    Guess the first time I was seen with my "big boy" was when I transferred to a high school which had a weekly gym class with lockers and mandatory showers. I probably had hair coming in and had reached full soft length by the time I graduated.

    Now as far as having a 'used' or 'experienced' penis of mine seen by others -- that must have been some time later at another gym locker room. After the first time I had sexual intercourse I thought that my penis had permanently grown to its hard length when soft, glowed in the dark, vibrated and sent off signals. No, of course it didn't, but I was just sure that everybody could tell that I wasn't a virgin any more! I guess well felt proud and stood a little taller when that landmark happened. I'm feeling good now just remembering it.
    manhood should be enjoyed, not proven -- gymrat44
    Polfsky replied to gymrat44's response:
    Always enjoy your experiences, gymrat. Please keep sharing them.
    92135_man replied to Polfsky's response:
    Polfsky, When and who's was your first adult male penis sighting. What were your thoughts
    Polfsky replied to 92135_man's response:
    I think my first sighting was in a swimming pool locker room when I was still young. I went swimming with friends and we were never naked in front of one another. We would always change with "towel dance" or go into a stall. One day an adult walked in and just stripped naked in front of us, and my friends and I were caught off guard that one of my friends started laughing out loud.

    I couldn't help but stole glances at that adult's penis because I had always been curious to see what an adult penis looked like. His was big, and I was hoping that mine would be big too some day.
    bmxdude replied to Polfsky's response:
    When I was a kid I took swimming lessons and the pools locker room was where I caught my first real glimpse of naked grown dudes. One day after my lesson I went to the locker room to change. I was the only one in there. Suddenly I heard a couple guys down in the shower area which was separate from the locker/changing area. I could hear them goofing around along with the sound of the showers running. I could tell one of them was my instructor. For some reason I walked down to the showers to investigate all of the noise and singing... haha.

    When I got to the shower room I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw them. My instructor and another lifeguard, both about 20, were showering fully nude. I was shocked because us kids were always so shy about anyone seeing us naked. And here were 2 dudes completely naked showering next to each other and not at all embarrassed or shy about it. In fact they were totally comfortable... even singing and horsing around!

    And I was stunned by their fully developed sexual organs. They both had big thick dark bushes of pubic hair around their penises and big plump scrotums. I couldn't believe how big everything was compared to my tiny little kid penis. Their penises looked like these long dark sausages just casually flopping around. One of them had a pink head at the end of his penis and the other had a long hood of foreskin. It all looked so mysterious. I didn't understand all I was seeing but I knew that it was the definition of manhood. Also, I knew instinctively that I shouldn't stare too long. And, I also kind of hoped that someday I'd look like them too.

    It wasn't until a number of years later that I ended up in another situation like that. By this point I had already begun puberty. It was at a running event when I was about 12 or 13. It was a 10k cross country race for adults with a separate race for kids. After the race there I went into the locker room (at a local high school) just to change. There were about a dozen men in there already changing. Suddenly I thought I was hallucinating as most of them started stripping down naked and heading for the open shower room. I took my time as I changed making as many subtle glances as I could. About a dozen dudes were all casually showering together, penises all flopping around as they passed each other shampoo and talked to each other. They all had big thick manly bushes. Its an image I'll never forget.

    By this point however I fully understood what I was seeing and that's what made it hot. I knew what penises were for and what they did by this point. And I understood that I was seeing all of these guys' most intimate parts and kind of imagining what they did with them. I imagined them masturbating and ejaculating. And I knew by this point that pretty soon I would look like them too.
    voyager1 responded:
    The number of naked men I have seen is very low. Last summer I saw a man get out of the shower at the pool and dry himself off. Last spring break I saw my dad from across the room cross form on side of a partition to another with a towel in front of "him". Then again a few months before that I saw a dad in the locker room with his son in front of "him".
    voyager1 replied to bmxdude's response:
    I had a similar experience it was when I was five or six when I went with my camp to the local lake and when we had arrived I went into the locker room, but there was no lockers or benches it was just a room with backpacks lying around. I looked around and saw kids completely naked, these were 12 year olds that were with me. I quickly went to a stall in the bathroom to change. When I came out their was the councilors in the room with "them" exposed saying "I see a lot of naked penises in here." After that one of the kids went up to him and said that he saw his penis and that was followed with a swift punch to the groin which discouraged me to go into a locker room ever again.

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