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    Wrestling only in jock straps.
    An_242431 posted:
    I used to be apart of a wrestling team where our trainer had us to only wear jock straps when we were in training. Of course at the matches to the public we wear the usual wrestling outfits. But in the training sessions we wore only the jock straps and swimmer jock straps at that. He had us to do this because it would make us more, skilled in the fine art of wrestling, as he called it. He said we would at first be uneasy with it. The reason being our near naked bodies would be all over one and that would at first keep us from giving our best. But as we got used to it we would focus and be more skilled for the final outcome, which is win the match. And to be honest it worked. Just about all of us were not sure about any of it. You know in wrestling your hands grab and land just about everywhere on the opponents body. But after a few sessions we just got used to it or put our minds on the goal of of just winning the match. We finally understand what he was after. And that was if you can wrestle a guy with only the two of you in jack straps and think nothing of it, then you mind is free to work the match with good skill and win. So with all that said, has anybody out there who was a wrestler and was on a team have a trainer require your team to workout as we did? If so did it make you a better wrestler? Give me your thoughts.
    An_247002 responded:
    Wow, this is interesting. I never knew or had experience with wrestling training. I'd probably feel awkward wearing nothing but jockstrap though. Whatever works!
    An_242431 replied to An_247002's response:
    That's what we thought too. Awkward is how we all felt wearing only jockstraps. It did work. And it caused us to have some really serious bonding as well.
    Hunter replied to An_242431's response:
    Back in Minnesota when I was in high school phy-ed was a requirement. We wore white shirts and red gym shorts, the schools colors except during two activities; swimming and wrestling. Swimming classes were always nude and no one through a thing about it as that is what they also did at the local YMCA. We also wrestled only in jock straps....something about the shirts and shorts being used for grabbing and holding to pin the opponent. As it turns out, the only other guy in my weight category (155 lbs) was the State wrestling champion in his weight category. Needless to say when the gym teacher gave the start signal I would be pinned in less then 10 seconds. We were friends from church so he took it easy on me. However he liked to use a pin that would require him to sit right square on my face. For some reason I didn't seem to mind it. It was also a bit sexually stimulating as the rest of the class was sitting around the edge of the mats to see the other
    guys on their hands and knees in the ready position to start their matches. All those smooth butts framed by a clean white jockstrap.
    The teacher was a square-jawed Scandinavian ex-marine who would, out of fairness, wrestle with me occasionally so I had a fighting chance to win a match. He always wore sweats but I could still feel his incredible body wrapping around me. He also showered with us. In those days, no one gave it a second thought. We all survived and it seemed like good, clean, man to man fun.
    rob15lov replied to Hunter's response:
    It's not uncommon at all to see this on the net today so I appreciate you telling me how it maybe started and all, thanks. Hope to hear more:
    An_242431 replied to Hunter's response:
    I didn't have a guy sit square on my face while wrestling but none the less I had plenty of times when a bulge pressed right up against my face. If you are doing some vigorous wrestling then it is bound to happen. As well as a hand sliding right onto your own bulge. How many times it was on accident I didn't know and for the most part i didn't care anyway.
    hairyd replied to Hunter's response:
    Nude swim team, nude weigh in, wresltings, gang showers.
    Normal males in my schools; it was awarkard for some at the start but they became men. Now there is no differant between the males and females. Why? After hundreds of years it has changed in a few years....
    An_242431 replied to hairyd's response:
    If I can ask, did any of the guys break out into group masturbation in any of those gang showers?
    hairyd replied to An_242431's response:
    There was not a group lead masturbations.But with the talk of girls, puberty, and thrash talk. If your a male you know the showers and hard penis is a great match
    But has I have said in other threads. My coaches required those masturabating cum in the drain; not on the walls.
    Yes, the coaches were in and out of the shower and locker rooms. Fathers were in locker room after games, but the player were on those days saving their love juice for a hot date.
    bbbguy responded:
    In Greece of long ago the Olympics were conducted in the nude. No matter what the sport event the men were in the nude, or that is my understanding. So that means the wrestling matches were in the nude. Seems like that would be pretty rough. Rough in that how can a man wrestle without wracking himself at just about ever flip and toss? Perhaps if jock straps had been around back then they may have used them in order not to wrack themselves. Ha Ha.
    emediof responded:
    me thinks u had a horny trainer. did he ever show u the the "crotch grab & slow roll" move.
    emediof replied to An_242431's response:
    bonding for u must have been a "hands-on"feelig.did u like it,i wouldhave.
    emediof replied to An_242431's response:
    oooo,I would love to wrestle u,but I want your bulge against my mouth
    emediof replied to rob15lov's response:
    I saw those restling pics.if my highschool dressed in those jockstraps,I would have joined In a minni second.i want the bottom position !!!
    rob15lov replied to emediof's response:

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