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    An_263700 posted:
    Sir i am 17 years old and i am having frequent wet dreams when i am sleeping.Is there any illeffect or sideeffect of it.I feel that my memory power is decreasing and my eyesight has gone bad.Is wet dreams reason for my bad eyesight and my memory loss.PLease help me, i am really worried.I have not mastubarated for about 1 month,but i have wet dreams.
    hairya responded:
    There is no reason to ever feel guilty about having a wet dream, they are subconscious and can not be easily controlled or manipulated..
    Masturbation can, but won't always, put a stop to frequent wet dreams
    They are believed to happen when the body is not getting release from the hormonal semen build up of the teen years or sudden "dry spells" in sexually active individuals.
    Masturbation is healthy when used to learn to control your penis and releasing of cum. For the pleasure of a future partner. To much self pleasure will make a male a weak sexual lover.
    It should be used for learning to delay ejaculations and therefore maximum pleasure as man on woman.
    Loss of eye sight, hair on palm of your hands, mental illness has all been used by Mom to stop masturbation. Because they know the damage masturbation does to a skilled lover.
    Anon_1131 responded:
    Wet dreams are perfectly natural and are part of becoming a sexually mature man. Don't be concerned about having them. If they wake you up, just get up, clean up, put on dry boxers/pjs and go back to sleep. They will not cause any physical problems. More frequent releases of your sperm when you are awake may reduce wet dreams while you sleep.

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