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    Men's Locker Room Etiquette
    flipper1212 posted:
    Hallo everyone,

    I'm a 21 year old male who moved to America when I was 17 with my family. Could someone explain to me why other men are so uncomfortable to be seen naked in the locker room. Where I grew up everyone was naked and didn't act so ashamed. At home, my mother, father sisters and brother were regularly nude around our home. At school, we swam, exercised naked. With friends we would play games , lay in the sun and be in the sauna naked. Nobody cared which kind of pipes you had and nobody was staring, touching or being sexual.

    I walk around the locker room here going about my business naked and other guys seem horrified. I even talk to guys naked and they act like I'm trying to get sexual with them. In high school here, some of my mates would actually shower with their briefs on. Others did everything they could to hide their genitals. Even In college guys hide themselves.

    Believe me when I say that I have just a normal 21 year old male body and normal size/looking genitalia but I am onbesneden ( not circumcised) which is the only difference with my friends. I feel like men treat me different because I don't hide myself in the locker room. What is normal for men in the locker room? Should I cover myself when around others?

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    Should a normal 21 year old guy cover himself in the men's locker room?
    • Always as you should never be seen naked.
    • Only briefly when you change into your workout clothes.
    • its OK to shower and walk around nude in the men's locker room.
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    exprzzionz responded:
    I can't see anything wrong with being naked in a man's locker room and we've all seen uncircumcised penis's. So don't worry about it too much.
    Anon_1131 responded:
    I don't understand why guys walk around a locker room with a towel wrapped around their package. Some have gone so far as to pull up their underwear without removing the towel, which to me is difficult to do. What are they hiding? We all look pretty much the same south of the belt line!
    Anon_3669 responded:
    This has been a change over the last 5 to 10 years. Before that it would be rare to see a guy slipping his shorts on and off under his towel.

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