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    Taking A Break From Masturbation Or Just Edging Without Ejaculating
    howdypardner posted:
    Sometimes I take a break from masturbation or at least try masturbating without ejaculation. I'll challenge myself with temporary period like this to develop self-control and learn to appreciate my drives more. I can do this during periods when the wife puts bedroom activities in low gear for a while. Masturbation without ejaculating is sometimes called edging. It feels like I've got superpowers when storing up the energy of my libido. I get a kick out of seeing how tough I can be. Erections seem stronger and morning wood comes back full force. Sex with the Mrs. is better after abstaining and I find her more attractive. Any other men out there sometimes like to challenge themselves by giving up masturbation? Anyone know of any harm it can do to masturbate without ejaculating? Anyone experienced with edging have tips for developing better self discipline? Anyone ever have an accountability partner to explore temporary periods of self-denial? Feel free to write to: nothingbutsockson at gmail dot com
    joe8843 responded:
    I practice semen retention. I will edge but not release my sperm whether I am masturbating or having sex. Recycling semen greatly enhances my mental well being and physical strength.
    howdypardner replied to joe8843's response:
    Thanks for the reply joe. I agree that retaining sperm enhances mental well being and physical strength. My goal with edging and abstinence from ejaculation is to better develop the skill of semen retention. I'm trying to introduce my wife to the Karezza lovemaking technique which is non-orgasm oriented. I would like to eventually be able to retain my sperm as well as ancient Daoist practitioners. It would be great to get some helpful tips and encouragement from someone experienced in semen retention such as yourself. If you have any advice, feel free to write to: nothingbutsockson at gmail dot com. Thanks again for the friendly reply.
    AaronSteel responded:
    Since the Mrs. is having some physical issues that have almost eliminated our sex life, I immediately took off full force masturbating. It was a wild and new realm for me as sex with her beat taking care of it on my own. After a while, a quick 10 minute sessions of just hitting an orgasm, I migrated to edging to get a better pleasure. I got myself in big trouble doing that on a frequent basis. I landed in a urologist's office in severe pain. He said edging puts 10x more stress on the epdidymis ( the seminal duct). It felt like I had a 1,000 burning suns up my penis. The irritation can lead to infection and swelling, backing up into the bladder. The doctor advised to use a vibrator or other method to satisfy my edging and not extend the duration as much. I do agree- the more you edge, the more of a man you feel, horned up and ready to plant your flag. The orgasms are more intense as well. But, I have learned to incorporate more external stimulation that provides the same, if not more satisfaction with less stress on the equipment. Our nipples are an incredible tool for a man. They may no seem "turned on" but you can teach them to respond and soon it's another sexual component.
    howdypardner replied to AaronSteel's response:
    Thanks for the response AaronSteel. Always good to get a variety of perspectives. I like your description of being ready to plant your flag. Sounds like you get it. I do worry sometimes if over-edging can put too much stress on the equipment. I never went on any marathon edging binges for hours at a time. I'm still practicing with endurance. In fact, I've even recently cut down even more, only administering small doses at a time and not every single day. Enjoying the enhanced virility and testosterone peaks. I'm glad you are finding ways of enhancing the experience of manhood without harming your reproductive and urinary system. If you would like to compare notes and share advice further, feel free to write directly to my e-mail address given at the end of my first post above. Either way, all the best in life and marriage.

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