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    Going Solo
    Ramases posted:
    OK guys lets start out this new forum with this question:
    When you are needing to relieve some tension and masturbation comes to mind do you need porn or do you use your imagination to keep things going until the moment of satisfaction?
    shortman_eric responded:
    Depends on whether i've got the time and or privacy to go without porn. I normally get better tension relief without, but sometimes it just isn't possible like if I'm mega stressed about an exam and the exam is in half an hour lol.
    Commando14 responded:
    Maybe I just have way too active of an imagination, but I generally do just fine without porn.Thats not to say that I don't run across things on the web that make me need to take care of myself. Either way, I gotta admit I am pretty good at it!!
    Contemplating19 responded:
    I have used porn, but my imagination is a lot better for me. As a PP stated, my imagination will give me a stronger, and more powerful release that last a lot longer than a release I get from pornography.
    wvhillwilliam responded:
    At my advanced age, I can relieve tension without the use of porn.
    QJ2627 responded:
    I dont need the porn if i need to relieve some tension
    Runningguy61 replied to QJ2627's response:
    No porn needed - my imagination and hands do the magic.
    Paulnewyork replied to Runningguy61's response:
    I have gotten to know this guy who insists that we all need to take time once a week, at least, for a major JO session - like 45 mins to an hour. set the mood, get some lube, and JO using all kinds of different techniques and really make love to ourselves. The more he talked, the more sense it made. The quickies are great for tension release, but that solo sex is a huge benefit to our sex with our partner.
    So, I've decided that whenever I have the house to myself, I'm gonna start doing this.
    QJ2627 replied to Paulnewyork's response:
    What exactly did he tell you? Im curious to know lol
    RuBare2 responded:
    Great way to start the new board Ramases.

    I can either relieve myself with or with out porn. Lately I have had to have extra stimulation with photos.
    Paulnewyork replied to QJ2627's response:
    Well, he even wrote a book on it. It is about embracing your male sexuality in every aspect of your life. But part of that exercise is to really explore your personal sexuality through exploring your own body sexually. We all do the five finger meat beat, but if we take our time, explore new sensations, and fall in love with our own bodies, we then have many more resources to bring to our partners. Get rid of shame, inhibitions etc. I even gave his book 101 masturbation techniques to my 16 year old son! My son loves it.
    Ramases replied to Paulnewyork's response:
    Good for you giving your son the book 101 masturbation techniques. I wish my father was as open about masturbation. I guess he knew I did and was intelligent enough to explore what worked for me. I guess that would have been a special bonding moment. Keep up the openess with all things concerning sex with your son.
    july1936 responded:
    with age (mid 70's), physical condition and the host of meds taken, I need porn and particularly gay. Sex with wife has gone by the wayside sorry to say.
    QJ2627 replied to Paulnewyork's response:
    That is really interesting. Where did u get the book?
    SS1995 responded:
    don't use porn. Actually I did have a few DVDs and found them either nasty or hilarious.. I can do bad all by myself..

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