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    Your First Time Alone
    Alexco35 posted:
    Hey I was wondering does anyone remember the first time they were able to ejaculate semen? I remember playing with myself as a kid but not able to ejaculate anything...but for the life of me I cant remember the first time I shot semen...just curious..
    An_206254 responded:
    Of course I was 8yrs. old that was 40 yrs ago. Don't understand how you could forget that day. lol
    Paulnewyork replied to An_206254's response:
    I was a slow learner. I knew all about that it was going to happen someday...just was waiting for a sign. I was 13 - in a hotel bathroom (traveling with family) - I got hard just getting ready for a shower (what 13 year old doesn't?) and for some reason started playing with it. In a few moments, felt the weirdest sensation in my hips, it was almost scary. Then, plop, out came the stuff all over the floor. It was exhilarating. I became a man that day! I finally joined the club.
    RuBare2 responded:
    I was a late bloomer when it came to the "Splat". I had seen others be able to ejaculate before I could. I knew what to expect, since I had been exposed to,and been "tugging" since I was 8, but it hadn't happen to me yet. I also knew how to jack off and loved the feeling of dry orgasm. My first time of producing semen was when I was 12. It was summer time and we were "camping out" in our back yard. We had been playing with each other for a while that night, then that feeling started to build. I have to admit tho, I was a bit sad that I shot. It didn't feel as good as the dry ones. (I could have mulitple dry cum's with the same erection).
    Rokk_man responded:
    I remember clear as day. As a kid, sexual activities were never spoken of, so I learned on my own. I was 12 years old. One night I started rubbing my penis against my bed & realized it was feeling good. The next day i went in the restroom & started jacking it, 2 minutes later- I had my 1st orgasm which almost knocked me down- WOW. I think i had about 7 more orgasms that day. Then that one day came at 13 when I was alone in my living room stroking it again, when to my surprise I started squirting cum for the 1st time & it was landing on the rug- I ran to the toilet & finished in there. After that i quickly got a wet towel & dish soap & tried my best to clean the cum from the rug. Although it did startle me a little I thought to myself, "maybe this is suppose to happen," so I was ok with it. About a week later, my mom asked if something spilled on the rug, I stayed quiet!
    Gary0329 responded:
    I had been experiencing dry orgasms at 11 by just rubbing my penis. The feeling was incredible. No wonder we want it all the time. Ha! I was 12 when I had my first ejaculation, and it happened while I was in the bathroom rubbing my penis. I remember it shocked me, and I was scared to mention it to anyone. However, when it happened a second time, I began to think it was okay. I also researched a medical book we had in the house which mentioned ejaculation in males, and realized it was all normal.
    GAP1954 responded:
    I am not sure of the age but my buddy and I had been trying to jerk some juice for quite a while and would walk down the street wondering who would cum first. One night we were on the street (very deserted) and decided to jack off - we both managed a couple of drops and then a week later under a similar situation we both exploded onto each other - we could not have been more than 12. Boy did that night ever open the doors of heaven for us LOL
    Ramases responded:
    I remember my first ejaculation. I was 11-12 years old. I had been having the expected erections, but no dry or wet experience. Then one evening while I was taking a warm bath and letting the water move around my erect penis when bang a strange sensation and splat a white discharge from my penis floating in the water. I was surprised at first and slightly confused. Then I realized that after hearing some of the other guys at school I was normal and I was becoming a man. I have enjoyed every ejaculation since!
    shortman_eric responded:
    I was 12 like several others that have posted so far. I had been enjoying the dry orgasms for a while, having accidentally discovered them by playing on the rope swing in the backyard. I actually got the first explosion (more like a dribble the first time though lol) actually my first time checking out which is full of masturbation tips. It was just meant to be!
    john-skpt responded:
    I think I was 8, maybe 9. I was playing around with a good friend who was a few years older. It surprised both of us.
    Commando14 responded:
    I remember it as clear as if it was yesterday. Friday night in January of 1975, I had recently turned 11 years old. Anyway, I had taken a shower and was in my room getting dressed. I had an erection all during my shower and still back in my room so I laid down on my bed and was kind of rubbing myself against the sheet for a few minutes and then I felt this wave come over me that seemed to start at my toes and work its way all through my body and then the release. Right away, I wanted to clean up and get dressed as soon as possible. After a few minutes, I calmed down and realized that it had felt incredible and that I wanted to do that again and soon.....that was just the beginning.
    Alexco35 replied to Commando14's response:
    cool stories, I tried and tried last night, but for the life of me again I cant remember the first time I shot a load... nor have I ever had any wet dreams... I must be a freak
    SS1995 responded:
    I can't remember day and time or age, but I remember details. I think I was in my early teens (so late apparently). I would be at home during the summer and was an only child so I had the house to myself. I liked to get naked and thrust against the bed. Why not.. that's what happens in movies.. I guess I wasn't expecting what came next because I panicked. honestly, I thought I urinated on myself. When I realized that was not the case, I put 2 and 2 together... That was an exciting time..
    GQ1985 replied to SS1995's response:
    I started young also...around 8
    Steve2257 replied to shortman_eric's response:
    Shorman...your experience was almost exactly like mine except mine was a little more public shall we say. Like eveyone else, I had experienced erections and dry orgasms, but one day in gym class we were climbing a rope. I got about halfway up that damn roped when lo and behold, I not had an erectlion but this warm, wet feeling filling my underwear. I immediately came down the ropse and said I had to go to the bathroom. It was pretty obvious what happend as I had bone and big wet spot on the front of my gym teacher took me to the side and told me to go the bathroom and clean myself up and I was excused from gym for the remainder of the day...LOL Man, I grew to love rope climbing in gym!

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