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    Straight but had sexual activity with a buddy...
    BuddyFavor posted:
    I am not gay or bi, but recently had a sexual session with a buddy of mine. It kind of caught us both off guard and occurred after our inhibitions were lowered by drinking. We shared a hotel room on a recent long drive to New York from Florida while transporting his parents car for them. I never thought about doing something like that with a guy, but now that I have, I want it to happen again. We are both happily married and enjoy good sex lives with our wives. I'm having trouble sorting this one out...may I ask your opinions? Thanks, guys...
    john-skpt responded:
    Stuff happens. Don;t let it bother you. You aren't the first and won't be the last that something like that happens to. If it was 'just one of those things' then forget about it.

    I'm not suggesting that after one occurrence you should be instantly averse to it happening again, although your comment that you want it to happen again will probably invite more questions than answers. I can't help you with that; for that answer you will have to look inside your own psyche.
    Wabeekgolfer responded:
    Not onlly is your comments on a repeat revealing but your uploaded photo confirms you are a 'free spirit'. After 30 yr unhappy marriage and 50 years of advice, go with your instincts not the perverted American culture norms. To the rest of the world we are up-tight fools driven by money, corporate success and egos. If you travel in Europe the view of sexuality is that it is a God give right of living on the earth. Look to history, all the Roman legions slept with their comrades before battles..then went home to their wife and family. Passion and raw sex are a human right. Don't beat yourself up. Make :Love - Not War !!!!!!
    An_206255 responded:
    So you cheated on your wife with a friend ...
    Alexco35 replied to An_206255's response:
    Anon-475... One of the great things about our Forums is the Friendship and the non-judgemental advice we give or receive. Your Advice/comment has no Value. We all try to be Mature Adults. Without judging others (speaking for myself)

    Buddy Favor: Only you can sort this thing out. I would suggest you slow down and step back and look at the big picture. There will be many options for you to explore.. slow down and enjoy your new experiences responsibly... IMHO
    MeatCurtain replied to MeatCurtain's response:
    Oh by the way you also cheated on your wife and she deserves to know so she can be checked for STD's
    caltroman responded:
    Hey, Buddy Favor:
    Ignore the Anon troll. He'll go back under that bridge.

    I get you. i just recently introduced myself to the group, but I'm kind of curious about activity with guys. I have not done anything and don't know if/when I will.
    But I totes get the feeling of "need" to try it.
    If you want to correspond privately about this, I'm not much of a resource since it's new ground to me. But I'm a pretty good ear and have been active in various support groups.
    Good Luck,
    Gary0329 replied to MeatCurtain's response:
    Your responses are not helpful or kind. Find another board to spout your hatred.
    An_206256 replied to Alexco35's response:
    I wasn't judging him - simply pointing out a reality because he doesn't seem to realize that what he did was cheating (or doesn't it count because he did it with a man? Because he did it with a friend? Because he hadn't planned on doing it?). A mature adult (as you say) would realize that.
    Alexco35 replied to An_206256's response:
    Your comments again have no basis for judgement. How do you know he doesn't realize that what he did was cheating. did he tell you this?... do you know this person... is this from personal experience... or simply your conclusion?
    It seems that you know BuddyFavor better than he knows himself... How do you know if these issues are not being addressed else where.. The topic of this discussion is NOT cheating or std's.. if you feel so concerned about spreading this knowledge there are tactical ways to do this.. and kudos for you.. always practice safe sex... Anon-475 simply put.. Your comments sound as an attack on anyone struggling with marital problems and or infidelity... We are NOT here to preach or be preached.. I dont understand why you dont sign in with your original name... doubt a new anonymous poster found this site out of nowhere just when it changed format...??? either way.. I cant wait for the "BAN USER" button... peace
    Kawboy responded:
    In my opinion, enjoy it. It's not like you're randomly going out on craigslist exploring with oddballs & pervs that get around block 5 times a week. You shared an enjoyable physical moment with a close male friend and you both are happily married. Just because you had that moment with him does not mean that your not committed to your wife and marriage. If all aspects of your marriage are where you want them to be and if you're happy, then I say don't sweat it. Talk to your bud to make sure you both are on the same page about things and if you both are comfortable then the option to explore is open.
    RuBare2 responded:
    On the old postings, I had written a thread called "A Helping Hand". It dealt and asked the question of would you let a friend help you to "release" through masturbating or giving you oral. I think men should be able to enjoy and explore the feelings they have. It does not mean you are going out to have random encounters. Which we know is not safe! If you are close enough to your friend, and you both feel comfortable with that type of bonding, go for it! I have helped friends in need, and they have been very thankful.

    Stay Naked and Stay Happy!
    An_206257 replied to Alexco35's response:
    If BuddyFavor can tell me that he told his wife he fooled around with a friend then I'll be fine with that. Because it wouldn't be cheating any more.

    I find it disturbing that this forum apparently doesn't allow different points of view. I made an observation and got stomped on. OK. Fine. Seems like the tolerance level is pretty low here.

    Sorry to disappoint you but I'm happily married and find the approval of sexual exploration behind your lover's back (whether male or female) dishonest and distasteful.
    Alexco35 replied to An_206257's response:
    its not low tolerance.. It's a Higher Level of Respect for whatever someone is going through...

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