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    POLL: Cut or Uncut ?
    Alexco35 posted:
    Ok Guys I would like to start a Poll/Discussion. Are You Circumcised? or Uncircumcised. Are you Happy with your Circ- Status? Thanks

    Take the Poll

    Is Your Penis Cut, Uncut, or Semi-Cut?
    • Cut
    • Uncut
    • Semi-cut
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    Contemplating19 responded:
    I'm cut... sadly...
    Wabeekgolfer responded:
    Sad results....proof of the violence against males accepted throughout history. Today, women choose to have their son's circumcised based on 'clean' issues. Why don't the Dads have control? Because they want to keep peace. This is the first if many, many decisions (learned first hand) where today's wife undermines and belittles the male role in the family, society and elsewhere. Talk to the elementary school teachers about the impact on today's they are on the front lines and see the sad result of the loss of male energy and karma from American culture.
    If anyone wants to get to the core issue on violence against out the recent indie movie: AntiChrist staring William DeFoe...shock the shoes off any guy. Then read the online review and analysis. The entire history of female rage is the real thesis couples movie..ever.
    Finanlly, just hear last night on Dr Dean Edel's radio show that MASSACHUTES will debate a bill this winter to BAN Circumcision in the state....Men unite and take back our God given role in life !!
    wvhillwilliam responded:
    I am sure tha my statement will have little or no impression on this board, and now I am in my 80's, being uncut and having been taunted and harrassed by men in my youth days, when my sons came along there was no question but they would be cut. I have never heard that they have had any issues to this day. As far as I know my grandsons and greatgrandsons have been cut as well. More informatiion has been made public in these modern times than back in the 50's. Thanks for the opportunity to express me reasons.
    july1936 responded:
    uncut, father was native american and didn't believe in. in my mid 70's wish foresskin was longer and thicker would give extra penile length. As we age it really does shrink guys.
    Ramases responded:
    I am cut also. My father was uncut until he was in his 30's. I guess we were the product of the propaganda of the 50's and 60's where cut males were cleaner and less likely to have sexual disfunctions attibuted to being uncut.
    RuBare2 responded:
    CHOPPED as a baby with no say in the matter..
    rich1958nj responded:
    Cut and happy with it.
    longodon replied to rich1958nj's response:
    I was cut at 58. The segma just was getting to me and I would be washing two to three times a day and it kept building up. Finally had it done when I was being operated on for a hernia, yes both procedured done same day. Never regretted it and it looks better.
    Steve2257 replied to longodon's response:
    I made the decision for myself when I was in my mid-20s. I too endured the endless taunts and ridicule when I was growing up...I hated gym class like nothing else in my life. When I had mine done, I had no regrets and don't to this day. When my son was born, it was a no-brainer. He never endured the taunts at school and he now says he is glad I did it. He is in the military and he said there are a couple of uncut guys he is stationed with and they are made fun of constantly. Until our society changes (and we all know it is very slow to do so) circumcision will still continue.
    Gary0329 responded:
    Uncut, and happy with it. Thanks Mom and Dad.
    stev1022 responded:
    I'm cut and happy with it... I don't know any different. I have a stupid question though... how is someone semi-cut? Aren't you either cut or not? You guys may laugh, but I'm serious. Can someone explain that to me? Thanks to anyone with the patience to educate me.
    gymguygreg replied to stev1022's response:
    I was cut as a boy, not a baby. I was young enough not to be sexual at the time but recall it waqs taken from me. I wish I was uncut. I like the look of the classic uncut penis and also know there is a loss of sensitivity. When each of my four sons were born my wife and I were argued with about having our sons circumsized and I fought it every step of the way. All four sons have endured some of the teasing you uincut guys refer to in gym class, etc but have each thanked me for fighting for them to keep their skins.

    Thankfully I was not cut tightly. My doctor calls it a soft circumcision which I guess means I am semi-circumsized on this poll. I can pull some skin over my glans when I masturbate and have a little overhang sometimes when I am flaccid.

    calvinrankin7 replied to gymguygreg's response:
    am UNCUT and very happy with it! the percentage of men who have problems with their foreskin in MINIMAL. the majority of the world have their original and natural foreskins and dont have problems. people create horrible stigmas against uncut guys. they are very much wrong and geared toward the "look" of having foreskin, when it doesnt look much different than a cut one, especially with an erection. to me being circumcised is like having plastic usually makes what you think is a problem, worse.

    keep your foreskin! it's well worth it! plus in about 10 years the majority of men will be uncut anyway, and cut guys will be the minority
    GQ1985 replied to calvinrankin7's response:
    Circumcised as infant and very comfortable with that.

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