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    Pubic Hair Dying
    Kawboy posted:
    Several weeks ago I wanted to change the look of my pubes so I did some trimming and manscaping. I went too far and ended up with what looked like a tapered, narrow landing strip the width of my wang. A horrible look to say the least but at least my wife and I got a laugh out of it.

    It has been slowly filling in over the weeks but not fast enough so it still looks somewhat bare from a distance. One of the problems with being blonde is having lighter colored pubes. The other day I was talking with my buddy about it and he suggested trying the "Just for Men" hair coloring stuff. I laughed at first, but then decided to give it a try. I used the dark brown beard and mustache coloring kit that brushes in and it worked! Very well! So much that I also colored my arm pit hair. I'm going to wait until it fills in completely and then I'll dye it again to get the full effect.

    I've always admired the look of a dark, thick patch of pubes on a guy, however nature's "carpet matching the drapes" rule has left me with a lighter dirty blonde look that I've never really been thrilled about. Now I'm extremely happy with the way that it looks and I find myself sneaking a peek at my new dark patch whenever I get a chance. Kind of stupid, but it's exciting. Has anyone else ever dyed their pubes or wanted a different color bush?
    Alexco35 replied to MeatCurtain's response:
    isn't that like girls trying to dye their eyebrows? I wouldn't do it, but kudos to you, let us know how it works out..
    Ramases responded:
    Be careful with the "Just for Men" hair dye. I know you have used it already, but you could have a severe reaction to the dye. I doubt if this dye is intended for use in the pubic area. I understand your liking darker pubes, but a nasty allergic reaction could send you to the doctor or worse the emergency room. Explaining the reason you are seeking medical attention could be embarassing, but serious. Read the directions on the box man you could be doing more harm then you realize. Pubic vanity is not worth the risks! Hope the new look is worth it!
    Kawboy replied to Ramases's response:
    I did previously read up on the high frequency of allergic reactions with hair coloring products so I did test it out on a small spot on my foot first. They recommend doing a test and waiting 48 hrs to see if there is any reaction. Luckily I had no reaction.

    It turned out well and both my wife and I like the new look. I don't know that it's something I'll continue to do, but at least it was cool to try something new.

    For those that want to try it, there is a pubic area approved specialty company that makes dye just for this area. It's called and they have products for men & women. They even have oddball colors and I joked with my wife to get & use the pink and blue when our baby is born next month.
    RuBare2 responded:
    I have thought about doing this, but never have... Sounds like it might be FUN!
    longodon responded:
    A few years ago when my chest hair started coming in grey, I dyed it dark brown, like it was when I was younger. It looked good but the grey was coming in faster and spreading out over my whole chest and it took up too much upkeep so I stopped the whole process. I did the same thing when my beard started growing in grey. I was spending too much time and money on this whole process and I finally shaved off my beard and now my chest is completely grey. When the grey gets too long, I trim it and I think it looks fine.
    GQ1985 replied to longodon's response:
    Dude, I saw a product once upon a time for ladies to use there... I think it was called Brown Betty or something like that. You should be able to find a safe product on the net.
    frackinfun responded:
    Hey kawboy, just tried this myself...and it worked great! Always felt a little jealous of guys with nice dark pits and bush, and finally realized I can have 'em, too for just a few minutes a month. Really like the dark pits as well and yeah, I actually do sneak a look at them now and again. Without getting into too much detail, let's just say the increasingly manly look has been, um, well received in the bedroom .
    Kawboy replied to frackinfun's response:
    Glad ya liked how it turned out! I'm still using the beard & mustache coloring gel with no adverse reactions.

    I contacted the company a while back and asked for any info they could provide on it's use on pubes. They responded by saying that they couldn't say either way because they haven't done any testing for that application but that they don't see why it wouldn't work with similar results.
    joe8843 replied to Kawboy's response:
    As anyone else tried either "Just for Men" or beard and mustache coloring? I am curious as to whether you were satisfied with the results. Did you have any adverse reaction to the dye? I am considering dying the hair around the base of my penis to make the pubic hair look fuller. I have the rest of my pubic hair shaved off.
    An_242431 responded:
    To be truthful I have always wanted really blond pubic hair, but I don't see how I could. My pubic hair is plentiful but and not dark just a middle of the road brown.
    gq12 replied to An_242431's response:
    I tried bleaching creams a few times but I don't think it did much. I've taken mine completely off, so there's nothing to color now!!
    bbbguy replied to gq12's response:
    What are the advantages of shaving it all off?
    gq12 replied to bbbguy's response:
    it makes you look bigger and depending on your taste, it is a cleaner look. Sometimes I like it other times I don't. A buddy of mine looks amazing totally shaved, and he asked me to do the same!!

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