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    How can I make myself have a wet dream? There's a girl I like I want to wet dream about her!?:
    schlampe21 posted:

    Details:I know a very beautiful girl and just seeing or thinking about her turns me on More than anything!!!!! I usually masturbate like crazy when I see or think about her! However, I've heard that when you masturbate, that significantly reduces your chances of getting a wet dream. So it has been two days since I've done it. It's hard to resist pleasuring myself with my hand, but somehow I've managed.
    I've heard that sex in a wet dream feels much better than the orgasm you geet while masturbating. Guys, if you've ever had wet dreams, can you please tell me if this is true or not?
    I have never had a wet dream, and I really want to experience it once, just to see how awesome it is. If you have them, what does it feel like? Do you enjoy it or not? Why?
    Anyway, this girl is so beautiful, i love her so much! It is hard to resist masturbating when I think of her, but, I have been trying so hard to have a good wet dream and it just isn't happening!
    I'm getting disappointed!
    I am trying to specifically have a very graphic, sexual, wet dream about this girl. I've been trying very hard to achieve this for about a month now and so far I've had no luck!
    I tthink about her intensely and other girls every night before I go to bed, I fantasize about having sex with her at the same time. Last night I even masturbated almost to the point of climax, then I stopped, hoping that would induce a wet dream. But, to my disappointment, I woke up this morning, checked my bed and underwear and, again, no luck! I didn't have any seaman in my bed or pants! I even looked at some porn videos last night while I was jerking off, but that didn't help make it happen either!
    What else can I do now to stimulate my mind and induce a wet dream about this girl?
    Please help me out here!
    Would it help if I sleep naked or something or if I keep women's perfume next to my bed so I can smell it all night?
    I've done a little research on wet dreams already and I've seen the suggestions of sleeping with some feminine products, like maxi pads and stuff, haven't tried that yet, but I will. I also seen that sleeping with a pillow against my crotch may help, but that didn't work for me either last night.
    What else can I do to increase my likelihood of getting a wet dream? I've been trying very hard but so far I'm having no luck!
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    AaronSteel responded:
    Hey wet dream envy man: I had random wet dreams as a kid. They seemed to taper off as I migrated through life, into college and then all but ended after married. It is my understanding that wet dreams are a result of a simple and logical erotic dream you have, in which is so great, the prostate begins pumping more seminal fluid out your penis. Most guys who have erections during the night (common and typical) will find some evidence of clear, seminal fluid (not cloudy, white ejaculate). This heightened dream simply pumps it out and it can make a simple wet spot in your briefs or whatever you wear to bed, to a serious slimed mess. Trying to render a "wet dream" about a certain person to achieve the end results as such, is really no different that wanting to dream about another exciting event in your life. It's not as simple as just thinking about it. I have read the best attempt is to focus on the obstacle (in this case the girl) several minutes prior to falling asleep. Since you want an erotic dream, you would want to direct your attention an hour or so before sleep to an erotic interaction or some other aspect that gives you an erection. I would even suggest stimulating yourself while working on masturbating, but not allowing it to complete...edging, if you will. Best of luck and... be prepared for clean up in aisle 'X'.

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