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    how long does menopause last?
    catster posted:
    Help! I am sitting at my computer depressed, crying almost to the point of feeling physically ill. I am 52 years old (almost 53) and had my last period over a year ago. I have been experiencing hot flashes, mood swings, irritability and weight gain. I have tried hormone treatments, but they really have not worked and seem to contribute to my weight gain? Because of this, I have tried to cope on my own. The reason that I'm reaching out is that I can't remember feeling this depressed and hopeless before? Is it going to get worse? It seems as though little things like someone being insensitive or rude can put me right under. I've never been that way. I have always been able shrug stuff like that off and move on. Is there any hope?
    bestmate responded:
    Yes there is hope. You will get thru it, I know just how you feel. I am much the same at the moment. All my confidence has gone too. Try and get out in the fresh air, walk, get some exercise it's the only thing that lifts my mood. I'm nearly 56, my last period must be coming up to a year ago, still get hot flushes altho they have dimished lately. Take care of yourself, eat good healthy food and it will improve.
    LisaH1960 responded:
    Hi Catsler,

    The symptoms you describe are exactly what I was suffering a few months ago, and I would really suggest that you try a product called Wisdom Menopause Formula. It has made a world of difference for me.

    Like you, I tried HRT, but not only did I gain weight, my hips and knees ached horribly all the time. It was also was causing edema in my claves and feet, and my breasts got so sore that I could barely stand to shower.

    The hormones did help with the hot flashes and night sweats, but they didn?t seem to improve my emotional state much, and as bad as the hot flashes were, I think that it was the emotional instability that was really threatening to do me in. I would go from sobbing to angry to needy to paranoid? I felt like a leaf in the wind, helpless to control my own feelings!

    I was only on HRT four months before the side effects, especially my aching breasts, had me so scared that I quit, and it wasn?t long before the hot flashes and night sweats revved up worse than ever. My gyn was out of town for the holidays, and I was at my wits end. Finally someone recommended that I try Wisdom Menopause Formula, and it was the best advice ever!

    My night sweats stopped within days, and my daytime flashes soon followed, and as much of a relief as that was, there is no doubt that it has made the biggest difference in how I feel emotionally. I fall asleep easily, rest better than I have in years, and my moods and anxiety levels have improved dramatically. I also find that I?m not worrying and obsessing over every little thing like I had been, and that my mind isn?t racing like a fly buzzing around the room.

    I?ve been taking it for just over five months now, and on the few occasions that I have missed several doses, the first thing I notice are the feelings of anxiety and dread starting to creep back. Has it solved all of my problems? No, I still have good days and bad days, and there?s still the hubby, the mortgage, the kids and their problems, stress at work, the endless financial worries? but these days it just seems a lot easier to take it all in stride.

    I really hope you give the Wisdom a try, Catsler, especially for the difference that I know it can make emotionally. I know of four women besides myself who are taking it, and I have heard nothing but praise.

    Take care!

    MissKarenC responded:
    Menopause can last up to 10 years. I've recently been thrown in to menopause due to chemo treatments, but my best friend, who is 60, has had hot flashes for 7 years. Don't let it get you down, Menopause is a natural part of life. Get to a doctor and get some help! Try the products that others have listed. It is also natural to gain weight at menopause. You should:

    1. Eat a balanced and healthy diet. Your diet will do wonders for your mood.

    2. Get your Omega 3's. Also a requirement for emotional health.

    3. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. Get out of the house, no matter how briefly or how emotional you feel.

    Best wishes. And remember...You are not alone!
    mngitch responded:
    Iwould like to know where to purchase this wisdom menopause formula?????
    nanna15942 responded:
    The one thing that seemed to help me was to go on birth control which I never used. The other thing is that I walked at night where it was safe and cool. I also drank a lot of ice water and cut back on my coffee and tea. I also quit all beer etc. I will watch for your notes I will also pray for you. Reach out to family and friends/. If what your doctor does doesn't help get a woman doc. Ida
    MomofLinus responded:
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I am 82 years old and am still on HRT because of night sweats. I have asked several gynecologists why and none of them could explain it.
    pogo011 responded:
    catster, (I like that name; you must have kitties; so do I) Anyway, I use to have hot flashes that began in the lower part of my body and worked their way up like a wave. Then began feeling like I was having a panic attack; I couldn't breathe, my heart started beating really hard and then the sweat started like someone shot me with a water hose. Then, because I have Restless Leg Syndrome, my doctor prescribed Neurontin. And, believe me, it's the "greatest thing since bubblegum". Not only did it stop my RLS, but the hot flashes stopped! I later found out that studies have been done to substantiate this. Only thing is, once you start on Neurontin, you can't quit. Lord help you if you do. The symptoms come back with such a vengence, you're ready to start "hurting people". But, I sleep better, the flashes are gone and no more RLS., This is truly a "miracle drug". Try it, it really works. Tell your doctor that WEBMD said so. I read their newsletter the other day that was talking about this very problem.
    lottiegarner responded:
    you must read the book, What the doctor may not tell you about menpauze bu John R. Lee, MD a very good book.
    cookie75742 responded:
    I am taking Effexor which I do not believe it help me stop having hot flashes & night sweats. Because this past winter was so many cloudy days I did not get enough sunlight so I bought me a bottle of vitamin D since I have been taking the vitamin D I do not have a hot flash at all or night sweats they are gone. I hope this has help someone.
    gwentoo responded:
    Hi! I am SO sorry you are going through such a rough time. I definitely understand how you feel. I had a complete hysterectomy in 1975 when I was only 31 years old. I was thrown into premature menopause. I thought I would go completely mad with all the horrible hot flashes!! I had to immediately begin HRT. I started taking Premarin and immediately began to feel better. Unfortunately I still to this day still have to take it. I am aware of all the risks, but every time I have stopped taking it my quality of life goes into a nose dive. I have discussed my concerns with my gynecologist who closely monitors my condition. I am now taking a much lower dosage than in the beginning. I do my breast exams religiously every month and have mammograms every year. Most of the ladies I know who are your age or older have been where you are and have come through just fine. Just please try not to be discouraged because I am sure what you are experiencing is just temporary. Some ladies are able to get relief with herbal remedies such as black cohosh. If you have not done so, talk to your doctor about possible treatments. Good luck to you!!
    wiggles01 responded:
    I am 49 and haven't had a period in over 3 years. I have been on the antidepressant Celexa for nearly most of that time because I was so depressed I couldn't get out of bed and when I did you didn't want to be near me. For the most part it has helped me cope and be able to go to work. The hot flashes are unbearable still but at least they are only a few times a month now. My doctor says that I should be pretty much about half way through it. I have gained about 40 lbs which I cannot loose even with medication. He keeps telling me there is a light at the end of the tunnel. So hang in there.
    CAJW1 responded:
    How do i start a new post ? or do i just post my question anywhere here ? NEW HERE.

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