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    Includes Expert Content
    Vaginal Dryness
    notyet3655 posted:
    Ok think I am loosing MY mind. Went to Dr. having vaginal irritation, not itch just didnt feel right. No yeast infection, no BV. Didn't have STD check been married to the same man 10years great relationship. Dr. said I was getting to that time in my life,(I'm 45) it was just dry vaginal tissue (outside). I have no problem with intamacy. She gave me premarin cream to put on outside of vagina. Ok used it for two weeks was better then didnt for two days and that just not right feeling is back. Is this something I will have to do for the rest of my life?? Has ANY one else had this??'
    LisaH1960 responded:
    Dryness hasn't been much of an issue for me yet (knock on wood!), but from what I've heard and read, vaginal estrogen creams like Premarin do seem to work better than anything, though I have heard some women say that they got side effects like headaches, breast tenderness, etc., because even though it's a cream, it does circulate through your whole system.

    One thing you'll want to be careful of is not putting it on too soon before intimacy, otherwise your hubby may absorb some of the hormones - which I doubt he wants.

    Also, be sure to keep it away from kids - hormones can cause major problems for babies and children.

    4oSomething responded:
    yes it is something you will have to do the rest of your life. while most menopausal symptoms will eventually go away or at least lessen in severity on their own, vaginal dryness only gets worse if left untreated. there is a non hormonal treatment in the works for vaginal dryness and while it sounds very promising it is not yet FDA approved.
    shuttlecocks responded:
    It is unfortunante, but thats life. When it first happened to me, I thought something was wrong. Sex was painful. Went to gyn and she said everything was ok, just inner vaginal dryness and I was like what!! I did not think the inner part could become dry!. So, I have been using the creams for both the outside and the inside. The things we women go through!
    speedzone55 responded:
    I have used ESTRACE for several years now with excellent results. It is entirely plant based in origin. I do not approve of the ill treatment of poor mares used to create products such as Premarin...and besides that I had allergic reactions to it. I researched the topic quite extensively, and found this product to be quite satisfactory. I recommend it.
    horsey65 responded:
    I have had the same problem for years. A couple of years ago, my gynecologist prescribed "Vagifem" to use twice a week. It is not messy- it is a small table to insert before you go to sleep, and I use it twice a week. It has helped some with discomfort. Hope this helps. She also has me taking 3,000 mg. of evening primrose oil (capsule form) daily, which has helped greatly with my hot flashes, if any of you out there have problems with those.
    LisaH1960 responded:
    As I said earlier, I've never used any vaginal cream, but I did use Premarin (oral) for four months before I had to quit because of the side effects. I didn't know until after quitting that it was made from horse urine, and I was shocked to learn that those poor mares are confined to tiny stalls, starved for water and kept pregnant their whole lives!

    If I ever do use a vaginal treatment, I will make SURE that it's not from that source.

    Spare the horses!

    archide responded:
    I was going through the same thing it was aggravating. But my doctor told me to use estrogen cream which you can get over the counter and also Replens which you can buy over the counter at walmart or any drugstore. And yes now I back enjoying intercourse like I use to without itching or pain!
    featherGS responded:
    I suffer from vaginal dryness with subsequent pain internally, and have found no relief. Because I had pre-cancer of the uterus when going thru menopause, (had hemmoraging and two week periods, etc, I am not allowed to take anything that acts like or is a form of estrogen. I never had to have a hysterectomy. With I've tried all the non-hormone free creams, etc. I am now 59 and for the last 5 years it hasn't improved and doctors don't know what to do. I guess I kind of gave up. I have a wonderful understanding husband of 38 years. Anybody find any relief for painful intercourse? How about if have been away from if for 5 years. (due to that and lots of other things, husbands illness, house burning, ) Everything is good now except for my vaginal atrophy. Where would you find a specialist in this area?
    Plonanon responded:
    Vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy are common problems after menopause.

    There are several types of vaginal estrogen available, including Vagifem (a pill inserted into the vagina) and Estring (a ring which is inserted for a period of time in the vagina and secretes estrogen over the course of its lifetime). My impression--and I am not a doctor, just an educated non-doctor--is that even women who have had hormone-dependent cancers usually receive permission from their oncologists to use vaginal estrogen. Supposedly, not much of it is absorbed in the body.

    Dr. Susan Love, if I recall correctly, says to use less than the recommended dose. She says that a small dab--for vaginal estrogen in cream form--is sufficient. It would seem to me that using as little as possible to achieve the desired results would be the best policy.

    Replens is a non-hormonal vaginal moisturizer, available over the counter.

    If using vaginal estrogen does not provide sufficient relief, and vaginal atrophy is a problem, there is something called a vaginal dilator, which is basically a piece of plastic that you stick in to stretch the vagina.

    Hope this information is of some use.
    basketladybc responded:
    Can you buy Estrace over the counter?
    jackiepanich responded:
    You are not losing your mind. I have had it since I stopped my period, and with itchiness, almost as bad as a yeast infection, only starts itching when touched. I have seen OB/Gyn people and dermatologists. I have an infection that will not go away with it. I am dry and have to use vaseline. I have had a biopsy and been looked at by at least four docs who cannot help. I use baby wipes which I drench in witch hazel(while in the container) to use on a daily basis to keep the area clean. I am chapped and have a chronic infection that never goes away and that is not yeast infection. Yet I ma dry. Have used Premarin to no avail, and have used prescription steroids...All to no avail...I am miserable.
    kayaker678 responded:
    I too, have had an ongoing problem with dryness and burning(outside). Then, I read an article in a magazine written by a female doctor. She herself uses Extra Virgin Coconut Oil(a small amount is all that is needed) as a personal lubricant. It comes in a jar in a solid form. It is almost completely odorless and works like magic! It's safe and inexpensive. What could be more healthy for your body than a natural oil? I also take Prelief tablets(usually one-two per day), a Calcium glycerophosphate supplement. I find that stops the burning almost completely. Acidic foods can add to the problem. Prelief(found in drugstores) cuts the acid when you eat acidic foods. This has made my life happier and certainly more comfortable. I urge all of you gals with this problem to try this, it works for me!
    Shanomaly responded:
    Here's the thing: Seems to me that using a prescription for something that happens to all women naturally is extreme. It's a man-made product. Plenty of fore play usually works (I'm 50), but if something else is called for (man-made products), we just use a standard lubricant. Good luck with that.
    rose0055 responded:
    Can you buy this product over the counter?I have the same problem wondered what was wrong with me.It is painful to have relations with my husband.It has put a strain on our relationship.Glad i got here by reading some of my mail.Thanks for the help.

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