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    Perimenopause, depression, feeling alone all the time
    An_248938 posted:

    I will be 49 years old on nov.23.
    I have been going depressed, feeling alone, and even when i
    am around my family.
    Anything that i don't agree with upsets me very quickly.
    I get mad when everyone doesn't keep the house the way i want,
    and yet sometimes i feel like "whatever".
    I have been taking evening primriose oil capsules for a couple of weeks, and they seem to help.
    I haven't had my period in about 4 months, and yet it feels as
    though it's going to start sometimes with cramps and bloating.
    I sometimes just feel worthless and just like i am a failure and i
    am constantly crying!!!

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    VivDot responded:
    I have been going through almost exactly the same thing. You should get your bloodwork done and get your estrogen levels tested. I was prescribed vivelle dot 0.025 mg patch. It really helped me with the crying spells and being upset at everything.
    kgbee6 responded:
    I have gone through many of the same feelings. I became very depressed which was not my personality for two weeks straight. I did not want to see my family(which is my life) I would get upset easily and my mood could shift on a dime. I struggled with sleep, which I had previously prided myself in. Even under stress I had always been able to fall asleep prior to peri-menopause. I had headaches a lot and many, many other stressful symptoms. I fit the "list" of problems quite well. I did try Amberen, It did help for awhile but then I began to feel it wasn't as successful. I suppose I could have doubled the dose but it seemed expensive to do that at the time. Looking back I probably should have tried it. My doctor said it was very safe. I took the box to him to check out the ingredients. I also tried many different herbs and vitamin supplements. I found making sure I was focusing on a very high protein diet noticably helped. I did have my blood work done and was definitely in Peri-menopause. My doctor started me on Bio-Identical Progesterone (he is an MD as well as a Homeopathic Doctor). After a week or so I began to sleep and really see changes. Our body is constantly fluctuating so This is the time you need to be in close contact with your doctor. This fact can also be frustrating on your own. I am a naturalist at heart, had my 6 kids at home, etc and hardly ever went to the doctor in my life. I have found wonderful natural healing that I still use with my family for 30 years now. However Now, I DO go get my blood work done every 6 months and and I do call the doc if I feel out of sync. The Bio Identicals are fabulous!! I am still feeling like I am balancing my body naturally But the doctor knows my voice on the other end of the phone without having to identify myself &: D.
    hobie38 replied to kgbee6's response:
    What bio identicals? Over the counter or prescription?
    channel replied to hobie38's response:
    hollaback responded:
    Ah~ I am definitely no Dr.. But there are maybe somethings
    you should search deep within you. Like are you happy with you? Does that make sense? I think sometimes there can be so many things going on in our lives and we just can't do it all. But I think sometimes if I am not happy with me. All hell break loose. When I am not happy with me. I seem to think about things I could or should have done. Instead of just forgiving life for what it wasn't. And embracing life for what it is. You know what I mean?

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