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    Includes Expert Content
    Continuous heavy bleeding.
    An_258757 posted:
    About 8 months ago, after missing my period the previous month, I started bleeding, I thought it was just my period, but it never stopped, and I have been bleeding heavily non-stop for 8 months now, the blood is full of big clots. I have no idea when my period is anymore as the bleeding is all month and heavy every day. I take iron tablets. I have been for multiple scans, blood tests, examinations under two different gynos. I should mention my hormone levels are normal according to my blood tests. At first I was given tranexamic acid, and that worked well to ease the bleeding to a manageable level so I could have the scans and examinations, but it was not a solution. The attitude at that time was a wait and see if it gets better on its own. Then my second gyno put me on oral progesterone 10mg, and I have been taking those pills every day for a month now, there has been zero improvement and I notice a new symptom of a continuous mild period pain that has been ongoing for a couple weeks now. The bleeding is so bad I don't go on any long journeys or anywhere where there is no bathroom readily available. I keep a spare set of trousers at work as I have had several what I nick-name "blow outs", where the blood (and clots) suddenly gushes so fast its already running down my leg before I can get to a bathroom. It's a nightmare, and the mortification of dealing with this in a work and social environment is extreme. I use between 6-8 bulky overnight pads a day. I rarely get a night's sleep as I have to keep replacing pads throughout the night. I have tried to read as much as I can on my symptoms but I note that most women seem to suffer from heavy periods, and not heavy bleeding that never stops — is my situation rare? I have a lot of questions for my gyno on my next appointment, but there must be some more solutions out there that aren't so extreme! The reaction from both gynos so far is that oh well "it's just peri-menopause" and there doesn't seem to be much concern. Both of them said it will stop when I achieve menopause — I am 44! That might be 6-7 years away! That is not acceptable. Although the gyno swears the small polyp I have is not the cause of the bleeding I am still going to insist she removes it, and I am going to request a D&C — both of these seem the least drastic options to try at this stage as well as sticking with the progesterone for another couple months. I wondered if anyone else is going through this and if any treatment worked well for them? I should mention I am not having any other menopause systems like hot flashes or mood swings or anything like that. It is just the bleeding.
    Anon_6061 responded:
    Dr. Minkin will probably come along with her input but just thought I'd throw some thoughts out there.

    No doubt 8 months is much too long to be bleeding. Polyps can cause very heavy bleeding and pain. So it would make sense to have a polypectomy and maybe a D&C.

    Have you been checked for a clotting disorder or thyroid disorder?

    Have you been monitoring your iron levels to be sure you are absorbing the iron tablets? Taking them with vitamin C will help.

    Hope you get this resolved soon!
    anon72 replied to Anon_6061's response:
    Thanks for your response. I scheduled the D&C and polyp removal for next month. I got another round of blood work done with my check list including to check my thyroid and iron levels (although my doc already knew what to check for of course), and will continue taking the progesterone. I also have a fibroid in my uterus lining but my Doc says no to removing that as its small and is not a factor she says - otherwise i would have insisted on removing it. Would love to hear from other women with severe 24/7 bleeding problems, to compare treatments and results. My Doc says I have "Menorrhagia", and that maybe the polyp may be causing all the extra bleeding between periods. We'll know more after the surgery. I am determined to get my life back! Fingers crossed.
    Mary Jane Minkin, MD replied to anon72's response:
    Dear anon72,
    I think the d and c and polypectomy is an excellent idea. I hope that will resolve your situation completely. If it doesn't, a couple of thoughts: you might want to think about a Mirena IUD insertion; it is a progestin coated IUD, and even in the face of small fibroids can be very helpful to control bleeding. Another option would be an ablation procedure, which isn't really much more involved than the D and C-so there are several other non invasive type options available.
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane

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