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    Includes Expert Content
    SUSAN93W posted:
    I just started my menopause, all so far mild. But my question during menopause do you have cravings. Like I'm always looking for something to munch on. It doesn't have anything major. It is like being on my period. with the munchies. Has anyone else went through this. or is it just me..
    Valerye57 responded:

    Yes, it's like grazing 24/7. I developed cravings for food I had NEVER had in my home. French fries, Twizzlers, you name it! Major, major cravings...

    MaLolley responded:
    I'm 54 and have menopause forever. Yes cravings are major. Chocolate,Twizzlers, Veggies, and cheese. I never liked Twizzlers before.
    brbb319 responded:
    My menopause symptoms are night sweats, migraine headaches, and severe cravings which have led to my 45 lb. weight gain over the past 4 years. And it is ALL belly fat.

    I ride a stationary bike one hr./day 6 days/wk, lift weights, take Pilates classes, restrict calories yet eat healthy meals, and I cannot lose weight. I never had a weight problem until I got into perimenopause, and now menopause. I can't even look in the mirror! I like who I am but not what I look like!

    I have sugar cravings every night! I have tried every "purification" diet, lo-carb/high fiber, no sugar diet...on and nauseum....nothing works to quell those sugar cravings. I have spoken to my doctors (all female, by the way) as I am now "pre-diabetic" and on Metformin. My doctors tell me it is a matter of willpower; I'd like to tell them where to go!

    Knowing that I don't want to become a full blown diabetic has helped me curtail my sweet eating a little bit, but the cravings are still there. I suppose it is like being an alcoholic or a drug know you can't but you want to drink/use.

    Here's hoping the drug companies come up with something for cravings! Or that by some miracle, this hormone hell will end!

    Best of luck to all us menopausal craving gals!
    LuckyLewcee responded:
    Dear brbb319,

    Your words mirror my situation all but the pre-diatetes. I have tried just about everything to control the cravings and have not been able to. 45 lbs. of weight gain has settled in on me too.

    Your words helped me not to feel out of control and weak. There is something there that is acting against us - hormones or whatever. Thanks for your words.

    I'm taking two 500 miligrams pills of Keppra each night to help with my migraines. I can still trigger a migraine if I overdo on the sugar.

    Take care.
    Marla_j98 responded:
    I'm 4 years through menopause. All my life, I was never a sugar eater. I liked holiday desserts, occassional icecream, a candy bar a few times a year. Can you believe it. I never craved sugar and would rather have a great wholesome meal than any sugar item.

    Ever since menopause, I have craved sugar. I've tried everything also, including (3) months parasite cleanses, candida cleanses etc. etc. I crave literal sugar like eating frosting from cans, chocolate candy etc etc. Eating lots of protein and fruit still doesn't satisfy sugar cravings. The only thing that satisfies sugar cravings are products with pure, not good for you, raw, processed, non-nutritional sugar. Not good.

    Anyway, just including this to you other sugar cravers who understand and let you know that I've been there! . Now I've been praying more and more for help. I keep my weight okay but have to go to the gym at least 3 times per week and say no to myself 20 times daily--like an alcoholic or drug addict. But I want to be free of this so I can concentrate on life. I'm starting to get mad about it so the anger is helping me get real tired of eating sugar and being controlled by it.

    I'm praying for God to deliver me. Plus, I'm thinking, that when menopause is completely over,,,this may leave for good. I prayed for you other sugar cravers too!

    1smoothgal responded:
    brbb319-I will suggest you type in Primal Blueprint into your search engine-there you will find how to curb those cravings with a slightly different approach to eating. Subscribe to 'Marks' Daily Apple' for help in the eating pattern. There you will also find dutch chocolate protein shakes that are HIGH fiber, Low carb & very tasty, low on the glycemic index too. I just bought 2, got a third one free.

    Also consider finding this at your library or buying " the Metabolic Advantage" -it tells how to unleash your Metabolic Blowtorch and Burn Belly Fat fast-losing 10-15 lbs in 8 weeks with proper eating tricks, times to eat, what to eat & when. Personally-I combine the 2 ideas. Simple healthy eating at the right times-- YES you CAN eat your junkiest food after a hard workout to feed your muscles the glycogen they need to repair! But NOT later on-that is when you stick to fairly low carb, higher protein, high fiber, (tons of steamed veggies with tomato sauce & parmesan cheese on top is my favorite veggie dish)! Good Luck & Good Health to you Kim

    BTW-at this stage in your life-less cardio, more heavier weights to grow lean muscle mass will burn more fat. See Chalean Extreme Commercials on U tube. I am currently using this program-age 50-/weigh 112-114 lbs /18% Body fat/Full menopause/hypothyroid/ WAS 155 lbs at worst!
    jrtmommy responded:
    OHMYGOSH!!! I'm not even HUNGRY and I'm looking for something to eat. And NOTHING satisfies. I finally went back on Weight Watchers and really started concentrating on WHAT i eat for meals and that has helped with the cravings. I try to combine fruits and/or veggies in each meal.
    soldiers4 responded:
    I have a dumb question for anyone out there who might know. I had a complete hysterectomy at age 41. I was then put on 1.25mg of Premarin daily. Question is, since I am on hormone replacement, am I actually in menopause? Will I still experience the same things as other women in menopause or do the hormones keep all that from happening? Also, is it common to have "emotional jags" for no apparent reason? All this is so new to me and very little was explained. Thanks for anyone's input.
    ratatacat responded:
    Hi, I too have had the sugar cravings. I never had them before except around my time of the month. About 9 months ago I was having problems with my cravings, energy level, headaches along with all of the other symptoms. My Doctor sent me for blood tests to check my hormone levels. The results were, I had no Testosterone and too much bad Estrogen. My doc had started doing the bio identicals in her office so, the next week I went and had pellets put in my hip and you would not believe the difference it has made in my life. It completely changed it! I have started getting back some of the muscle tone I had lost and I started losing weight. I still occasionally get the sweet cravings but not a big deal. I now feel like getting out of the bed and sometimes I feel like a teenager again. If you really want to learn more about it you should read Suzanne Sommers Book that she came out with about bio identicals. It's amazing what hormones can do to us. Hope this helps and good luck!
    trisha1106 responded:
    I see that you are doing all these things to try and lose the weight. Have you ever had your Thyroid Checked? Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid.
    Kim40s responded:
    Hi Ladies, Same here too craving omg!!! It's crazy and so frustrated. I try to stay away from sweets not easy, have to find keeping in mind going for fruit or yogart. . I notice few things different, if you keep away from fats in food you won't find yourself gaining as much.

    Personally, I think that from all the experience in life with food and body changes into stage, you find yourself changing food habits. Sometime have to fight thru it to get used to it.

    Hope you get what I mean, big change from drinking caffeine to just water that helps us with hot flash, same with the food cycles changes.

    For me I have to be careful with types of food I eat with IBS and on top of that with menopause. Sometime, I get so annoyed because of these cravings no way of controlling it at times.
    survivor06 responded:

    I have put on 30 + lbs. since 06 through my b/c process. I got a treadmill and trimmed back what I was eating and didn't get on a scale for 2 months. I had lost 2 lbs. I was so discouraged! I can't even look at that treadmill right now, I felt like "what's the use?!". I'm hoping my attitude will get better, I'm back to eating whatever I want, when I want it. The cravings are so strong. I find comfort in food and having that "full" feeling.

    In NO way are you alone in this. It's like close to impossible to lose weight right now. Body is just fighting it, it seems. I mean as if our self-esteem isn't low enough already, then we pack on the pounds on top of that!

    Hang in there! Melissa
    JoyM7 responded:

    I have been having cravings also. It's so weird and I plan to ask my GYN about this!!!!!
    1smoothgal responded:

    I would encourage you to get back on that treadmill! Were your clothes fitting better & you felt

    better? of course-you were most likely building muscle-which weighs more than fat-but you were

    losing inches. Toss the scale & don't look at IT. Believe how your clothes fit looser , then get a

    smaller pair of jeans(I go to goodwill for the in-between sizes as I lose inches-the scale stays the same, because of muscle growth!)

    Please dust yourself off & get busy-MUSCLE BURNS FAT-

    this is SO important at this phase in life.

    Also get some DVD workouts to do at HOME-this will cause 'muscle confusion' which kicks up fat burning

    (increases your metabolism like a hot furnace.) Change up those routines so they never bore you.

    You will impress yourself over time-it took me 1 year to conquer the weight gain & move my body

    into fat burning mode-I simply "pushed play" every day on those DVD's & yes-my treadmill! I went

    from size 9/10 junior to size 3/4 junior . AGE 50, 112-114 lbs (down from 127)body fat 17-19%.


    Kim's favorite quote------------------------ "There is no finish line-KEEP GOING"-------------------------------

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