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    Includes Expert Content
    18 mm endometrial lining, missed periods then heavy
    slb24 posted:

    Any suggestions or input would be much appreciated!

    -50 yr old
    -always had normal very regular periods, no issues
    -no period for almost 3 months
    -started with some throbbing pain in ovary area
    -had vaginal ultrasound
    -US showed enlarged 18 mm endometrial lining
    -3 small simple cysts
    -finally started period after almost 3 months and EXTREMELY heavy, clots

    I did go to my gyn and she thinks it is perimenopause related and seems very relaxed about it. She is putting me on progesterone for 3 weeks. Said if that doesn't get me 'back on track' or if I start having shorter periods to call her and then she would biopsy.

    The thick lining part is making me very nervous from everything I have read. I feel like I want the biopsy NOW instead of waiting.

    Is this normal for perimenopause (thick lining like that)? I am assuming (hoping) after the AWFUL period is over the lining would be back to normal but how would I know unless they did another US.

    Any insight you can give would be great. Thank you.
    briz350 responded:
    I have had some similar experiences in peri. Extremely heavy flooding periods then skipping some months, then back to having regular periods. It truly can be all over the place in peri. As for the lining, it's likely the heavy period shed that lining but I don't blame you for being concerned. I had a lining of 11mm and my doctor did an endometrial biopsy to be on the safe side

    If the period has ended, it is not unreasonable to ask your doctor to do another ultrasound to assess the thickness of the lining. Likely it will be better and you will be given peace of mind.

    I had a friend in peri who did not have a period for about 6-7 months. Finally had a massively heavy period and her lining was still somewhat thick so they did the biopsy and it was fine. A thicker lining does not always mean danger. So try not to be afraid! I would definitely ask for a repeat ultrasound. There is no harm in asking and I would think your doctor would want to see that it was shed and thinned as well.

    I hope you make out okay and try not to be worried!
    editor_morgan responded:
    Hi slb24,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Here is a similar thread started by a user who was also concerned about a thickened uterine lining. It includes input from an expert, which might be of use to you.

    You seem like you are on the right track by consulting your doctor. You should continue to express your concerns with him/her.

    Please continue to update us on your progress.

    We are here for you ((Hugs))!
    Mary Jane Minkin, MD responded:
    Dear slb24,
    Hope I can help. Indeed, I think your gynecologist is correct in saying this is most likely related to perimenopause. To quote my friend Dr. Nanette Santoro, a very well known gynecologist, "Think of estrogen as fertilizer and progesterone as a lawn mower." As we go through perimenopause, we are continuing to make estrogen, growing a lining of the uterus. But we stop ovulating well-and when you ovulate you make progesterone-which limits the build up of the lining, and helps to clean it out. So I think going with some progesterone for the three weeks is quite reasonable-and what should happen after you stop the progesterone you should get a clean out bleed. After you clean out the lining of the uterus, it is quite reasonable to do an ultrasound to check to see if there is any thickening of the lining of the uterus. If there is, it is a good idea to then proceed to do a biopsy of the lining. Presuming that is fine, (if you need to do it), you may want to talk to your gynecologist about taking progesterone periodically, to organize your bleeding (low dose birth control pills can also help to do the job for you)-
    So do not worry-progesterone is a fine idea-and will hopefully organize that lining for you-
    Good luck,
    Mary Jane

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