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    natanachee posted:
    Im 42 years old and have had a total hysterectomy Im having major problems ive been taking estradial 1.25 for three years i have gone into total rage and not remembered much of anything.... Im trying to save my marriage evereything has fallen apart. finally went to a specialist who did a urinalisis test my estrone level is 414 estradiol is 69 total estrogen 500 testosterone 75, and no pergesterone, rage, irritability, high blood pressure etc etc is not me and i had no way of knowing and controling myself.. im now on a lower dose and feeling better has anyone had this experience ????????? does any one have some input my husband and myself need this
    Susan91350 responded:
    Yes, I have experienced those feelings. I managed to freak my brother out while we were dining out at a restaurant. I became enraged after a waiter told me "no" and made me feel "wrong" about a question I asked. It was a legitimate question but my reaction to his "no" was a little much. My brother is afraid to go out to eat with me now. It is an awful thing to be out of control in that way. I hope you can read some of these blogs and get some relief. I was on HRT for years but it isn't a long term thing. I'm on a store-bought homeopathic now that works ok but not for rage. I'm reading great things about Amberen. I am going to try it. Best to you!
    sunset45 responded:
    I'm 45, had a partial hysterectomy. Found out I have cyst on both of my ovaries. It takes a lot for me to get angry but when I do, it takes a lot for me to calm down. The doctor just put me on BIRTH CONTROL. At first I was like no way! I don't have a uterus why would you do that. But after thinking about it and talking to my husband, I've decided to give it a try. It is suppose to help get rid of my cyst and I am hoping will help with my moods. I am already on two anti-depressants and they usually work well for me. I just hope this helps. I've been so tired lately and everything annoys me and I have gotten to the point I don't want to deal with people.
    highestrogen responded:
    I an also 42 and going through early menapause. I have EXTREME anxiety and horrific mood swings. my doctor put me on Zoloft last week, but it is not helping too much.

    my blood tests have been coming back with high estrogen, which I have been reading that women who go into early menopause have high estrogen not low estrogen. It is called Estrogen dominance if you want to read about it

    I have been reading these posts for the last 2 days and I have heard a lot about the new drug Amberen. I have just gone on line and ordered it because I am desparate. Good luck and hang in there
    Okiehealth responded:
    Yes usually us menpausal women still have estrogen but the progesterone which counter acts it and keeps us calm and helps us sleep, just goes to Nil. I have had to find this out the hard way, tried everything.

    I found that a B6 time release capsule worked WONDERS for my anxiety and rage.

    I am on Amberen, have been for 5 weeks. This is my second time on it, first time was last year and I was still peri. It worked miracles for me after just 10 days.

    This time around it's not so great. I started on the low dose, did that 3 1/2 weeks, didn't notice much change except maybe calmer. This time around I believe I am post meno, as no periods for quite some time now. I started on double dose about a week, maybe 9 days ago. My night sweats got SO bad, waking up and couldnt go back to sleep. This is VERY weird because I swear this medicine made EVERY symptom go away before when I was on it. I am going to continue taking it, as there was one lady on here who said it was the second month before she noticed big differences.

    I have had no real sleep now for so long, hot flashes and sweats starting about 2 AM until the alarm goes off. I am also desperate. The Dr gave me Prometrium, (progesterone) 100 mg to take before bed. I just got them. Hopefully they don't conflict with the Amberen. She also told me my estrogen was ok but I had NO progesterone.

    I do believe everyone should TRY Amberen, because MOST people find great relief and I think I will too, this time my body is being VERY stubborn.

    Good luck ladies.
    NicoleLA responded:
    Hi Tresa! Hang in there with Amberen. Every woman?s body is different and some neuroendocrine functions are stimulated more than others, especially if you are post menopausal now. You made the right decision to doubling your dosage of Amberen to four capsules in the morning (2 white + 2 orange). During the first two weeks of the product, you will not experience a cessation of hot flashes, so as frustrating as it may be, try to ride them out. The increase in hot flashes is a good sign because it means that your hypothalamic-endocrine connection is effectively restoring, your body is making its own hormones and it is beginning to regulate. You will begin experiencing a large decrease in hot flashes during the third week.

    I do want to point out that the presence of an exogenous hormone, such as Prometrium, can confuse your body and conflict with your Amberen course. So please keep that in mind. Now that you have just began taking your double dose, please fill out the white chart that came with your order and begin to visually monitor your progress rather than ?think back? over the past few weeks about which symptoms came and went. Once your body begins to take to the Amberen, your estrogen level will balance out according to what is normal for your body?s needs. Your progesterone, estradiol and testosterone will follow. I hope this helps. Good luck, Tresa!

    brazil58 responded:
    Just a thought---- It is not per se the 12 step program but after several years now of hormone induced rage and despite various treatments, my suggestion is: It is really good for the soul, Karma, mojo whatever you want to call it--conscience ---to try to apologize and make amends when you can. It is too easy to feel " medically entitled ", but the people we lash out at often don't deserve the inflated and innappropriate level of anger at all. It will come back in the form of depression to you. Especially when we do this to random strangers. We do not know what THEY might have on their plates. Where ever and whenever you can, swallow your pride, take a cleansing breath go back if necessary and apologize! You will sleep better and your sense of integrity and self esteem will benefit.
    Flame_On replied to brazil58's response:
    Yep, brazil I'm with you on this one. We have a code which is... "Flame On" I take myself out of the room until the internal heat subsides, that way I don't take it out on my man. It's not his fault that I'm being cooked from the inside with rabid impatience. HRT and Zoloft not working and it's been 2 long, long years of this ghastly condition. I'm also careful not to savage other people, it's hard but definitely doable.
    Charshem responded:
    I know this is a late reply but I just joined this community. I have definately had the rages!! It's scary to not be able to control it. It's like some one or thing else has taken over my personality! I can tell you though that my rage has subsided for the most part. It lasted for about two years at its worse. I can still 'go off' on one of my family members without much warning, but only after I've been provoked for a while. I don't mean being picked at and poked, I just mean after I've told them I really need time to myself over and over and over again but they continue to bombard me with needing my attention, every moment of my attention!!! Before, for the two years that the rage was so bad I didn't have to be provoked. Rage just jumped out of me like a flicked spider monkey and jumped on whom ever happened to be front and center of my attention, lol. On a positive note, I tend to get a little more respect from every body! and its about dog gone time lol

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