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    Includes Expert Content
    Worst Menopause Symptom?
    Rosie_WebMD_Staff posted:
    What is your number one worst complaint about menopause? I was just reading that one study says that lack of sleep is the what bothers women most in early menopause. It also said that the complaints varied with the length of time since the last period, with hot flashes getting worse with time. What drives you crazy about menopause? Lack of sleep? Or is it hot flashes or mood swings? Night sweats or forgetfulness? Vaginal dryness?

    What bothers you the most? And how has it been since you had your last period? One symptom only, please... let's see what we can do to share the burden and make it lighter.

    I'll give you a hint about my vote: it's almost one in the morning and I'm at my computer instead of in bed...
    missmeno responded:
    WhitForBrains; responded:
    Hot flashes! I hate 'em!
    DIANEM0425 responded:
    I get migraine type headaches every month (last period was in Nov). Now I have a floaty feeling when I'm driving and then panic so my throat feels like it's closing. I'm afraid I'm going to pass out and that brings on the anxiety all over again. It's been happening for about a week now. I drive home every weekend from work (about 2 hrs each way) and that's scary thinking I may get this panic attack for no reason. Oh, the flashes and night sweats disappeared about 2 weeks ago but I'm sure they'll be back. I haven't slept a whole night in years. I'm going to be 57 this month... HELP!!
    a1cookie responded:
    Hot Flashes were the worst thing for me. And I could not sleep when I had one hot flash after another for days at a time. Horrible......but I only seemed to suffer from them during peri-menopause. I think now I am going thru the actual menopause, have not had a cycle since November and my hot flashes seem to be gone. At least I hope so......can anyone tell me if they will be back, or do you think they sound like they will return? My doctor told me that he thought my hot flashes would get worse after my periods stopped, but they haven't, so now he says that it sounds like they are finally over. I do still take Prempro, and I have taken it since I was having hot flashes during peri-menopause, and if I have to take HRT forever, I will. It beats having to suffer with endless sleepless nights and hot flashes that could bring down an elephant, and those are the kind that I suffered with for almost 15 years. I hope the worst part is finally behind me. I don't think I could stand going thru it again.
    kylefty responded:
    HOT FLASHES ! HOT FLASHES ! and HOT FLASHES ! I can deal with the lack of sleep and mood swings aren't a problem. Those darn hot flashes are around 24/7 and are miserable. I can't imagine how horrible it will be at the beach on vacation in July !!!!
    charlieanya responded:
    I work shifts, 10 and 12 hours over a 24 hr period. I find it very, very difficult to get any sleep, if I have 3 hours interrupted it is a bonus!. My arthritis seems to have got much worse over the last 12 months since my periods stopped, and I have put on a lot of weight. My job is fairly physically demanding and I feel exhausted all the time. Oh, also the hot flushes are getting worse! ( |f I have a chance I am going to be a man if I come back!) And where has my memory gone?
    charlieanya responded:
    My memory is so bad I can;t remember the instructions! WORST symptom is worsening of arthritis
    khristileigh responded:
    Long ass heavy bleeding periods!
    carver49 responded:
    It would be HOTFLASHES!
    JBirdie121 responded:
    I am 52 years old and having the worst night sweats!! I wake up drenched every least I can fall back to sleep. I think I may wind up sleeping on a towel for a while. The hot flashes rarely happen during the day thank goodness.
    Su1957 responded:
    HOT FLASHES! Definitely!

    Just passed the one year mark and as summer approaches the hot flashes are coming back. I live in coastal Mississippi and just can't wait 'til summer weather comes back. I', seriously kidding and am really dreading when it gets hot to stay. Night sweats are year round. Since I've been treated for depression and anxiety for years mood swings aren't too bad, although my husband might see it differently.

    Don't sleep much but I never did.

    GrannyBright responded:
    Hey Rosie:

    My worst menopausal symptom would have to be the hot flashes. They come on without warning! It's like a generator has been cranked up and just keeps building and building until you have full sweats and red cheeks for a while, then comes the cool down. Just have to make sure you have a good underarm deodorant working for ya!!

    I never have had a problem sleeping. Thank God!!! Mood Swings? Yep. Vaginal dryness? Yep. Also, the length of the period is only 3 days.............but it shows up EVERY 21 days!!

    Sorry, I know that is more than one symptom, but believe me I know what your talking about.

    Ginnette responded:
    clear concise thinking

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