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    Sore Nipples
    LolaL76210 posted:
    My nipples are hard, erect and very sore all the time. This has been going on for about 3 weeks. The pain makes it very difficult to sleep at night. I'm 52 and have not had a period in 15 months. Is this happening to anyone else?
    Jynks responded:
    Yes this is happening to me. They hurt so bad and have been for about a week. I had a hysterectomy 1 1/2 years ago so I am not sure if that has something to do with it. Would love to get others peoples ideas on this.
    celt1957 responded:
    Can anyone help with this sore nipples thing?? They are extremely sore and errect. One breast is itself sore throughout. I am 51 and having a horrible time with all of the other symptoms of menopause
    celt1957 responded:
    Yes, please read my message below.
    louise8105 responded:
    There is definitely some hormonal connection. When my periods were regular, for two weeks before my period I would have very tender fibrous breasts, and extremely sensitive nipples. Have you tried wearing a bra at night? At least you won't have fabric brushing against them. Now that I am menopausal, my breast issues have gone away, but other problems are taking their place.
    allie1112 responded:
    I know right... I'm 43 and lately just my nipples has been sore, I don't know what it is. I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago but my sex drive is great. I don't know what's happening to me. Any suggestions out there?
    baughbj responded:
    I am soon to be 56 and have experienced this for the last 10 years. I had hysterectomy (vaginal) at age 28 for cervical CA and have been on HRT (estrogen only) since age 43. Though slightly reduced, I have hot flashes that produce a downpour of sweating and I often swear I will never comfortably wear a sweater again as long as I live. I can stand all that. BUT, the nipple erection and constant pain is unbearable. I have seriously considered getting them removed or at least have the nerve endings cut. I am a nurse and have talked to many doctors about this but none seem to have any explanation or even real understanding of the pain and affect on the overall quality of life. If ANYONE finds ANYTHING that helps, please let me know.
    312161 responded:
    Hi baughbj...This can be a big problem, because once nipples get irritated, every little friction makes it worse and worse. You can't go around open-air, untouched by clothing for days on end, so the irritation can't clear up long enough to heal.

    Sucessful Sugestions:

    1. Nipple sensitivity can be caused by an overload of Estrogen. You might check with your Dr. to make sure you have not become Estrogen dominant. He may want to balance your HRT with some Progesterone and Testosterone.

    2. Use the runners' trick of putting Petrolium Jelly on the nipples any time loose fabric may rub up against them, (even at night.)

    3. My FAVORITE....I SWEAR BY THESE!!!!...Look up This site has adheasive breast lifts which are fabulous...but that's a side note. They help you look perky, but don't cover the nipples. BUT!!! they have a NEW product called "Breast Shapers." These are lifters with hypoallergenic adhesive (up to 30 uses) with a no stick gel center (for the nipple area.) I have been using them and they are WONDERFUL! They are made out of a soft rubbery material, you cup under the breast, line up the gel middle, then lift & stick. You can wear them with a bra for extra support, or without a bra with sexy clothes, or nighttime. I promise I don't work for them or have any connection other than being a customer. I've used the lift adheasives for years...but then saw this new product and gave them a try. I'm a 34D, so they have average & more ample sizes. They feel and look GREAT and don't leave any sticky. They slip right on, and peel right off in about 2 seconds. They also keep your nipples from showing in sweaters or knits.

    4. Any time you can go topless or in a soft top...slather on the Neosporin to help healing.

    Hope these are helpful ideas. Let me kow [email protected]
    lovey6264 responded:
    I am 44 and have very hard sore nipples also. I am assuming this is from hormones or lack of hormones. I'm planning on making a doctors appointment soon.
    little_granny responded:
    Looks like we are not alone...what's the solution?
    FancyDancer404 responded:
    I've had this problem since age 15. Now I'm 59 and it's gotten worse. It used to be just when I got cold, my nipples would get really erect and would not soften even after warming. In addition, throughout my childbearing years, I suffered from fibrous tumors the size of lemons in each breast. They were very painful but the pain abated after I stopped drinking 2 liters of Pepsi a day. Apparently the pain was exacerbated by caffeine. I had a hysterectomy at age 40 and went through menopause at age 50. My nipples were no less nor more painful during my periods and later menopause. I was over menopause by age 52, having to take Premarin for only a year or so. Now in the past year my nipples stay hard. Nothing will make them go down and when they get cold, it is unbearable. I'm on heavy pain meds for other problems but the medications don't even touch this pain. I'd been using prescription 5% Lidocaine patches for a while but now they don't work any more. I can't stand wearing a bra or having clothes or bedding touch me. Until I found this thread, I thought I was alone in this. But now that this seems to be a problem among many, there must be something that can be done. I have an appointment in a month with my pain management physician. I'd been reluctant to discuss this problem in the past but I can't go on like this anymore. I'm about to beg for a Botox injection directly in the "nips"! I got one for lower back pain so what's the difference? If I find a solution, I promise to return and post it here.
    foxxyroxxy2007 responded:
    I am so glad I found this thread - I thought it was only me!

    I am currently suffering from the same condition. I am 52 and this is the second time. The first time I had it was some months ago.

    Not wanting use creams with Novocaine or equivalent, out of desperation, I called a friend who is an aromatherapist. She suggested that I use a weak version of my "usual" combination, i.e. Lavender oil, Clary Sage oil, Rose Geranium oil, and Rosemary oil - 1-2 drops of each in 10ml carrier oil (I use grapeseed oil). I applied this 1 - 3 times a day and it did numb the pain to within "tolerance". I also find that inserting tissue or cotton wool pad over the nipples inside my bra, not only cushions the nipples, but prevents oil seeping through the bra onto clothing. Believe it or not, this does help! Also Rose Geranium oil is good for balancing the hormones - and it smells nice!

    I hope that this will help.

    Take care girls an look after your bits!
    nancyslife responded:
    would love to talk to you. I am 53 trying to get bi odenclas right. but for now im dealing with terrible red nipples. dr. is lowering my estrogen. i no how you feel. lets take [email protected]
    Ladybug61342 responded:
    I've been troubled with sore nipples as well ... It's actually excruciating! I am 51 and have skipped several periods in the past year or so. I'm sure it is hormonal in nature. The nipple covers are the only thing that has given me any relief. I got some thru a mail order catalogue, and have recently also found them at WalMart for about $8. I wear them 24 hrs/day(except for showering) when the sore nips are at their worst, then suddenly they are fine for awhile, days or weeks. I plan to ask my Gyn MD about it it at my next annual exam. Being a woman is wonderful ... Post Menopausal even better!!!
    suewolcott responded:
    OMG I am 52 and have sore hard erect nipples every time the wind blows, I smell something like lavender... had a hysterectomy 6 years ago and started going through menopause 3 years ago. I'm on estrogen only, and that took care of the hot flashes. But they came back, and now the nipple thing! I'm so happy to hear other women with this malady! Now I know it's probably normal. I'm a nurse midwife, and I'm my first complaint of this. It comes on like a let down of I remember it. Will it go away eventually? I sure hope so.

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