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    Welcome from your Menopause Exchange Expert
    Margery Gass, MD, NCMP posted:
    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Menopause Health Exchange. My name is Dr. Margery Gass and I am a gynecologist with 26 years in practice and a special interest in menopausal issues. I look forward to our exchanges. -- Margery Gass, MD, The North American Menopause Society (NAMS)
    mommy2417 responded:
    Hi I had posted before I was told to post again to see if the experts would replied. My problem is I had a full hysterectomy 7-2009 ,Iwas send on a train wreck, hot flashes and all the good things that come with menophause I am 47 now was 46 wwhen I had the hyterectomy, for the past 3 months I have been getting cramps and spotting even a small clot with it I do not know if this is normal made an appt to see my dr but this has me worried.Have you heard of something like this please let me know. thanks
    suluroberts responded:
    Hi Dr Gass, I was wondering if it mattered what time of day I take my PremPro pill. I am 55 and am menopausal and was having a terrible time with hot flashes, to the point of interrupting my sleep way too much. The hormone pill is helping tremendously and I am taking it in the morning. Lately I have experienced hot flashes again in the middle of the night. Not very often but enough to be annoying. Would it help to take the pill at night?
    bryndle responded:
    I am 45 and have been on depo provera for over 12 years. I am having symptoms of menopause. Sleep issues night sweats and am wondering since I do not get a period, if the testing for menopause will work for me because of the depo.
    whattalife responded:
    Hi Dr Gass: I just posted this message and am looking for help. I am not sure if this is a menopause related issue as I am showing no other typical menopausal signs. I am 54 with a family history of late menopause. Just had a partial hysterectomy in Oct'09 - retained one ovary. I have TERRIBLE itchiness in the pubic area outside of the vagina - around the inner and outer labia and occasionally on the outer pubic area. I am using a topical antihistamine (Gold Bond) but am going nuts. I did have this problem before my hysterectomy and my gynaec did not find anything untoward (no yeast infection) and suggested I do not use soap in this area. It disappeared after a couple of months of hell but has recurred several months later.
    Any ideas?
    mymysticsea responded:
    Dr. Gass, I just turned 51 today. For the past 7 years I have had occasional hot flashes. My periods have been regular and are just now beginning to change a little. I found out recently my serum iron level was 9 so have been taking supplements. What I have noticed in the past month is an increase in the number of migraine headaches, as well as frequent headaches in general which is rare for me. Also intense fatigue and body aches. My diet is fair, blood glucose, cholesterol, thyroid all fine and I was wondering if these symptoms could possibly be related to menopause? I truly feel horrible. Thank you for your time.
    anglesea responded:
    Before a hot flash my scalp tingles, then I feel nauseous, then the flash comes. No one else seems to have these symptoms. Have you? Thanks for your Reply!
    mslamb7555 responded:
    Dr. Gass

    My mother started menopause at age 50. Last week she had epidural injections in her lower back and she has discovered that her period is back very heavy with lots of clots. She is very worried. Is this normal.
    iligarcia responded:
    Hi Dr Gass, i do have night sweats, heavy,painful periods. i am 40 yrs old.I am always tired and not interested in being with my partner intimately . can this be menopause?
    thank you,
    louiz responded:
    Hi, Dr. Gass. My mom is having menopause symptoms like other women in her age. However, when she went to doctor this morning, her ultrasound result shows that she has thick uterine wall lining. Is this normal for women during menopause? She is worrying as the officer in charge said that she seldom meet this kind of symptom. The doctor who are treating my mom has conducted a biopsy on her and we are waiting for the result. My mom doesn't drink or smoke. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.
    clou54 responded:
    I'm 56 and my last period was about a year ago. I get the typical hot flashes during the day but at night I wake up, then my pelvis starts to burn and ache for about 30 - 45 seconds, and then I get the hot flash. I have not heard of anyone else having this pelvic pain before the night time hot flash. Should I be worried?
    Lainey_WebMD_Staff replied to clou54's response:
    Hi clou54,

    Both our experts no longer are helping in the community. Please post this as a question so the community can help.


    islandprincess33 responded:
    dear dr gass,
    i am suffering terrible from peri menopause symptoms, migraines, sinus and ear pressure, feeling in a fog all the time, no sleep, irritable, bloating. water retention, mood swings, and i have felt like this for 3 months with no relief. One test 2 months ago showed i was in menopause,...test a week ago showed that my estrodial levels were normal! I am going crazy. I know i have a hormonal imbalance. I cannot find a doctor who really knows how to deal with hormonal imbalance. Already seen two gynos...can you help me please. I live in the ft. lauderdale, florida area...debra
    hollyluis123 replied to anglesea's response:
    Hi I have not had a prriod for four months now. I have been having hot flashes and night sweats about the same time, When I have hot flashes I also get nauseous. I have not seen a Doctor as of yet. I thought something was wrong with me so I went to Web MD today and found this site. Thank You all I feel a little better. P.S. I also thought I was in early stage alz. disease.
    2young2meno responded:
    I'm on vivelle dot .1 and i've had a thermal ablasion 1 yr ago. doc said i didn't need progestrone. Switched doc and now she says it's not safe to not be on both hormones? I had previously tried them and felt weird? Thus the ablasion was his answer. Now I don't know what to do? I feel great just on the vivelle. please help

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